Why the Hate and Violence Should Not Be Perplexing

Never before has America been hammered by such domestic hate and violence on a daily basis. We could blame it on the liberals reacting in desperation over losing their momentum in the socialization of the nation. We could blame it on the President’s malicious rhetoric. But, the real cause is the abandonment of spiritual sensitivity predicted long ago.

Who is responsible for all the obscene lambasting, assault, and killing? Everything in me wants to point to the likes of Maxine Waters, Robert De Niro, Eric Holder, hecklers and rioters, and the liberal news media.  And, yes, I wish the President would tone it down. However, if we can just step back and take a deep breath, we can see it is not so much who is responsible; it is what is responsible. A basic understanding of prophecy and the destiny of mankind provides all the insight we need into what is happening.

Just a cursory look at recent history reveals we have been experiencing a progressively turbulent and decadent time over the last half century. We can’t continue in our present trend of moral decay and humanistic leaning and expect to survive for much longer. The Bible is clear in its description of the approaching culmination of all creation. Here are some words of Jesus from Matthew 24 describing the end times:

  • You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars…nation will rise against nation…there will be famines and earthquakes…many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another…false prophets will arise and will mislead many…because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.

I believe we are living in this period right now. At no time in American history have we witnessed such animosity including verbal as well as physical attacks on each other. Certainly, the Civil War divided our nation, but that was over the narrowly focused issues of slavery and states’ rights. Our present divisions are fueled by almost unlimited political, social, racial, religious, and moral issues. The scope of the hate is too wide to be explained as issue related. The exponential increase in shootings, bombings, riots, assaults, and conspiracies is a symptom of many hearts grown cold and minds turned evil across the full spectrum of the population.

Our condition is the foreseeable result of our movement away from God’s standards and our acknowledgement of Him within the family, government, and through the church. America’s religious quotient has been measured often by numerous research organizations and found to be swiftly digressing in all things spiritual. History shows repeatedly that nations suffering our condition become weakened and often eventually cease to exist.

This seems bleak, but we are not without hope. Such condition is the precursor or early sign of a much better time. The Bible promises that, when hate and violence get so bad we can no longer survive, God will bring everything to a triumphant end as Christ comes again to re-establish peace and perfection on earth. How much longer that will be, no one knows. But, we are experiencing most of the preliminary signs today.

We should always strive for love and peace within our society. We should pray, worship, vote, serve, and communicate in a way that promotes harmony with one another.  However, ending all the hate and violence is not going to be accomplished through the government, social programs, or even individual behavior. Our real hope is the peace that passes all understanding. This hope is only realized through a return to faith in God rather than man and living in anticipation of Christ’s imminent return.



A Look at 2019-2020 America if Enough Republicans Don’t Vote

This is an update from a previous post that needs more attention now than ever. The historical shift away from the President’s party in midterm congressional elections will happen if conservatives don’t storm the voting booths in record numbers. If Republicans fail to overwhelm the polls, here is what 2019-2020 America will look like:

The Democratic majority in the House will reinstate Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

The Democratic majority in the Senate will elect Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader

Congress will immediately begin the impeachment process for President Trump. He will not be removed from office, but the process will supersede all other congressional initiatives for months rendering the presidency almost powerless.

The Senate will reopen investigations of Justice Kavanaugh in a last ditch effort to remove him from the Supreme Court. Next to removing the President, this is the Democrats’ top goal.

The Mueller investigation will continue indefinitely as a frustration to the President.

All White House proposals will be dead on arrival in Congress, and all conservative bills will die in committee for the next two years.

The Trump tax cuts will be reversed resulting in economic downturn, stalled GDP growth, recession, and rocketing unemployment.

The Socialism preference of the majority of Democrats (57% according to a recent Gallup Poll) will begin to shift our nation away from Capitalism and toward Socialism as Senators and Representatives appease their constituents. The likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be the new faces of the majority Democrat Party.

Any future Supreme Court nominee–and there will likely be at least one more from this President–will not be approved by the Senate. Any vacancy in the Court will probably not be filled during the remaining term of this presidency.

The present rate of movement on social issues to the extreme left by radical liberals will increase exponentially on its way to becoming the established culture of the nation.

Illegal immigration will go virtually unabated with open borders, the U.S. Border Patrol and ICE will be severely weakened, and sanctuary cities will grow under government protection. Not another dollar will be appropriated for the wall. Unlimited illegal immigration from underdeveloped nations will overwhelm our schools, welfare programs, courts and prisons, and workforce. All illegal immigrants will be offered amnesty and citizenship. Criminal activity by illegal immigrants will flourish.

Liberalization of social issues will see America lead the world in abortion, gay marriage, transgender rights, political correctness, suppression of religious freedom, and disrespect for family values.

National defense will be weakened as investment in military modernization and growth is reversed making America more vulnerable to Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

The Second Amendment will be largely disregarded as restrictive federal gun control laws are enacted.

Much greater dependence on the government by individuals will be the result of free higher education, free child care and preschool, Obamacare expansion, more people qualified for food stamps, etc. This will increase the national debt and raise taxes significantly.

The minimum wage will increase to $15.00 which will shoot prices upward on all goods and services, increase unemployment, launch abnormal inflation, and increase interest rates.

This list is just a small sampling of America under a new radical Democrat majority government. It is not hyperbole; it is fact. It will not be the Democrat majority Congress of the Clinton years, or even of the Obama years. This will be a new breed of liberal Democrats who have shown their colors clearly in just the last few years. The Neo-Democrats are waging a cultural war to destroy traditional America from within. The Kavanaugh hearings gave us just a hint of what to expect. Republicans have the ability to ensure this fanatical take-over of America never happens. It is as simple as every Republican in America voting on or by November 6th. If you’re disappointed in some of the attributes of President Trump, as I am, don’t let that have any bearing on how you vote or whether you vote. You’re not voting for a president; you’re voting for maintaining a congressional majority of conservatives. You’re voting for the very soul of America.

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The Remedy for America

When God created man, He ordained three institutions, and only three, as essential foundations to sustaining mankind’s survival and ensuring mankind’s joy during life on earth. Those institutions, prominent throughout the Bible, are: the family, the church, and the government. When they are honored, nurtured, and protected, societies prosper. When they are dismissed, neglected, and attacked, societies crumble. America is leaning dangerously on a crumbling foundation.

My Pastor, Shawn Barnard, captured my attention in a recent Bible study reviewing the three biblical institutions foundational to the survival and joy of a society or nation. He pointed out the Roman Empire collapsed from within, not from external powers. Eminent Roman Empire historian Edward Gibbons presented five reasons for the Empire’s demise in the fifth century after 500 years of world dominance. The five reasons were:

  1. Undermining the dignity and sanctity of the home and family
  2. Higher taxes and frivolous spending
  3. The mad craze for pleasure
  4. The building of gigantic armaments
  5. The decay of religious faith

Each of these causes of Rome’s downfall reflects an abandonment of the three biblical institutions. The family is the most fundamental institution on earth. The health of the church and government depends on the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the family. In America today, about 45% of marriages end in divorce, 7% of adults are in cohabitation relationships, 40% of all births are from unmarried women, 26% of all children live in single parent households, same-sex marriages have flourished since they became legal in 2015, 66% of families have both spouses working full time to support their lifestyle. All of these statistics have increased dramatically in the last couple of decades.

Rome’s decay of religious faith was from corruption of religion, not from genuine believers. In America today, only 40% of adults attend church at all, and only 18% are in church on any given Sunday. Although 75% “identify” with Christianity, only 37% claim to be highly religious, and 33% say they’re not religious at all. Twenty-two percent read the Bible every day, but 45% seldom or never read it. These statistics, compared to just a decade ago, show a substantial move away from religious commitment in America.

High taxes and unsustainable military buildup were the sources of the financial implosion within Rome’s monarchy. In America today, although our tax burden is comparable to other developed countries, we are first in the size of national debt and 8th in our debt-to-GDP ratio of 106%. This ratio is up from 62% in 2007. In other words, our taxes are relatively reasonable, but we are spending borrowed money like there is no tomorrow. Our government has also been in a free-fall toward Socialism which has little regard for family and church. I am a firm believer in a strong military, but is our defense capability becoming excessive? America’s defense spending is 36% of the world’s total and three times that of second-place China. It is 16% of the total U.S. budget and 54% of discretionary spending.

This abbreviated look at where America stands on its foundational institutions of family, church, and government indicates clearly that we are going the way of Rome. No individual can reverse this course alone. But, each of us can pray for God’s miraculous intervention. I challenge you to do just that each day. Millions of us who love America and want to preserve it for our progeny can recommit ourselves to our families and make needed changes in family priorities. We can be in church every Sunday and become more deeply involved in God’s mission through the church. We can vote for leaders who have a like passion for turning this nation around. We can make our voices heard by our government leaders. We can!

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