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Month / July 2017

The Dishonoring of the Oval Office

The White House is out of control. Governing by tweets, firing Comey, battling news media, investigating everything, kowtowing to Russia, booting Spicer, slamming Sessions, unleashing Scaramucci, spewing profanity, canning Priebus, and it can all be traced to the disgracing of the presidency by the unstable Donald Trump. Don’t stop reading. Let me explain. Those who […]

Senate Health Care Act Simplified

The health care debacle is the most confusing of the current abundance of political issues. It involves many more factors than can be covered in a blog post, but I will narrow them down to what I consider the three most contentious. If these three aspects of the bill could be resolved, I think it […]

Is There a Balm in Washington?

It is easy to become cynical about whether God is even present in Washington, D.C. anymore. With all the hate speech, violence, polarized gridlock, and ungodly laws and policies, one could conclude that God’s Spirit no longer resides inside the beltway. But, let’s take a deep breath and look at the evidence that He is […]

America’s Population Explosion: Births vs. Immigration

According to Pew Research, America’s population will reach 438 million by 2050. That’s a 35% increase in the next 33 years. If that doesn’t give you pause, realize that our nation’s current negative birth rate does not sustain our current population. Therefore, more than the entire increase in population will be from immigration. The white […]

God in the Declaration of Independence

As we celebrate the 241st birthday of the greatest nation in the history of mankind, may we contribute to its healing by first giving Almighty God credit for its existence. He is prominent in the founding document that established the miracle of America. I believe, more than any other single factor, that His presence in […]

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