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Month / May 2018

Why Church Is Important in Parenting

Juvenile delinquency, crimes by minors, and psychological issues among children are increasing exponentially. Church attendance is decreasing exponentially. Is there a connection? Studies show that children whose parents are serious about church attendance become more emotionally stable and of better character than other children. Too many parents ensure their children are safe, healthy, educated, and […]

First Lady Melania Trump Close Up

America’s First Lady, Melania Trump, is arguably the most complex woman in the nation’s history to hold that title. With the grace and poise that may exceed that of Jackie Kennedy, this foreign-born super model has a checkered past and a rather mysterious present. The general public seems to admire her, but knows little about […]

Why Opening Boy Scouts to Girls Is Bad for America

For over a century, Boy Scouts has been one of the most respected youth organizations in America. The institution has helped guide millions of boys through the rite of passage into men of character and honor. This week, the organization caved to the cultural trends and political correctness opening its troops to girls. This ends […]

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