A Look at 2019-2020 America if Enough Republicans Don’t Vote

This is an update from a previous post that needs more attention now than ever. The historical shift away from the President’s party in midterm congressional elections will happen if conservatives don’t storm the voting booths in record numbers. If Republicans fail to overwhelm the polls, here is what 2019-2020 America will look like:

The Democratic majority in the House will reinstate Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

The Democratic majority in the Senate will elect Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader

Congress will immediately begin the impeachment process for President Trump. He will not be removed from office, but the process will supersede all other congressional initiatives for months rendering the presidency almost powerless.

The Senate will reopen investigations of Justice Kavanaugh in a last ditch effort to remove him from the Supreme Court. Next to removing the President, this is the Democrats’ top goal.

The Mueller investigation will continue indefinitely as a frustration to the President.

All White House proposals will be dead on arrival in Congress, and all conservative bills will die in committee for the next two years.

The Trump tax cuts will be reversed resulting in economic downturn, stalled GDP growth, recession, and rocketing unemployment.

The Socialism preference of the majority of Democrats (57% according to a recent Gallup Poll) will begin to shift our nation away from Capitalism and toward Socialism as Senators and Representatives appease their constituents. The likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be the new faces of the majority Democrat Party.

Any future Supreme Court nominee–and there will likely be at least one more from this President–will not be approved by the Senate. Any vacancy in the Court will probably not be filled during the remaining term of this presidency.

The present rate of movement on social issues to the extreme left by radical liberals will increase exponentially on its way to becoming the established culture of the nation.

Illegal immigration will go virtually unabated with open borders, the U.S. Border Patrol and ICE will be severely weakened, and sanctuary cities will grow under government protection. Not another dollar will be appropriated for the wall. Unlimited illegal immigration from underdeveloped nations will overwhelm our schools, welfare programs, courts and prisons, and workforce. All illegal immigrants will be offered amnesty and citizenship. Criminal activity by illegal immigrants will flourish.

Liberalization of social issues will see America lead the world in abortion, gay marriage, transgender rights, political correctness, suppression of religious freedom, and disrespect for family values.

National defense will be weakened as investment in military modernization and growth is reversed making America more vulnerable to Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

The Second Amendment will be largely disregarded as restrictive federal gun control laws are enacted.

Much greater dependence on the government by individuals will be the result of free higher education, free child care and preschool, Obamacare expansion, more people qualified for food stamps, etc. This will increase the national debt and raise taxes significantly.

The minimum wage will increase to $15.00 which will shoot prices upward on all goods and services, increase unemployment, launch abnormal inflation, and increase interest rates.

This list is just a small sampling of America under a new radical Democrat majority government. It is not hyperbole; it is fact. It will not be the Democrat majority Congress of the Clinton years, or even of the Obama years. This will be a new breed of liberal Democrats who have shown their colors clearly in just the last few years. The Neo-Democrats are waging a cultural war to destroy traditional America from within. The Kavanaugh hearings gave us just a hint of what to expect. Republicans have the ability to ensure this fanatical take-over of America never happens. It is as simple as every Republican in America voting on or by November 6th. If you’re disappointed in some of the attributes of President Trump, as I am, don’t let that have any bearing on how you vote or whether you vote. You’re not voting for a president; you’re voting for maintaining a congressional majority of conservatives. You’re voting for the very soul of America.

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