Who Is Kamala Harris?

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Joe Biden has announced his selection for the potential 47th president. If Biden is elected in November, Kamala Harris will very likely be our president before he finishes his first term. His choice will certainly give her great advantage for becoming the Democratic nominee in 2024. Consider what we know about her.

Harris meets the minimum specification of being a black female, but she is not African American. Her father, Donald Harris, immigrated from Jamaica, and her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, immigrated from India. Neither was naturalized as a U.S. citizen. Harris, being born in Oakland, California, is a citizen by birth. She is 55. Her mother, a civil rights activist, died in 2009. Her father, also a civil rights activist, is a Stanford professor of Keynesian Economics, a socialist-leaning economic theory of big government spending to control the economy. Her sister, Maya Harris is a lawyer, MSNBC political commentator, and former Hillary Clinton policy advisor. So, Kamala’s family influences have been socialism, civil rights activism, and Hillary Clinton politics.

Harris is married to entertainment lawyer, Douglas Emhoff. He was previously married and has two young adult children. Kamala has no biological children.

Harris’s mother was of the Hindu faith. “Kamala” means “lotus” another name for a Hindu goddess. Her father appears to be of no particular religion. She married Emhoff, a practicing Jew, in a Jewish wedding ceremony officiated by her sister. Although she was raised on Hindu practices in the home, a family friend often took her to an African American protestant church. She claims to be Christian, but distances herself from evangelical Christian values.

Harris got her career start in 1994 when San Francisco mayor, Willie Brown, named her to the California Medical Assistance Commission. Her affair with Brown while he was married was acknowledged publicly by the mayor. The Los Angeles Times reported on her as, “Brown’s girlfriend.” Her elective office career began in 2004 when she became District Attorney of San Francisco. She went on to become California’s Attorney General in 2010 after an election fraught with scandal.

In 2016, Harris won the California U.S. Senate race to succeed outgoing Senator Barbara Boxer. She quickly gained a national profile as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee with emotionally-charged, pointed questioning of Jeff Sessions, William Barr, and Brett Kavanaugh. As a senator, she has taken positions supporting the following initiatives:

  • Abolish capital punishment
  • Eliminate mandatory minimum sentences
  • Eliminate private prisons
  • Mandate paper ballots
  • Subsidize renters and homeowners
  • Study reparations
  • Ban assault weapons
  • Allow few, if any, limits on abortions
  • Legalize marijuana
  • Scrap past pot convictions
  • Bring all troops home
  • Increase corporate taxes
  • Cut military funding
  • Stop border wall building
  • Implement universal healthcare

Watch Democrats try to paint her as a moderate, just as they have Biden. She will distance herself from the radical left in speeches and interviews. But don’t be fooled. She is a career California politician steeped in leftist dogma. As for integrity, she leaves a trail of scandal and corruption in the wake of her unbridled ambition. As for world view, she will pursue the redirection of America toward Socialism. As for political aspiration, this week begins her campaign for president in 2024 with her hope that it might come sooner.

I believe there is great likelihood that Biden, if elected, will not be able to complete his first term considering his age and cognitive issues. The scenario of his stepping down prematurely as President Kamala Harris moves into the Oval Office has some Democratic movers and shakers salivating.

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The Chosen

Jesus Among the Chosen

No doubt you have seen or at least heard of the TV series, The Chosen, created by American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins. It is unique as the first multi-season series about the life of Jesus and is the highest crowdfunded film of all time. I just finished watching the first season and am blown away. Let’s look as some inside skinny on this phenomenal series.

After watching the first season of The Chosen, you will never think of Jesus and the disciples the same as before. Jenkins’ objective was to portray Jesus through the eyes of those who were with him, not through our eyes 2000 years later. It’s hard for me to imagine the Christ laughing uncontrollably or dancing wildly at a wedding party. But, of course, He did things like that. He had almost all human characteristics, yet He was God.

This series is the most practical look at what God incarnate might have been like as you find yourself following Him through the highlights of His life. Although considerable liberty is taken by the screenwriters in the story, I never detected any contradiction to the truth of the gospel accounts in the Bible. The content is both plausible and authentic regarding the culture of first century Judea. There is nothing amateurish about this production. It rivals anything out of Hollywood in quality and professionalism. It is also convicting and thought-provoking for the viewer.

Entertainment critics are raving over the series. It received a 100% from Rotten Tomatoes–their perfect score–and 99% from audiences. It has been viewed over 50 million times in 180 countries. The film makers have a goal of The Chosen to be seen by over one billion people in every country in the world. Although its main purpose is not evangelism, it has every potential of drawing millions of people to Christ and Christianity. Seven seasons are planned which will cover the lives of the disciples after Jesus has departed.

The faith-based production company, VidAngel, along with executive producer, Derral Eves, developed very innovative funding methods for the project. Prospective crowdfunding investors were offered shares of ownership and profits from the company for their investment in the first eight-episode season. The second season is largely being funded by sale of first season DVDs at $30.00 each. I bought one and encourage my blog readers to “pay it forward” even if you have already seen it.

I believe God is using this popular high quality series to present the gospel to millions of ambivalent people who will sit up and take notice. For more on this amazing effort, go to https://studios.vidangel.com/the-chosen. You can purchase the first eight episodes there.

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Hopelessly Divided?

America is divided as in no other time since the Civil War. National dissonance has metastasized far beyond political competitiveness. It is now a schism between patriotism and anarchism. Americans are forced to choose between traditional American values and an aggressive movement toward socialist anarchy.

I have tried for months to avoid seeing this movement for what it is, convincing myself that the radical anti-American faction was just a fringe culture–a splinter group. But it has become obvious that half of our nation has aligned with this attack on our traditional values. The moderately conservative Democratic party of a few decades ago is now the socialistic anarchist party of today.

Anarchy may seem to be an over-the-top description of the movement drawing in half of our country, but let’s take a hard look at reality. Anarchy is defined as disorder due to the absence of government authority or simply the absence of order–chaos. It is more than rioting and lawlessness. Here is what it looks like in America today.

  • Democrat leaders refusing to stop constant rioting, killing, and property destruction in most major cities
  • Democrats describing the riots, occupations, and violence as myths
  • Democrat leaders de-funding, restraining, and disestablishing the police
  • Democrats inciting racism by political pandering to minorities
  • Democrat leaders declaring many major cities as sanctuaries for harboring illegal immigrants and criminals
  • Democratic controlled media reporting with a totally liberal bias and censoring conservative voices
  • Democrats paralyzing government with a three-year, $40M investigation of the president based on known contrived evidence
  • Democrats impeaching the president over false claims and doing everything else possible to de-legitimize his presidency
  • Democratic Congressional “Squad” calling for the dismantling of our economy and political system as other Democrats follow their lead
  • Democrats pursuing gun control and confiscation
  • Democrats trying to abolish the electoral system so a few highly populated liberal states would elect every president
  • Democrats by the tens of millions supporting an avowed Socialist presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders
  • Democratic university and high school educators teaching radical social concepts and revisionist history to confused students
  • Democrats holding kangaroo court hearings of the president’s cabinet members with constant attacks while disallowing responses
  • Democrats insisting on trillions more dollars for Covid-19 economic stimulus risking unmanageable national debt for political advantage
  • Democrats using delay tactics to slow the reopening of the economy and suppressing promising drugs
  • Democrats keeping their presidential candidate, Joe Biden, from public appearances to hide his real agenda and lack of capacity for leadership
  • Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, claiming he would be the most progressive (revolutionary) president in history

I could go on, but I’ll stop there. All of these moves are attempts weaken or abolish America as we know it.

Democratic rhetoric and actions of late define anarchy as a demonstration of love, rioting as peaceful protests, civility as weakness, lawlessness as an appropriate objective, destruction of property as a right, and the free market as racist.

I don’t believe there has ever been a time in our nation’s history when the words of Isaiah have been more descriptive: Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight! …Who justify wicked for a bribe, and take away the rights of the ones who are in the right!

The battle for the soul of America has become a battle for the survival of America. We must pray more fervently than ever before for the containment of anarchy in our country. We are not without hope, but victory will only come from the Lord. So pray and act as you are guided. Vote against the attempt to abolish all that our great nation stands for.

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How To Choose Between Two Flawed Men

Which flawed man: Trump or Biden?

Let’s face it, each of the presidential candidates leaves a lot to be desired. Yet we have to choose one to lead the greatest nation in the world for the next four years. If you love your country, you will vote. When you vote, don’t look at the man; look at what the man brings with him. Here are some crucial considerations.

The incumbent president and the former vice president are probably two of the most flawed men to ever run for the sacred office of President of the United States.

One has held elected office in the highest echelons of government for 44 years with little positive impact on anything. He has a reputation of lying and political deception along with other moral issues. He will be the oldest presidential nominee ever. He has serious cognitive issues.

The other is an incurable egotist whom some psychologists would classify as a narcissist. He has a reputation for being untruthful. He has a history of moral failures. He is unpredictable. He entered the presidency as the oldest man to initially occupy the oval office.

All of us are flawed. We are all defective. But Americans expect our choices for president to be less defective than these two. This year in particular, we must not vote for the candidate, but for everything the candidate represents–the principles, platform, world view, influence, and ideology that will be ensconced with the position. This election is not about who is worthy of the position, but what the position will do for America and for each of us and our families.

Furthermore, each of these flawed men will be heavily influenced by and obligated to a lot of other powerful people. One will give attention to and favor the far left socialist factions of our nation. The other will listen to and lean toward the extreme conservatives. These relationships will heavily influence judicial nominations, foreign affairs, domestic policy, government control, federal spending, and social programs. We must choose which half of a divided America will have the greatest access to the White House.

So, as you watch, listen, and read about these two flawed men, think beyond the two individuals. Think about which individual will move America closer to the nation you want it to be.

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The First Three Seconds of Every Day

Highlighted in the Bible amid a lengthy lineage of Judah’s descendants is the prayer of an otherwise innocuous man named Jabez. The short appeal to God screams for our attention by its unique position in a rather boring ancestry list. We can condense the prayer into even fewer words that can be whispered in three seconds: God, gift me, guide me, and guard me. Let’s look at what those three seconds can mean.

The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life is a book familiar to many. It was written by Bruce Wilkinson in 2000. In the book, Wilkinson encourages every Christian to invoke this prayer on a daily basis. I’ve never been very fond of scripted prayers. I’m not even totally comfortable with group recitations of the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus offered it as a model prayer but not necessarily what He desires to hear repeated verbatim. Even though I prayed the prayer of Jabez a few times after reading the book, I feel like God seeks and honors outpouring from my own heart in words that I originate–a personal conversation.

I believe it is also important to start our day, the moment we awake, with a deliberate acknowledgement of dependence on our Creator. The first opening of your eyes in the morning is a moment of just you and God. Failing to immediately greet Him is like meeting your best friend without even acknowledging his or her presence.

But rising out of bed and slipping into a robe while still in a fog might not be the best time for a meaningful God-and-you conversation. Then is when a simple “God, please gift me, guide me, and guard me today” sentence prayer makes a first priority connection with the first priority in your life.

Later in the morning, during a reserved quite time or multiple pauses in activity, you can attach more detail in your own words to the three parts of the three-second prayer. For example:

  • Gift me: Lord grant me wisdom and success while giving me the opportunity to speak into someone’s life and minister to them today.
  • Guide me: Show me your direction for my every move and decision and let me see this world as You see it.
  • Guard me: Protect me from anyone and anything that would harm me, then keep me from hurting others in any way.

A prayer-centered life with a structure something like this will help you begin to have a right heart, a right mindset, and a right relationship with the Lord and others. It will bring you joy, peace, contentment, and confidence for which God created you. Try it this week. Start it in the first three seconds of every day.

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What Has Really Caused Racism in America?

Decrying everyone and everything associated with slavery, the Confederacy, and all things white and capitalist is ignoring the real cause of modern racism in America. The plight of African Americans today has little to do with antebellum America and the Civil War but everything to do with a more recent divisive cultural and economic shift.

I realize I’m going precariously out on a limb here, but I am compelled to offer what I believe has ignited the present racial unrest in America. The protesting, rioting, violence, and borderline anarchy is being blamed on centuries of oppression and lack of justice for black Americans. There has been a history of oppression and injustice. But that is only a small piece of the racism puzzle. What is missing is an unbiased view of this history.

Slavery is despicable. Every American should be ashamed of it. But in the minds and hearts of most 18th and 19th century Americans, it was an economic necessity–the way of life with a world history of thousands of years. Almost every nation on earth practiced slavery until a couple of centuries ago. Our founding fathers owned slaves, but they felt the moral obligation to craft a Constitution that guaranteed eventual liberty for all. And, just eight decades after the Revolutionary War, the US honored the Constitution’s intent by proclaiming emancipation for all slaves.

When the 15th Amendment gave blacks the right to vote in 1870, almost all of them registered Republican. Unfortunately, for the next several years, southern Democrats delayed and disrupted the rights of blacks in constant political battles with Republicans determined to institutionalize their blood-bought freedom. Despite the Democratic push-back, brilliant and tenacious blacks made major headway toward equality rising to public office, starting businesses, and leading industrial innovation. It was not until the mid-20th-century civil rights movement that the upward trend in quality of life for blacks began to reverse.

Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 fixed some remaining gaps in schooling and employment equality, the Act and the social movement surrounding it began the migration of blacks to the Democratic party sponsoring it. From that point forward, African Americans as a whole have regressed exponentially into poverty, unemployment, family breakup, discrimination, abortion, drugs, criminal activity, substandard education, poor health, and the list goes on. The Democratic response to this social and cultural degradation has for half a century been empty rhetoric, coddling at election time, pervasive welfare programs, forced busing, and affirmative action quotas. All of these moves have been disincentives for achievement and advancement. They have widened the socioeconomic gap between the races keeping the poor, poor with little opportunity for upward mobility.

For examples of the effect of political climate on race relations, look no further than the states and municipalities with the most racial turmoil. Almost all of them have been led by Democrats for years.

The last three years prior to the pandemic abruptly reversed the poverty trend as President Trump’s aggressive conservative policies produced the highest employment rate and best economic opportunity that most black Americans had ever experienced in their lifetimes. Sadly, though, when Covid-19 knocked the whole country on its keister, the short-lived gain was insufficient to suppress the pent-up frustration from decades of inequality and subjugation for blacks. The white on black police killings were just the fuse for what was ready to explode.

Therefore, the cancel-culture vandalism of monuments, denouncing of certain symbols, and endless demands for name changes are actions that fail to recognize the real problem. The misguided focus on slavery as blame for the current racial crisis is from one of two causes:

  • Little understanding of historical fact, or
  • Understanding but refusal to deal with historical fact

The answer to racism is a change of heart on the part of all Americans, black and white, to a genuine respect for all humans. It would require a reality check from everyone. Sadly, such a change is difficult and unlikely in a culture in which the vast majority of blacks is bound to one political philosophy and party–a party that promotes a twisted view of history and an assumption of black loyalty.

For more on this topic, scroll down to my June 1, 2020, post, “Which Party Presents the Best Opportunity for African Americans?”

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Still Reason to Celebrate America’s Birthday

This 4th of July has every reason to be a not-so-celebrative birthday of our nation. On her last birthday, we could not have imagined the regrettable state of the union on her next. However, as in the birthday of a loved one who is ill, we are not celebrating the present condition, but the birth and life that we love, respect, and remember.

This weekend, let us shift our focus from corona virus, rioting, the economy, and political division to the fundamental goodness of America. This birthday celebrates the founding of the greatest country in the history of mankind based on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are still a people who value life more than any other society in the world despite the tragic abortions and homicides. We still enjoy freedoms almost to a fault despite quarantines and questionable government mandates. We continue to realize happiness in each other and quality of life found nowhere else despite the virus attacks and protests gone amok.

We can survive and thrive on this present journey through a deep dark valley because our forefathers crafted a miraculous declaration of independence followed by a near-perfect constitution 244 years ago. Moreover, because we have a pervasive faith in Almighty God that was the forerunner of our inception four centuries ago, we find the hope and courage to keep charging ahead. We draw strength from our Creator and a history of tenacity and endurance like no other country.

It is critical that we hold a tight grip on our traditional faith and values that guide us through our present troubles. Millions before us paid a high price in blood, sweat, and tears to keep the American dream alive. Any dilution of democratic principle, any acquiescence of liberty, begins a slippery slope toward America’s becoming inconsequential.

This weekend, celebrate not only our nation’s birthday, but also the generations that sacrificially built on that beginning to gift us the greatest country in the history of mankind. It’s future is now on us.

Vote Your World View

Just 19 weeks until the election. If you’re not overly enthusiastic about particular candidates, you don’t need to be. We’re not voting for people; we’re voting for our world view–for what we believe America should pursue and what we should oppose. Let’s consider our choices.

You will be voting for a president and U.S. congressmen as well as state and local leaders. They will span a broad spectrum of desirable and undesirable traits. But each will lead us toward one of two world views that will define the future of our nation. Those world views form the basis for the Republican and Democratic platforms. Particularly as a Christian, you have a critical and weighty choice this November that will impact the rest of your life and future generations. So, it is essential that you not get caught up in candidates, but rather in what those candidates believe and represent. Here are some of the more important elements of the two opposing official platforms–their world views.

  • The Economy
    • Republican: Lower taxes for everyone, wages set by free market, less government regulation, free market capitalism
    • Democrat: Higher taxes for the wealthier, minimum wages set by government, more government regulation, market protectionism
  • Social Ideals
    • Republican: Based on individual rights and justice
    • Democrat: Based on community and social responsibility
  • Military
    • Republican: Increased spending, maintain superiority
    • Democrat: Decreased spending, maintain status quo
  • Sexual Orientation
    • Republican: Oppose gay marriage, two-gender biological sexes
    • Democrat: Support gay marriage, multiple sexes by personal identity
  • Abortion
    • Republican: Should be illegal with some exceptions, oppose Roe v. Wade
    • Democrat: Should remain legal, support Roe v. Wade
  • Healthcare
    • Republican: Private company efficiency and effectiveness, oppose Obamacare,
    • Democrat: Universal government healthcare, support Obamacare
  • Immigration
    • Republican: No amnesty for undocumented immigrants, limitations on immigration, stronger border enforcement
    • Democrat: Support pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, liberal immigration laws, generally open borders
  • International Affairs
    • Republican: America first, cooperation with greater expectation from allies, strong stance against enemies
    • Democrat: World community, cooperation without confronting allies, negotiation with enemies
  • Federalism
    • Republican: States rights as cornerstone of Constitution
    • Democrat: Recognize states rights with strong involvement of federal government
  • Religious Freedom
    • Republican: Strong federal protection of religious rights
    • Democrat: Religious rights limited by civil rights
  • Financial Policy
    • Republican: Balanced budget to reduce debt, reduce government spending
    • Democrat: Reducing debt important, increase government spending
  • Energy
    • Republican: Energy independence, develop all forms of energy, EPA limits
    • Democrat: Significantly reduce fossil fuels, develop renewable energy, increased EPA regulations
  • Gun Control
    • Republican: Uphold Constitutional right to keep and bear arms
    • Democrat: Interpret Constitution to restrict right to keep and bear arms

Although this list is far from an exhaustive account of the party platforms, it should be enough to help you decide how the two parties match up with your world view. Between now and November, try to shift you perspective from candidates, although they are an important consideration, to what kind of nation you want America to be in the coming years and vote accordingly.

SCOTUS LGBTQ Ruling Is Wrong for America

In this week’s bombshell Supreme Court ruling, the justices voted 6-3 to force millions of America’s businesses, organizations, and individuals to accept LGBTQ employees against their moral and biblical convictions. This is wrong on many levels.

The decision, shocking most Americans, applied to three lower court appeal cases, the most notable of which was Harris Funeral Homes v. Aimee Stephens and EEOC. Funeral director, Anthony Stephens, was fired after announcing to his funeral home owners that he was changing his name to Aimee and would be working dressed as a women. The funeral home owners believed the action would cause increased grief for families of departed loved ones who were aware of the situation. The firm also felt such condition would cause undue stress on its other female employees who would have to share restrooms with the biological male. Stephens sued the funeral home.

The ruling according to the majority justices is an interpretation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which, among other things, prohibited employment discrimination based on gender. At the time, the intention of the Act was clearly about biological males and females. Monday’s decision interpreted the Act as applying to all LGBTQ sexual identities.

About half of all states already have some valid level of non-discrimination protection for LGBTQ communities. But the other half have limited or no such ordinances. On this issue, the states are generally aligned according to political party majority with blue states legislating LGBTQ protection and red states not. The SCOTUS decision no longer leaves the issue up to the states and even usurps the responsibility of the US Congress to enact discrimination law. Most conservatives view this ruling as judicial activism at the highest level. It was a radical rewrite of existing federal statute. It has taken a controversial social issue out of the hands of legislators representing national sentiment and forcing social change by judicial fiat from six individuals.

Although the decision left open the possibility of employers being exempted on religious grounds, there is little doubt but that lower courts will now use this decision to defend LGBTQ persons applying for employment in churches, Christian schools, para-church organizations, and religious related companies. The ruling’s application to only employment issues will not stop it from being influential in backing men attempting to join women’s sport teams as well as men using women’s restrooms and changing facilities. Such a sweeping decision by the Supreme Court has sunken America much deeper into the normalizing of deviate sexual behavior.

Furthermore, traditional conservative Americans guided by Christian principles felt a sense of disappointment and betrayal upon learning that Chief Justice John Roberts and Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch sided with the liberal justices on this ruling. Gorsuch, usually an unyielding conservative on the Court, even wrote the majority opinion. Justices Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Alito provided the dissenting opinions.

Apparently, conservatives can no longer assume that justices leaning in their direction will vote with conservative ideals. With a 5-4 conservative majority in the Court, one liberal vote by any of the five will swing the decision. This makes it crucial to conservatives that a conservative president and Senate majority be in place when the next Supreme Court seat is vacated.

So, be alert. This ruling has left open all potential for capitalization by the LGBTQ community. Pray that the decision will not embolden those who might want to test the waters in ways that would cause more offense and animosity. What are your thoughts?

Ark Encounter and Creation Museum Reopened!

Americans are more than ready to get out, get away, and experience some “road-trip” freedom again. And there is no better fun destination than the combo Ark Encounter and Creation Museum attractions in northern Kentucky which reopened June 8th.

Two summers ago, my wife, Linda, and I loaded up and drove a full day (600 miles) from Hot Springs, Arkansas, to Florence, Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio. My brother, Monty, and his wife, Janis, joined us on the way. It was a comfortable interstate highway journey followed by two days of spectacular entertainment and inspiration. The accommodations in Florence provided a short, easy drive to the Ark Encounter in Williamstown and the Creation Museum in Petersburg.

The genesis (pun intended) of these two attractions was from Answers in Genesis, an organization co-founded by noted historian and entrepreneur, Ken Ham, in 1980 as the Creation Science Foundation. Its name changed to Answers in Genesis (AiG) in 1994. Ken, AiG president, has been a life-long public advocate of the biblical perspective of creation. Through extensive scientific research and in-depth study of the Bible, he has challenged evolutionists with empirical evidence that the biblical “young earth” account of creation is totally compatible with pure science. Co-founder and Chief Communications Officer, Mark Looy, explains that the organization presents the gospel message to hundreds of thousands of people each year through their multifaceted programs and venues.

The Ark Encounter’s life-size replica of Noah’s ark is filled with archaic-like construction that would logically accommodate the massive number of animals on board. Displays explain how the animals were cared for. Figures of Noah and his family interacting with the animals make visitors feel like part of the family. The comprehensive experience flows into the grounds surrounding the ark presenting recreational options and more opportunities for a realistic view of how it all happened.

The Creation Museum reveals the earth’s beginnings based on the infallible Word of God. Visitors experience the truth of our planet’s history as created by the hand of God rather than the faulty reasoning of man. Nearly 150 exhibits demonstrate how the biblical assumptions of creation are scientifically authentic. Adults and children will be fascinated by the animatronic dinosaurs and talking heroes of the faith. The museum also boasts a special effects theater, a state-of-the-art planetarium, a petting zoo, nature trails, and much more.

So, if you’re craving a family-friendly four or five day vacation from the rigors of the last few months, these two educational and inspirational fun spots are great choices. And you can visit them both from one destination. Check them out at http://www.arkencounter.com and http://www.creationmuseum.org.

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