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Month / June 2018

America’s Greatest Threat: The Cultural Cancer

The greatest threat to America is not North Korea, Russia, Iran, or any external enemy. Radical liberalism, our worst enemy, is growing exponentially in our country as a cultural cancer. Like cancer it can’t be cured, but it can be forced into remission. Saving America from radical liberalism will only be possible if all citizens […]

Do Tattoos Define the Person?

Tattoos have been linked with certain cultures for over 5,000 years, the most prevalent being the Egyptians of the second millennium B.C. In most ancient civilizations, they were expressions of tribal, religious, or philosophical identity. Today’s body art obsession seems to have the same objectives. Does that mean tattoos, especially extreme ones, reveal the true […]

The US/NK Summit: What You Must Know

America and the rest of the world are about to witness the most historically significant meeting since the 1986 Reagan-Gorbachev talks. The Singapore Summit will consume all media outlets and has the potential of beginning a peaceful resolution to a volatile international crisis. It could also be a possible first step to the reunification of […]

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