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Month / October 2016

You’re Not Actually Voting for Your Presidential Candidate

Your general election vote for president does not elect the president directly; it casts your choice for the Electoral College, partisan elector politicians who may or may not get to select your candidate. If you vote for one candidate, but the majority of your state’s voters vote for the other candidate, the other candidate gets […]

America’s Course Is Likely Set Regardless of Who Is President

The unprecedented bizarre nature of this election is not without purpose. For months I agonized over why our choice for the leader of this great nation was between two totally unacceptable candidates. That the voters of America took us to this awful dilemma made absolutely no sense initially. Then I finally realized that this is […]

Yes! Trump Should Drop Out

On June 16, 2015, when Donald Trump officially announced his candidacy for president, I immediately concluded that I could never vote for the man, especially with the bevy of other highly qualified and respectable candidates coming on board. Throughout the primary campaign, he became more and more despicable in his behavior. I was astounded by […]

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