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Month / March 2018

Where Are the Parents of Student Protestors?

Over the last few weeks, millions of America’s children have assembled in hate-filled protests against adult authority. They have demanded that their views and philosophies replace those of the majority of mature adults having rightful authority over them. Parents are the first level of responsibility and authority for children. As I view these radical protests […]

I Can Only Imagine

I believe the entertainment industry, particularly the movie sector, is not just a symptom, but a major cause of the rapid moral decay of America. Top Hollywood productions are usually R-rated and depict the the most violent and immoral content legally permissible. Thankfully, Christian-oriented movies with redeeming values are becoming more popular every year. One […]

Trump’s Tariffs: Good or Bad for America?

As a teacher of college economics, I am generally a free trade advocate. Tariffs are usually hindrances to free trade. However, the complex issues of a huge international trade deficit and a sharp decline in manufacturing in America warrant consideration of increasing tariffs on some of our most critical imports. Our future economic health requires […]

What Must Change in American Politics

The recent tragic shootings have generated explosive debates on what needs to happen to stop such carnage in America. Our leaders seem powerless to even chip away at the issues while standing intransigent at opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. A little-known, but extremely eloquent, delegate from the Virginia Statehouse describes the true situation better […]

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