Biden’s Most Important News Conference: Opportunity Missed.

Biden’s Second Formal Solo News Conference

President Biden just held the second formal solo news conference of his entire year in office. He had only subjected himself to nine solo news conferences of any kind. This compares to Trump’s 22 and Obama’s 27 in their first year. This one wouldn’t have happened had he not just come off the worst week of his presidency, and America was demanding answers. After a disastrous year in the White House, the president had the perfect opportunity to promise mainstream America he would start paying attention to their priorities and reset his agenda to the real and dire needs of our nation. But that didn’t happen. Let’s look at what did happen in this rare news conference.

Biden constantly touts the only two victories his administration has had in his first year: the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Bill and the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. These inflationary deficit spending bills, laden with pork, are the only significant accomplishments he has to point to which he did repeatedly with the press. Those so-called victories pale in comparison to his countless failures related to the border crisis, COVID policies, Afghanistan, the economy, Russia, China, Iran, energy policies, the crime wave, law enforcement, politicization of the military, outright lies, public schools, and on and on and on. After his $5 trillion Build Back Better Plan fell short of the votes needed, a last ditch effort to salvage at least some radical left legislation died with the attempt to kill the filibuster and pass the federalizing of the voting system.

The only hope to avoid being remembered as the worst president in history would have been to use his first anniversary as president to signal an abrupt halt to his destructive steering of the country into socialism and his radical leftist legislative agenda. He could have begun a restoration of confidence in the presidency by espousing a more moderate approach to his second year. The mainstream media would have had something positive to debate for months. Instead, they will have to continue to cover for old Joe ignoring the virtues of true journalism.

The president’s overwhelming emphasis with the journalists was the one-note tune of the “enormous progress” his administration has made in his first year. When asked repeatedly what he might change in his second year, he finally offered that he hoped to get out more among the people and communicate his accomplishments on a more personal level. He said the other new effort he would pursue in his second year would be to campaign and raise funds for Democrats in the 2022 election. That was it. No policy changes, no rethinking legislation, no plans to unify the nation, and no redirection on all of the failures of the first year. Just more of the same.

Pressed on conceding on Build Back Better and federalizing the voter system, he vowed to break both bills down into smaller chunks that might have a better chance of passage as a series of new bills. In other words, he was not giving up on bankrupting the economy and taking over the voting process from the states.

So, if anyone was holding on to hope for this news conference, it didn’t happen. This administration doesn’t even entertain the thought of pivoting on anything. We can expect more of the same. The hope we do hold on to is the red wave across America in this year’s congressional and gubernatorial elections. With expected majorities in both houses of Congress next year, conservatives can be the guardrail that keeps this great nation from going completely off the road until regaining the White House in 2024.

Stop the Democrats’ Next Sheer Desperation Act

Demonstration for the Freedom to Vote Act

Massive efforts by conservatives to deny President Biden and his radical Democrats their $4+ trillion so-called Build Back Better plan succeeded by a razor thin margin of one in the Senate. The BBB was to have been the Democratic mega-ton bomb for transforming America to Socialism. Now, realizing national rejection of their diabolical plan portends both congressional houses will turn to a Republican majority in November, they are crazed in desperation to shove an ultra-liberal voting rights bill down the throats of the citizens. This bill would all but guarantee millions more liberal Democrat votes through guise and trickery. Do we weary conservatives have one more fight in us?

America enjoys the most free and unencumbered voting of any democracy on the face of the earth. The only improvement that might be needed is to lessen cheating by requiring a photo ID to vote and making the vote easier in certain limited cases. Conservative Republicans support both adjustments. However, the last election’s plethora of broken voting rules and disregarded tradition to accommodate COVID resulted in record numbers of Democrat votes often by questionable means. Democrats were ecstatic and are now determined to make the COVID Democratic voter advantages the new normal.

Last year, the Democrats introduced an ambitious legislation to expand voting rights from the federal level. This “For the People Act” would have changed almost every aspect of how elections are conducted. Much of the election process would have been taken from the states and assumed by the federal government including funding campaigns with federal money. Fortunately, the Senate Republicans filibustered the bill in June, and it died for lack of 60 votes. This stirring of the Democrats’ hornets nest sent them racing head long into a shift to the Build Back Better bill to get a least some kind of victory passed for the radical left’s socialist agenda. Then, when that didn’t work, thanks to moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, the hornets surged out of control.

This last ditch effort for the Democrats to run rough-shod over elections at the federal government level is Senate Bill S. 2747 renamed the “Freedom to Vote Act.” It would make voter registration automatic and on the same day as the election. There would be little control over who is really eligible to vote and where. It would allow very early voting by mail by everyone. It would place ballot drop boxes on the streets with little oversight. Election Day would be a legal public holiday. Released felons would be allowed to vote. The federal government funding of campaigns through matching of private contributions times six is still in the bill. There are many other bad ideas in the bill, but the bottom line and purpose of the legislation is to give distinct advantages to Democratic voters in blue states. Its methodology would be to create a federal electoral system that would allow Democrats a permanent majority in the House and Senate and a continuous Democrat president in the White House.

There is hardly any chance the Freedom to Vote Act would pass the 50-50 Senate with the filibuster. Therefore, Senator Schumer has now publicly declared that the Senate will make every attempt to end the filibuster which is a long-standing bipartisan process that protects the will of the American people from being rolled over by a slim majority of Senators. The filibuster has worked in favor of the Democrats many times in recent history. But for this crop of intransigent leftests in the Senate, these are desperate times. For them, if the Senate processes have to be broken to get what the radical left wants, so be it. A few years ago, Schumer, himself, declared that eliminating the filibuster would turn the country “into a banana republic, where if you don’t get your way, you change the rules. Are we gonna let them (Republicans)? It will be doomsday for Democracy if we do.” Without the filibuster, one Senator could determine whether the bill passes or fails. Or Vice President Harris could pass the bill in a Senate strictly partisan tie vote. Please watch this closely, and contact whomever you can to help keep the filibuster alive and our precious American voting system true to its historical integrity.

Do Christians Vote? Statistics Say We Are Lukewarm!

Bible and American Flag

As we struggle through one of America’s lowest points in our history, and probably our farthest distance ever from God’s will, Christian influence and action is a calling and is critically essential. This involves aggressive prayer, evangelism, study of the Word, and citizenship responsibility. To highlight the latter, I have ask my friend and colleague, Wayne Dziubinski, of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, to tell you about a specific, effective way you can further your patriotic responsibility during this enormously impactful election year. You can choose to become active in this organization, be a supporting member, or just use it as a resource for awareness. Please consider some level of connection and involvement. Our nation will rise or fall on the Christian vote. Here is a word from Wayne:

“The Bible teaches us that our responsibility as believers is to work uncompromisingly as the Lord has gifted and leads us. This includes at the ballot box too. Imagine where we could be as a nation if we voted Biblically – where the sanctity of life, the Biblical definition of family and marriage, and religious freedoms were cornerstones once again as they were with our founders and in the not too distant past. Unfortunately though, statistics show one in three Christians do NOT voteAnd we’ve seen the results haven’t we! A battle is raging for the heart and soul of this nation. It’s a battle over truth—and how you and I will choose to live out our faith in the public square.

This said, allow me to introduce My Faith Votes.  It is a 501c3 non-profit organization that was founded in 2015 – a non-partisan movement that motivates, equips and activates Christians in America to vote in every election, transforming our communities and influencing our nation with biblical truth. We desire to see an America where God is honored in the public square and biblical truth is advanced in our culture.

To get involved with My Faith Votes please consider becoming an Action Partner. I am an Action Partner as is Terry Thompson. In addition, I am a My Faith Votes Area Coordinator for the greater Hot Springs/Hot Springs Village area. There are 15 of us in this area, 65 Action Partners in the state of Arkansas and over 6,000 in all of the 50 states. The midterms are just around the corner and we have a lot to do. Please join us .. 👍

If I can answer any questions or be of service, feel free to contact me via email at or at 612-247-3813 for calls and texts.”

The Magi, King-makers, and Christian Conservatives

“Journey of the Magi” c. 1894, by James Jacques Joseph Tissot

Erroneously called kings, the Magi who followed the star to baby Jesus were king-makers. This little-known authority has important implications for Christian conservatives in America today. Are we abrogating our responsibility–our authority–as king-makers? Let’s dive into that supposition.

Much misinformation and speculation has surrounded the account of the apostle Matthew regarding the distant Parthian visitors to Bethlehem. The traditional depiction of three crowned kings kneeling at the manger is at odds with the Bible and secular history. All those Christmas cards and nativity sets are reflective of a 6th century baseless legend that has the kings of Arabia, Persia, and India being the gift bearers. What King James’s Bible translators called the “wise men” (no number given) was from the Greek word, “Magoi” (English: Magi), meaning astrologers, sorcerers, or magicians. Furthermore, following the star they noticed at the time of Jesus’ birth was a journey of many months before they arrived at Bethlehem. The Bible says they came to the “house” where Jesus was, not to an animal stall. Jesus was a toddler by then. Finally, it is very doubtful there were just three. Men of their importance would have been accompanied by an entourage of assistants and protectors. After all, they were Parthians entering the unfriendly territory of the Roman Empire.

These Magi can be traced back to the Chaldean culture that predates Abraham. They practiced pagan conjuring and predicted the future by the stars. Later in Babylon, God’s prophet, Daniel, an exiled Hebrew, ascended to a high office in the Babylonian Empire which included chief of the Magi. No doubt Daniel taught them to acknowledge the One True God, Yahweh, as creating and controlling the universe. By the time the Persian Empire ruled most of the civilized world in the 5th century BC, the Magi were a priestly sect that heavily influenced the entire population. They became both priests and politicians forming the Council of Magistrates (note: Magi-strates) which eventually selected the kings of Persia and the successor kingdom, Parthia, for centuries. At the time of Jesus’ birth, these Magi were the “king-makers” in the vast Parthian Empire far to the east of Judea. Their knowledge of signs of the Messiah’s birth had been propagated over the five centuries since Daniel’s prophecies. What an example of God’s overarching strategy! No wonder Judea’s King Herod panicked when the men he knew to be king-makers came looking for a new king of the Jews.

God’s ultimate plan was for the Magi to be king-makers. His purpose for them was to effect His plan for the empires and nations of their day by choosing particular leaders. Our unchanging God expects no less of His people today. He has given Americans the greatest nation in history. We are a nation built on Christian principles with freedoms and prosperity never before experienced by mankind. I strongly believe God expects us Christians to determine who leads this nation. He expects us to elect candidates from the president to the county judge who will lead according to His Word and His ways. The sad and shameful fact is we are failing miserably in that regard. Some studies show as few as 25% of Christians even bother to vote. Other studies indicate that, if all Christ followers voted in every election, they would determine the outcome of every election. The mess we are in as a nation today can be laid at the feet of Christians who don’t take interest in their government and don’t vote their faith.

America is teetering on the brink of socialism and moral collapse. The votes of Christian conservatives next November, and in 2024 will determine the future of our nation. Many will disagree and take offense at this, but I believe God has commissioned His people to be His king-makers.

Are We Ready for the Next Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor Attack

On December 7, we will pause to remember Japan’s shocking and deadly attack 80 years ago. A reluctant America was drawn into World War II with super-powerful enemies in two geographical theaters. The next four years saw our nation courageously resolved to victory over both Japan and the Axis Powers. Over 16 million brave American combatants answered the call to relentless battle with over 400,000 sacrificing their lives before the enemies surrendered. We will face the likes of the Pearl Harbor attack again. Would America’s present culture support the same response as in 1941? Doubtful. Let’s look at how we are poised for another Pearl Harbor and why we aren’t as ready for it as we were 80 years ago.

Eerily similar circumstances are gathering on the horizon today. Just seven years ago, Russia got a pass for invading and annexing the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. The U.S. and the rest of the Western World yelled and screamed, then placed a few sanctions on the super power invader. That was all. Now that Russia has tested the water and found the opposition weak, it is building forces near the border of Ukraine with prospects of invading that sovereign country soon.

Then China has its tentacles extending throughout the Pacific Rim with credible indications it will invade America’s ally, Taiwan, at some point in the near future.

The U.S. has stated its commitment to defending both Ukraine and Taiwan, and that the consequences would be severe if the super powers acted on their threats to those nations. This standoff is exacerbated by recent evidence that Russia and China are pursuing closer ties with each other. They appear to be partnering in mutually beneficial efforts in African countries, in Afghanistan, and in Iran. There is an ominous similarity in modern day Russia and China’s relationship compared to that of Germany and Japan in the 1940s.

Even more worrisome is the lack of will, moral courage, and patriotism that I see today in most Americans that wasn’t an impediment at the onset of World War II. Most adults in the 1940s still had acute memories of the very difficult but successful efforts of World War I. They knew what they were facing, they understood sacrifice, and they loved their country and its freedoms. They were, as Tom Brokaw labeled them, “the greatest generation.” In contrast, today’s generation, with few exceptions, is not experienced in international battle for survival, they don’t know sacrifice for others, and they have been on a slippery slope toward socialism and Marxism for years. Most don’t even see Russia and China as enemies of the U.S.

American debased culture has largely been framed by its leadership. We haven’t had a president in a long while with the leadership ability of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Donald Trump gave us a short period of pride and patriotism, but was a lightning rod for liberal attacks. Barack Obama and Joe Biden–what can I say? Political division, racial unrest, moral decay, social experimentation, and the pandemic have shifted our focus off the potential of an all-consuming international conflict.

If, by God’s mercy, we are granted a delay in another two-front war long enough to seat new leadership and reestablish an American culture reflective of a Pearl Harbor response, we may survive a Russia-China domination. If we don’t turn this nation around to a patriotic, freedom-loving, God-fearing culture with compatible leadership in the next few years, we will not survive as a nation. We must turn hearts back to God and unconditional love for our fellow Americans. Otherwise, the next Pearl Harbor will have a different outcome.

It’s Time to Get Back into Church

Church Attendees

Several recent church studies and surveys boil down to this: American churches are at about 60% of their pre-COVID on-site attendance. That means 40% of former church attendees have not returned to a relational connection with other Christians. Although 20% are watching services online, another 20% have completely separated from the congregation of believers. This has left a spiritual vacuum in the lives of millions of Americans and has inflicted a serious injury on the soul of our nation.

During the COVID lock-down, most churches cancelled gatherings of their members for several months. During this closure, congregants of larger churches had the advantage of preexisting online streaming of services. Many smaller churches quickly produced online capability for their members. Before long, faithful church members throughout the country became comfortable sitting on their couch or recliner in their pajamas with a cup of coffee watching the services. Worship leaders were singing and pastors were preaching to an empty sanctuary except for video cameras. This technology, although far from ideal, was a godsend to both church leadership and church members. But it also had a downside.

When COVID subsided somewhat, and the nation began to open its doors again, churches also began to open and regroup initially with some level of precautions involving masks and social distancing. After several weeks, most churches were back to a semblance of normal operation. What wasn’t normal was that only about half of the pews or chairs were filled. Half of the congregation was looking around wondering where the other half went. Research shows that a few are still not comfortable with indoor crowds, since the pandemic has not yet fully ended. A much greater number have grown too comfortable with watching services from their home and are still in that mode. And, the hard truth is many have simply gotten out of the habit of church, actual attendance or on TV, and can’t get motivated to return. Being an online church member or avoiding church altogether can become addictive, but it comes at a price, spiritually and socially.

The first and foremost reason for choosing physical presence at church services is that the Bible clearly and emphatically teaches it. Hebrews 10:25 reads, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another, and so much the more, as you see the day (of the Lord) approaching.” Acts 2 describes the first Christians’ commitment to the early churches, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer…All believers were together and had everything in common…Praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” Those Christians were not exercising their faith in private or watching services online. They were following God in establishing the model He intended for doing life together and furthering the Kingdom through the church.

Prominent pastor and author, Rick Warren, describes the five biblical purposes of the church: outreach (evangelize), worship (exalt), fellowship (encourage), discipleship (edify), and service (equip). None of those purposes, meant to grow us in our relationship with the Lord, is realized by avoiding church gatherings with the possible exception of being somewhat edified by internet. Private Bible study and prayer is necessary, but does not fulfill the need for reaching others, worshiping corporately, fellowshipping, and ministering collectively. God made us to be social creatures serving Him together, and nowhere is that better accomplished than in the church Christ established.

Furthermore, I believe the prosperity, health, and moral foundation of our country ultimately depends on God’s favor. Surely, everyone would conclude that America, the greatest nation in history, has declined in all three categories over recent years. The nation’s wandering away from God for decades became a mass exodus during COVID. The only way to reverse this potentially fatal national degeneration is to turn back to God. That can only be done through nationwide repentance and revitalization of the church. The first step toward that must be recommitment of the 40% that dropped out. They must reactivate with their church. America won’t survive with a permanent 40% decrease in church attendance.

If you are among the 40% of Christians who have not been active in your church recently, let me strongly urge you to have a conversation with God about that. Then let Him help you sort out what is keeping you away from meeting with your fellow believers on a regular basis. If you are of the 60% who are faithfully attending church as you did before COVID, let me strongly urge you to reach out to those you haven’t seen for a while and encourage them to join you at church this Sunday. It’s time for everyone to get back into church.

Rewarding Illegal Immigrants

President Biden’s Rant

An intruder breaks into you house at night bringing his small child with him. You overpower the intruder, call the police, and protect the child until the police arrest the criminal, and children’s services care for the child. Later, the father sues you for a million dollars for separating him from his child. Do you pay it?

That is tantamount to what the Biden administration is about to do for foreign parents and children who became separated after illegally entering our country–criminally intruding. Unscrupulous lawyers have convinced some of the parents that they can sue the government for child-parent separation when they should be charged with child endangerment and abandonment as well as criminal border crossing. Often, whether they were parents or traffickers could not be determined. Most of the proclaimed parents were given the opportunity to go back home with their children or be separated, and they chose separation.

The Biden administration, which wants more illegal immigrants for political purposes (future Democratic voters), has for months essentially invited the unlawful border crossers through open borders. The criminals have been provided food, health care, and transportation throughout our country. Now, the administration has created an excuse to pay many illegal families upwards of a million dollars or more ($450,000 per parent and child) under the guise of lawsuit settlements. The administration would be making foreign criminals rich from your tax money to guarantee their party loyalty.

President Biden’s immediate response to a Fox News reporter’s challenge of the ridiculous payments was to chastise the reporter calling the rumor “garbage.” Biden’s staff quickly corrected the president’s denial and confirmed the plan to pay the illegals. The next day, Biden enthusiastically supported the payments and, in an angry rant, blamed President Trump’s “inhumane” policies for necessitating the restoration payments. It is patently obvious that our president is not in charge, doesn’t know what his staff is doing, and is routinely not in the loop on major staff actions.

This is just the latest example of how President Biden, his cabinet, his staff, and the Democratic congressional majority are dragging America into an abyss of economic bankruptcy, government suppression, lawlessness, international disrespect, and moral decay. I believe impeachment or Article 25 action would already be in the works except for one problem: Kamala Harris. The only thing worse than an ineffective president with a 38% approval rating would be to elevate a vice president to the Oval Office with a 28% approval rating–the lowest for a VP in our history.

If Biden or Harris remain in the White House, and the Democrats hold the majority in Congress until 2024, I truly believe their radical agenda will lose the America we know in the next three years. It is absolutely critical that Republicans regain an overwhelming majority in both the House and Senate next November. This will require all conservatives becoming politically active like never before. It’s not too early. Start now!

Two Poison Bills: Biden’s Last-ditch Effort to Ruin America

President Biden

Whatever you’re doing right now, delay it until you have contacted your senators and representative demanding they kill the infrastructure and social engineering reconciliation bills. These two bills with thousands of pages contain legislation that will raise your taxes, increase prices of everything, quash your precious freedoms, and, worst of all, sink our already-submerging economy. Both bills are bad on balance, but there are some especially dangerous aspects of them you may not be aware of.

With the latest negotiations on the $3.5 trillion social engineering reconciliation bill, we are being lulled into thinking it is being reduced to something we can live with. Wrong! Most of the reductions come from simply shortening the duration of the obscene entitlement giveaways. In reality, those programs, when expiring, will be easily extended. Hardly any government programs ever expire. Provisions for unprecedented entitlements and climate change policy will ultimately be paid for by the poor and middle class. Do not be fooled by the rhetoric. Nothing is free! Even if the Democrats acquiesce to lower the price tag to below $2 trillion by dropping some programs, they will just move those programs into some other social spending bills. The president has publicly said as much. And the remaining programs will be the highest priorities of the radical left’s wish list.

Then there is the trillion-dollar Infrastructure Bill which passed the Senate with several Republican votes, because it was presumably to fix our roads, bridges, ports, and internet access. However, knowing some Republicans would want to support those valid needs, the Democrats sneaked in a liberal gender and LGBTQ piece that essentially includes the core of the Equality Bill that was rejected earlier this year. This insertion reads, “No individual in the United States may, on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity that is funded in whole or in part with funds made available to carry out this title” (Emphasis added). This would guarantee all transgender and LGBTQ persons the same rights as those protected by the 1965 Equal Rights Act. It could be catastrophic for churches and Christian business owners.

These bills together, at any level, will form the flagship for the Biden administration’s ill-conceived, sinister plan to move America radically to the left. The bills would be a giant step toward socialism becoming the cultural norm for our nation. The Infrastructure Bill would be acceptable if the non-infrastructure pork and sexual perversion provisions were removed, However, Speaker Pelosi is adamant that the two bills must be voted on together in order to guarantee the passage of the larger, more controversial reconciliation bill. The only right answer is to completely defeat both bills and restart a clean infrastructure bill without the non-infrastructure attachments.

Our voices must be loud and clear against this legislative monstrosity. Enter the battle now!

We Are Facing an Economic Meltdown

The Shrinking Dollar

The ill-conceived agenda of President Biden and the Democratic controlled Congress is extremely harmful to America in almost every respect. Probably the worst injury from the first nine months of radically liberal government actions has been the assault on the nation’s economy. The drastic cuts in domestic oil production, excessive unemployment pay, spiraling government debt, and the proposed largest socialist spending package in history have combined to raise the inflation rate to a level not seen since 1990.

I was an associate professor of economics at the college graduate school level for 11 years. The Biden Administration’s economic advisors in Washington are surely smarter than I am at keeping our nation’s economy in balance. It doesn’t really take much understanding of the basic concepts of economics to realize you can’t constrain essential production, pay people to not work, and borrow trillions of dollars to give more entitlements to people and expect the economy to thrive. The economists advising the Democrats are obviously focused on political maneuvering rather than fundamental economic principles.

Compared to a year ago, prices of gasoline and other oil products are up over 40% at a seven-year high due to shortages, food is up 4.6%, housing costs have risen 18.6%, and used car prices have soared 45% because of new car prices and shortages. These rapidly increasing rates of inflation point to the nightmarish decade of the 70’s when inflation hit 13%. The current jammed up supply chain is the direct result of inflation and labor shortages. The only thing that stops inflation is the reversal of what caused it. In the present case, swift and aggressive easing of production constraints, removing the disincentives for work, capping the debt ceiling, and stopping the massive, socialism spending bills are absolutely necessary.

Another basic economic principle has to be understood by all Americans. “Tax the rich and corporations” is a fairy tale. Those taxes are just passed along to the consuming middle class and poor in price increases. Price increases are the same as taxes–they take money from the consumer. Inflation is always harder on the poor than the middle class and wealthy, because the poor only buy essentials. So, Biden’s mantra about taxing the rich for the socialist spending is deceptive and ludicrous.

In my opinion, the best action America can take right now to save our economy is to open the Keystone XL pipeline and take the constraints off oil drilling and production, remove disincentives and provide incentives for everyone to go back to work, cap the debt ceiling, and stop, not just reduce, the so-called “Build Back Better” reconciliation spending bill. The bi-partisan Infrastructure bill should also be reduced significantly, taking out all the pork that doesn’t include construction of roads, bridges, rails, and ports. Yes, that is a huge commitment. I guess we’ll see how much backbone our conservatives in Washington have. They know the remedy for inflation, but will they fight for it?

Never underestimate the importance of communicating with your senators and representative. It’s easy. Just google their names, go to their websites, and tell them what you want. In this case, tell them to end work disincentives, cap the national debt, and vote against the unthinkable socialist reconciliation bill–at any amount. Please do that immediately. They work for you.

My Signed Book Now Available from Personal Inventory

Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command

When Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command was released last March, I purchased several personal books from the publisher for anticipated signing events and group presentations. Due to COVID, there have been few opportunities for such events. Therefore, I have decided to make signed copies of these books available for direct purchase as long as supplies last. These would be perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasions.

I will pen a personal note and sign a book for you or any of your friends or family, then ship it directly to you or them. This could solve your whole Christmas list! The unique novel will not only provide an exciting and informative reading experience, but will also deliver an influential and challenging Christian message. It combines the authentic biblical story of the prophet Daniel with thoroughly researched secular history, lessons in leadership and courage, and insights into end-times prophecies.

If you would like to have a book or books shipped to you or someone else, Please send a personal check for $24.50 ($18.99 + $5.51 taxes and shipping) to: Bounty Publishers, 102 Farr Shores Cove, Hot Springs, AR 71913. Include a note to me with the name of the person to receive the book and anything you might want me to mention in my note to them penned on the first page.

If you live in or near Hot Springs, AR, I would be happy to meet you somewhere mutually convenient and avoid the shipping cost. The cost without shipping is $20.50 ($18.99 + $1.51) in cash or check (I am not equipped for credit card or online payment). Just go to my Contact page at for contact information and email, text, or call me.

I look forward to getting my signed book into your hands or the hands of someone you care about. Don’t delay. Order it now.

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