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Month / May 2016

What Does Owning Property Really Mean?

My last post explored our sustenance from the miraculous biosphere that is supplying our every need.  We looked at our responsibility to be stewards of this life-giving planet including the proper allocation of resources based on value. We saw that value is a factor of how much we need or want something (demand) as well […]

Economics: The Basic Fundamental

This is the first of a series of weekly posts that will explain the subject Americans are concerned about most, but understand least–Economics. You owe it to yourself to be better informed about this crucial topic. Commit just a few minutes each week to reading each post that builds on the previous ones. Ahh! The […]

Why Are We Electing a President We Don’t Like?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have risen victorious although over half of their own parties view them as unfavorable. At no other time in history has any nominee for the office of President of the United States been disliked by most of their party. In the aggregate, the overwhelming majority of voters have expressed their […]

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