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Month / December 2016

What Is the Oldest Nation?

Accepted definitions and time estimates place Israel as one of the oldest of nations. Of present-day nations, probably only Egypt and China existed before Abraham settled in the land that would be named after his grandson. It is nothing short of absurd that America officially recognizes Israel as only a 68-year-old nation with 1967 borders. […]

Obama’s Biggest Mistake Yet

Arab spring, Obamacare, Iranian nuke deal, executive orders, and many other irrational shenanigans have been forced on America by our president leaving us vulnerable to dire consequences. But, I would argue that last Friday’s abstention in the United Nation’s resolution against Israel could very well bring on the worst consequences of anything he’s done so […]

Will Trump’s Economy Work?

Donald Trump’s economy, as defined by his campaign positions and post-election actions defies most proven economic principles and concepts. His obstructionist plans for businesses moving overseas violate free market enterprise. His isolationist leanings regarding foreign trade don’t recognize the global market. And, his tax cuts and hefty government programs ignore the national debt problem. Yet, […]

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