The Lowest Low in American Politics Just Happened

I have thought many times over the past year that our political landscape couldn’t get any worse. Every time I was wrong–it got worse. The past week has been the worst yet. I never thought I would see America’s top liberal leaders stoop so low. Now, a Republican Senator has given the Democrats another week to wield a death blow to a dying confirmation process. This is the new low of the left’s destructive hold on America.

I do believe Dr. Ford experienced some kind of traumatic sexual assault as a teen. Surely no one could lie with such passion if she really didn’t think in her heart and soul that it happened as she told it. However, evidence, or lack of evidence, convinces me that somehow a psychological manifestation has twisted the facts in her personal remembrance of the experience. I also, believe Judge Kavanaugh is truthful as clearly evidenced by testimony, documentation, and reputation.

This week’s farcical circus of a Senate confirmation for Judge Kavanaugh has made a sham of fundamental Constitutional law. The two most basic principles of American law are innocent until proven guilty and the burden of proof is on the accuser. Yet, with no corroboration of the accuser’s allegation and overwhelming testimony to the innocence of the accused, the Senate Democrats have done everything imaginable to bestow sainthood on the accuser and demonize the accused.

America anticipated a fair hearing. What was played out in the homes of millions of viewers was deceptive politics, ego mania, partisan maneuvering for the mid-term election, and hate for the President. All this was done with total disregard for the toll it took on the lives of the two people testifying. It was never about Kavanaugh and Ford. It was about the leftist egoists on the committee and their panic attack over the potential return of the Supreme Court to the Constitution.

At the conclusion of the highly charged and embarrassing hearing, reasonable minds were about to prevail in what should have been a committee vote to proceed and a likely floor vote to confirm. Then, the bombshell. Republican Senator Flake, under extreme pressure from a Democrat close friend and a few radical women, brought the rightful move toward timely confirmation to a screeching halt. An additional FBI investigation the Democrats had been screaming for all week, but just short of getting, was handed to them on a platter–by a Republican. That gave two other Republicans a pass to jump on the bandwagon of redundant investigation.

The week-long delay for yet another FBI investigation of spurious accusations will have little to do with getting to the truth, and everything to do with Democrats buying time to think up another tactic. Since the hearing didn’t swing enough votes to deny the President’s nomination despite their theatrics, the Democrats desperately needed time to regroup. Over the next week, don’t expect to see the Democrats sit quietly awaiting the FBI report. We will see a feeding frenzy of hundreds of fanatics dispatched from sea to shining sea to find something, anything, that could possibly support their objective or justify further delay. When the week ends, we will see the Democrats with all kinds of reasons to demand further time. Their immediate objective is to avoid a floor vote until after the election in hopes of that big blue wave. Their ultimate objective is to deal a devastating blow to the President. Participation by Democrats in the whole confirmation process has been a means to that end.

If the vast majority of Americans can’t see this for what it is, we are in even bigger trouble than I had thought. A huge liberal-socialist faction has been mushrooming in this country for several years led by a liberal bureaucracy and fueled by the liberal media. Their agenda is to transform America into an immoral, socialist, atheistic society that will destroy us from within. It is becoming more than a conservative President and a few truly conservative Congressmen can defend against. I’m becoming less confident that the good people in this country will have the stomach and back bone to protect and preserve our democracy and freedom for their children and grandchildren.

My only real hope is that I know the all-knowing God isn’t fooled by any of this. His will ultimately prevails. But the scriptures teach that He works through His people. The vote is the most powerful weapon we have. Encourage everyone you know to keep America strong by voting for brave, unwavering, and godly men and women to represent us. Men and women who will stand up for the Constitution and our time-proven principles and values.

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Is Gambling Innocent Recreation?

Gambling in America has reached epidemic proportions. The American Gaming Association reports Americans spent $261 billion on gambling in 2017, up $25 billion, or 9.5%, since 2014. Gambling addiction obviously increases with gambling opportunities. So what is the sense of more states legalizing casinos and the Supreme Court opening up sports gambling?

Casino revenues in America have grown from $66 billion to $77 billion, or 17%, over the last five years. Online gambling has increased from $46 billion to $55 billion in the last two years alone for a growth of 20%. This portal for gambling puts a casino in almost everyone’s hand including underage participants. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court struck down a 25-year-old law that had banned sports betting outside of Las Vegas. States are now in a feeding frenzy to legalize this new venue for gambling.

While gambling explodes across the nation, compulsive gambling is skyrocketing as rehab organizations scramble to catch up to the demand of addicts. America is second only to Canada in having the most problem gamblers in the world. America is 5th in the world for number of gamblers per capita, but first in gambling losses. Gambling addiction is not just an individual problem. Over 50% of these addicts commit crimes to support their addiction. Half of them abuse their spouses, and 17% abuse their children. Forty-four percent are also alcoholics.

Despite attempts to justify gambling economically, it is rarely an economic plus. Casinos always justify themselves as huge contributors to the tax coffers. Of course, taxes from casinos do flow into the various levels of government, although it is a regressive tax disfavoring the poor. The outflow from the government to fund addiction programs, regulatory agencies, and law enforcement directly associated with gambling often offsets or exceeds the tax revenues. A State of Florida cost-benefit study found annual benefits from gambling averaged $536 million compared to average annual social and support costs of $3.25 billion for a net cost of $2.71 billion to the state’s residents. Casinos tend to draw crime. Real estate values drop in casino cities. Business productivity declines in the vicinity of gambling activities. Casino patrons don’t typically frequent local restaurants and shops, so gambling usually takes away from other businesses. Now, internet gambling is exponentially drawing more business away from casinos, and online betting income doesn’t make its way to government tax treasuries. Internet gamblers hardly ever pay taxes on their winnings.

If you can never be convinced that gambling will ever be a problem for you, should you not oppose it just for the damage it does to others? I would also offer the idea that gambling is simply wrong on its own moral and ethical merits. I had a former pastor who believed gambling was essentially stealing. After much thought, I concluded he was right. His rationale was that gambling boiled down to taking money from someone who didn’t want you to have it. Although gamblers willfully put their money at risk, none of them wants to lose. When any gambler wins, they take money from others who didn’t want to give it to them. Hence, legal theft by broad definition and not something to feel good about. His answer to people claiming that gambling was not specifically prohibited by the Bible was that the only two biblical ways to gain money are to earn it or receive it as a gift. Gambling involves neither.

So, when you have an opportunity to gamble, I encourage you to take the higher road of using your wealth for needed goods and services rather than pursuing other people’s money giving them nothing in return. When you have an occasion to exercise your patriotic duty in deciding on support or denial of any form of gambling, again take the higher road of voting for more wholesome use of God-given resources.

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Post-Blue-Wave America

The historical shift away from the President’s party in midterm congressional elections will happen eight weeks from now if conservatives don’t storm the voting booths in record numbers. It’s all about turnout, and the liberals are building momentum. If conservatives fail to uncharacteristically overwhelm the polls, here is what post-blue-wave America will look like:

The Democratic majority in the House will reinstate Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

The Democratic majority in the Senate will elect Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader

Congress will immediately begin the impeachment process for President Trump. He will not be removed from office, but the process will supersede all other congressional initiatives for months rendering the presidency almost powerless.

All White House proposals will be dead on arrival in Congress, and all conservative bills will die in committee for the next two years.

The Trump tax cuts will be reversed resulting in economic downturn, stalled GDP growth, recession, and rocketing unemployment.

The Socialism preference of the majority of Democrats (57% according to last month’s Gallup Poll) will begin to shift our nation away from Capitalism and toward Socialism as Senators and Representative appease their constituents. The likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be the new faces of the majority Democrat Party.

Any future Supreme Court nominee–and there will likely be at least one more from this President–will not be approved by the Senate. Any vacancy in the Court will probably not be filled during the remaining term of this presidency.

The present rate of movement to the extreme left by radical liberals will increase exponentially on its way to becoming the established culture of the nation.

Illegal immigration will go virtually unabated with open borders, the U.S. Border Patrol and ICE will be severely weakened, and sanctuary cities will grow under government protection. All illegal immigrants will be offered amnesty and citizenship. Criminal activity by illegal immigrants will flourish.

Liberalization of social issues will see America lead the world in abortion, gay marriage, transgender rights, political correctness, suppression of religious freedom, disrespect for family values, etc.

National defense will be weakened as investment in military modernization and growth is reversed making America more vulnerable to Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

The Second Amendment will be largely disregarded as restrictive federal gun control laws are enacted.

Much greater dependence on the government by individuals will be the result of free higher education, free child care and preschool, Obamacare expansion, more people qualified for food stamps, etc. This will increase the national debt and raise taxes significantly.

The minimum wage will increase to $15.00 which will shoot prices upward on all goods and services, launch abnormal inflation, and increase interest rates.

This list is just a small sampling of America under a new radical Democrat majority government. It will not be the Democrat majority Congress of the Clinton years, or even of the Obama years. This will be a new breed of liberal Democrats who have shown their colors clearly in just the last few years. The Neo-Democrats are waging a cultural war to destroy America from within as most of us know it. The Kavanaugh hearings gave us just a hint of what to expect. Conservatives have the ability to ensure this fanatical take-over of America never happens. It is as simple as every conservative in America voting on November 6th. If you’re disappointed in some of the attributes of President Trump, as I am, don’t let that have any bearing on how you vote or whether you vote. You’re not voting for a president; you’re voting for maintaining a congressional majority of conservatives. You’re voting for the very soul of America.

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