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Month / February 2018

You Can Stop Active Shooters and Save Lives!

America is in two concurrent modes in the aftermath of one of the worst mass killings in our history . We are overwhelmed with grief and mourning for 14 children and three adults whose lives were senselessly snuffed out on a celebrative Valentine’s Day. Simultaneously, we are outraged that such carnage can continue to happen […]

North Korea in the Olympics: Good or Bad?

I understand that the participation of North Korean Olympians on South Korea’s soil is a powerful symbol of hope. It could create some inroads to better relations between the two countries and ease tensions around the world. However, inviting the most evil, irrational government on the planet to meld with sane and honorable nations without […]

The FISA Memo in Plain Language

The FISA memo issue is so convoluted that hardly anyone can understand it. Yet, it is of vital importance to every American. And, it will develop further over the next few weeks. The following few paragraphs provide a plain language summary of what is important to understand about the issue and how it relates to […]

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