Obama’s Desecration of the Time-honored Ship Naming Tradition

I doubt that any president in American history has made more of a mockery of our military than President Obama. The greatest defense force in the history of the world has in less than eight years been turned into an instrument of his uber-liberal agenda, a test bed for despicable social experimentation, and a paper tiger unable to effectively defend our great nation. Now, he is determined to name our formidable new Navy ships in honor of controversial dissidents and social activists rather than national heroes.

The Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, an Obama appointee, has the authority to name new Navy ships. For over two centuries, ships of our venerable Navy have been named in honor of war heroes, famous battles, presidents, states, cities, and on rare occasion government civilians who have supported the Navy in some unique manner. Now, Mabus, obviously with Obama’s encouragement, has announced that the latest new ships will be named to honor Harvey Milk, Medgar Evers, Cesar Chavez, and Gabrielle Giffords.

So, what were the contributions of these “Great Americans?” Harvey Milk was one of the first openly gay men to be elected to public office in California. He was assassinated soon after being elected. Medgar Evers was a slain civil rights leader. Cesar Chavez was a civil rights labor leader who described his service in the Navy as “the two worst years of my life.” Gabrielle Giffords is a Congresswoman who made a courageous and remarkable recovery from an attempted assassination. She did nothing significant in support of the military. I’m not disparaging their efforts, but there are four brave, deserving, iconic heroes of freedom out there whose names should be on the hulls of beautiful ships, but are being replaced by these social activists.

Since Obama assumed the White House, the military has been subjected to forced acceptance of openly gay members, gay marriages among members, openly transgender members, women placed in virtually every combat mission position, religious persecution of Christians, soldiers placed in forward combat without the requisite rules of engagement, weapons systems without sufficient logistics support, budget cuts to the bone, and the list is endless. And now, our nation’s finest sailors and marines will be forced to serve on vessels that bear the name of socialist-leaning activists who have little, if any, regard for the military.

I am confident that, if a poll were taken on this issue, over 90% of Americans would be insistent on continuing to name our great ships after honorable heroes who have sacrificed for our country. But, I expect our president and the Navy Secretary to continue their arrogant nose-thumbing to the citizens as they push their progressive agenda through helpless men and women of the armed services just because they can.

I have written my Congressman asking him to sponsor legislation to place sensible parameters on the naming of any military weapons system. I urge you to do the same. Please share this post with those who may not be aware of this deplorable practice.

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