What’s the Starlink Train?

If you enjoy the occasional spotting of a satellite or the International Space Station zipping across the night sky, you will go bananas over the newest overhead spectacular, the Starlink train. Although I was generally aware of this recent space venture, I saw a notice about its being clearly visible over Arkansas this week, and it piqued my interest. What I saw was the most surreal sight I’ve ever witnessed in the night sky. Here’s what I’ve learned about this mystical orbital phenomenon.

Over the last five years, Elon Musk’s SpaceX enterprise has been developing a unique satellite network designed to create a whole new concept in internet connection and communication. This breakthrough may be the answer to households and nations underserved in cyberspace access. The ultimate goal of SpaceX is to cover the entire planet with thousands of small satellites leaving not a square mile anywhere without internet connection. Additionally, plans are already on the table for unlimited cellular phone coverage from this system.

Approximately 5,000 satellites are already in low earth orbit (about 340 miles above the earth) with thousands of internet subscribers in the test phase. SpaceX plans to eventually have 12,000 of these satellites in stationary orbit covering the earth. There is even strategic planning that envisions over 40,000 Starlink satellites. The satellites are only 8’ x 4’ x 4” with 60 feet high solar panels attached (See lower photo above).  Each weighs 573 pounds. Future satellites will be considerably larger. Up to 30 stacked satellites at a time are rocket-launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California, every two or three weeks and placed into orbit.

Once in orbit, the satellites carried by each launch vehicle are all released in a manner that lines them up in a row 75 miles apart at about 248 miles above the earth. From earth, at a location near their orbit and on a clear night, this “Starlink train” appears like 30 or so stars or planets perfectly aligned moving rather rapidly across the sky (See upper photo above). This “train” circles the earth every 95 minutes at 17,000 miles-per-hour eventually traveling over almost every location on the globe before dispersing to assigned position higher in space. The space trains remain in that in-line mode for a few months of preliminary operation and testing before being commanded by SpaceX to split up, spread out, and climb about 100 miles higher to their permanent positions. They then become part of the integrative network that will ultimately cover the entire earth. These science-fiction-like real maneuvers can be observed on a regular schedule just about anywhere for a few months after every launch. At any given time, there are approximately 20 trains of about 30 satellites each in orbit crisscrossing over the earth awaiting dispersal into operational orbit. Many lower train orbits in viewer proximity are obscured by clouds or haze as well as being too near the horizon to be easily seen. However, over a period of several days, anyone at any location is likely to have a clear view of the amazing sight, although it may require setting the alarm for the wee hours of the morning. A free app is available that gives the times of the clearest visibility of the train for particular areas. It is called “Find Starlink Satellites.” Or, one can go to www.findstarlink.com. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed once you see it. The wow!-factor is absolutely worth the inconvenience.

We Must Rescue the U.S. Military

Having retired after 24 years of proudly serving the greatest military in history, I am sad to say I could not serve under today’s top defense leadership. The Commander-in-chief of America’s armed forces, President Joe Biden, and his commanding generals have corrupted and weakened what was the world’s most formidable fighting force making it historically inadequate in just two-and-a-half years. Washington has forced the woke culture of government into the military, and our warriors must be rescued. Let’s look at some specifics.

A recent Army classroom video sets up a scenario of a biological female soldier who has declared herself to be a male and has officially re-registered her gender as “male.” She has not undergone a surgical sex change. The Army moves her into a male barracks. The video instructs the male barracks residents that, “Soldiers must accept living and working conditions that are often austere, primitive, and characterized by little or no privacy. Understand anyone may encounter individuals in barracks, bathrooms, or shower facilities with physical characteristics of the opposite sex despite their having the same gender registration.” The instructions go on to say, “Transgender soldiers are not required or expected to modify or adjust their behavior based on the fact that they do not ‘match’ other soldiers.” The video closes by stating that the instructions “apply to working, living, and recreational environments on- and off-post during duty and non-duty hours.”

In 2001, the Pentagon budget began containing gender transition treatment including genitalia modification surgeries for service members. DoD policy now states, “Transgender soldiers can openly serve with the government providing hormone therapy, mental health care, and surgeries they might require.” As of this month, the Pentagon has spent $15 million in the past five years to treat 1,892 transgender troops including $11.5 million for psychotherapy and $3.1 million for surgeries.

The Navy’s required professional reading program has added books that openly promote leftist creeds. One such book is How to Be Antiracist by leftist scholar Ibram X. Kendi which argues that “capitalism is essentially racist.” In a congressional hearing, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) asked Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, whether he agreed with Kendi. Milley said that he wants to “understand white rage.”

Last year, the Navy began forcing new recruits to watch training videos on “proper pronoun usage.” One video emphasizes the need to create “a safe space for everybody” through the use of “inclusive language including gender neutral pronouns when uncertain of someone’s “gender identity.” Similarly, the Marine Corps announced that they were considering banning usage of “sir” and “ma’am” by recruits in order to avoid “misgendering” someone.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has indicated plans for implementing “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” hiring standards, which would place factors like race, gender, and sexual orientation ahead of merit for determining promotions and commendations.

Last month, Biden’s National Security spokesman, John Kirby, declared that abortion is a “sacred obligation” of the U.S. military, implying that abortion access is vital to military readiness. Kirby said, “Our policies, whether they are diversity, inclusion, and equity, whether they’re about transgender individuals who qualify physically and mentally to serve, to be able to do it with dignity, or whether it is about female service members or female family members being able to count on the kinds of health care, reproductive care specifically, that they need to serve, that is a foundational sacred obligation of military leaders.” The U.S. military has openly funded out-of-state travel funds for individuals who serve in the Armed Forces and want an abortion.

The U.S. Air Force this year authorized travel costs for service members to attend “pride” events. The Air Force also encourages commanders to “plan and conduct” activities related to “rainbow month” including drag shows. This was shortly after the Navy employed a “drag queen” in a recruiting video.

These are just a few of dozens of examples of your taxpayer dollars financing the Democratic liberal agenda to advance wokeism in the military. As America is facing heightened tensions with China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran that could lead to nuclear war, this is no time for social experimentation being forced on our brave military men and women from the top down. Day after day of training in acceptance of deviant behavior robs critical time our service men and women desperately need for training in the defense of our nation. Military commanders’ primary focus on fighting and winning must return for the survival of America. It apparently won’t happen until sanity returns to the White House and the Pentagon in the form of patriotic conservative leadership.

Let’s Not Worship the Worship

Worship music styles, especially in protestant churches, have been consistently controversial for a half-century. Sadly, many faithful, well-meaning Christians feel they have to defend their worship preferences as if defending God Himself. I believe some people tend to worship their style of worship more than they worship the Almighty.

I wince every time I see a social media post criticizing contemporary worship and lauding traditional hymns as “superior.” The argument is usually that current and future generations are missing the theology and doctrine the exudes from the hymns. Granted, hymns teach us more “about” God than do most contemporary lyrics. But contemporary lyrics are mostly deep expressions of love and thanksgiving “to” God. There is a need and a place for both in Christian church services.

I have been singing in church for over 70 years congregationally, in choirs, and on worship teams. For the first three decades of my life, I and every other protestant Christian sang the hundreds of good, uplifting hymns from various hymn books. There was very little singing to the Lord, and a lot of singing to each other. The lyrics were mostly instructional and inspirational. They were written to help us reflect on God but were somewhat lacking in helping us share our hearts with Him. Recent generations have sought a more balanced worship and have made some course corrections toward a more intimate connection with God in our corporate worship and praise.

The question should be who are we directing our worship toward. If it consists predominantly of theology and doctrine from the hymn writers, the congregation is the audience. God doesn’t need to hear us repeat our interpretation of the Word He inspired. He desires to hear our love songs to Him. Psalm 22:3 says, “God inhabits the praise of His people.” I imagine He is pleased when we sing about His teaching, but He doesn’t “inhabit” teaching. He joins us when we sing “to” Him. Would an earthly father rather hear his children tell other children that their father is good and should be obeyed, or would he prefer hearing, “I love you, Dad?” We are made in the image of our Heavenly Father who desires what we desire from our family.

Colossians 3:16 says, “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.” The message of Christ is found in Bible teaching, in sermons, and in hymns. But singing to God with gratitude in your hearts is done primarily through intimate worship and praise songs. I believe this verse from Colossians is our direction to include both hymn lyrics and contemporary lyrics in our worship services.

And let’s not get hung up on whether to use hymn books. Hymn lyrics are just as meaningful when projected on screens and arranged for contemporary styles of music. Likewise, all instruments are pleasing to God if the instrumentalist is playing for Him. The Psalmists reference numerous different instruments to accompany worship voices and dances.

So, unless a church is worshiping with heretical lyrics, let’s refrain from criticizing how a congregation chooses to worship. Leave that up to that congregation and God. Follow John 4:24 and worship in spirit and truth. Worship with both the heart and the head. Contemporary lyrics are mostly from the heart, and hymn lyrics are mostly from the head. Neither should be exclusive, and neither should be excluded. Instead of condemning either, celebrate and respect both.

The Absurdity of Pride Month

Pride Month is the U.S. government sanctioned, protected, and supported celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex people during each month of June. Most Americans support its purpose and activities. Yet, it is the most controversial, divisive, unbiblical, irrational, and absurd custom that we recognize as a nation.

In June of 1969, a police raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City, started riots and protests throughout the country. The next June saw “gay liberation” marches and protests in most major cities. President Clinton, in 1999, declared each succeeding month of June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. President Obama proclaimed the month to include all of the LGBT community. This month, President Biden called on Americans to “celebrate the great diversity of the American people and to wave their flags of pride high.” Therefore, regardless of how much the practice of deviant sexual behavior offends millions of Americans, our government officially supports not just its recognition but also its legal priority and celebration. With that government cover, those who celebrate the actions of the LBGTQ population are emboldened to expand the limits of our cultural norm each successive year.

Compassion should always be shown toward every human being. But tolerance of immoral behavior should not be shown. Anyone who considers the Bible as the true Word of God cannot deny God’s rejection of sexual deviation from His natural design. He loves every person of every sexual preference, but He despises the “exchange of their natural function for that which is unnatural.” (Romans 1:26) It is a dangerous situation when our nation officially celebrates what God detests.

It is the height of absurdity when anyone’s lifestyle defies biology, science, natural law, and common sense. From the beginning of time, the entire animal kingdom has been given the bodily functions for male and female procreation. We also all possess the physical and spiritual ability to fulfill our natural family roles based on our biological gender. Departure from this universal norm has contributed to the downfall of societies throughout history. In a half-century, our nation has moved dramatically from disapproval to acceptance to often-radical celebration of deviant sexual lifestyles.

There are dozens of things for which America has designated a month to celebrate. Some are trivial (September is Pizza Month), most are worthy (October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month). Only one month promotes pride in controversial, divisive, unbiblical, irrational, and absurd human behavior. I have been somewhat encouraged this month by observing more than usual pushback and counter statements from those feeling pressured to celebrate behavior they oppose. If you choose to challenge the Pride Month messaging this month, please do so peacefully with compassion for the messenger.

Let’s Put Ryan Binkley on the Debate Stage

Fox News will host the first Republican Primary debate in August at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A criterion for candidates to be on the debate stage is to have 40,000 donors by July. Ryan Binkley is a long-shot presidential candidate from Dallas but is everything Christian conservatives could hope for. Continue reading to see why your donation of just a dollar to his campaign is important in assuring his presence in this essential debate.

In an earlier post, I introduced Ryan Binkley who has officially entered the race for president of the United States. If you are like me, you are very concerned about the direction of our great nation, and you don’t see a candidate you can really get excited about supporting. Although Binkley is unknown nationally at this point, I believe that, if you will take a look at him at http://www.binkley2024.com, you will be extremely impressed. He is currently campaigning aggressively in Iowa, and it is imperative that America see and hear him in the August debate.

After looking over his website, you will probably agree with me that he would meet your every desire for the presidency. But you will likely also conclude that being unknown, being short of funds, and lacking political experience make him a highly disadvantaged candidate. However, I encourage you to not discount the power of our Lord in this. If God wills that he become the solution to our decades of poor leadership, it will happen!

The 40,000 individual donor requirement has nothing to do with donation amount; it is just about numbers of donors. Technically, if all 40,000 donors just donated a dollar, he would qualify for the debate. If you agree that he deserves to at least be included in the initial debate, I urge you to hit the “Donate” button on his website and give $1, $5, or $10. Then, ask others in your household to do the same. It’s not much money to ensure that this godly man gets national exposure. Even if you are convinced that he doesn’t have a chance to be elected, isn’t it worth a couple of bucks to have his Christian voice heard? His debate comments alone could be a powerful message America needs to hear.

Please give this your prayerful consideration. God just may be doing something historic here, so don’t miss out on it. Click on http://www.binkley2024.com. Then click on “Donate.”

The Announced Republican Candidate for President You’ve Never Heard of.

Republican Presidential Candidate, Ryan Binkley

On Sunday, April 23, a Republican presidential candidate officially entered the 2024 race with exuberant fanfare from a large packed Dallas auditorium of supporters. So far, major national news media response has been….crickets. Yet, other than having no political experience and almost no national name recognition, Ryan Binkley has the characteristics of a nearly perfect Republican candidate.

He is a handsome 55-year-old successful business man; founder and pastor of a large Dallas church; married to Ellie, a beautiful South Korean immigrant; and has five children. He is a staunch fiscal conservative, America first advocate, yet exudes compassion for the disadvantaged. He is very articulate, as is his wife, and doesn’t shy from acknowledging the hand of God in America’s past, present, and future.

Binkley is CEO and Co-founder of Generational Equity Group, a full-service business advisory and investment firm involved in the marketing of privately held businesses. Since 2006, his company has successfully completed over 1,300 acquisitions. With over 400 employees in 15 regional offices, the company has received numerous awards and recognitions. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

The candidate is also founder and pastor of Create Church, a nondenominational congregation in Richardson, Texas. From 2009 to 2012, Ryan and Ellie led the College and Career ministry at Covenant Church in the North Dallas area. In 2012, they started Create Church which has grown to have a major impact for Christ’s Kingdom in the Dallas area. Through Binkley’s unique background in business and ministry, he has, for the last few years, felt an increasingly strong calling of God to seek the office of president.

Ryan faces a formidable lineup of previously announced Republican candidates Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Asa Hutchinson, Vivek Ramaswamy, Larry Elder, and Perry Johnson along with the presumptive candidate, Ron DeSantis. His first stop will be Iowa which will hold the first primary election next February.

You can view the entire official announcement here. It’s worth your time.

From a practical view, this inexperienced and unknown candidate wouldn’t gain enough traction to even qualify for the debates. However, with much of America’s lackluster enthusiasm for other candidates, and the hints of spiritual awakening across the land, practicality could give way to the miraculous. God may be giving His chosen nation one more (maybe last) chance by raising up a seemingly unlikely “David” to be His anointed leader. It will be interesting to see what the media and the political elite do with this anomaly candidate over the next several weeks.

My Generation of Debauchery

Democrat Socialist Leftists just being themselves

March is Women’s History Month with emphases on the importance and contributions of women. That is a worthy and celebrative way to honor women. International Women’s Day has been observed on March 8 since 1908. The U.S. State Department has presented the International Women of Courage Awards annually on this day since 2007. The 2023 awards went to several deserving women from around the world for various courageous acts. Only the Biden Administration had the gall to bestow this prestigious award on a biological male. Let’s consider just how asinine that was, and what it says about my generation of debauchery.

Of the eleven courage awards presented this month to women from other countries, ten highlighted bold actions defending women’s rights and condemning persecution of women throughout the world. Of course, the Biden White House couldn’t pass up the opportunity to find and showcase a biological male transgender who fit their Democrat Socialist Leftist agenda. First Lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken ceremoniously honored Alba Rueda from Argentina for her (his) perseverance and fight against those of her (his) country who opposed her (his) perversion. She (he) planted a kiss on the cheek of each of her (his) presenters, Biden and Blinken. What could be more of an offense to the real heroines of the world than to have one of them replaced by a biological man courtesy of the most influential nation in the world?

I am ashamed that the America I love and have served has sunken this low in one generation–my generation. In my early years, homosexuality was rightly considered a perversion. Those who practiced such decadence did so in secret while rejecting the vast majority understanding of biological and biblical truth. Somewhere along the way, gays and lesbians convinced the rest of us to acknowledge and tolerate their lifestyle. But that wasn’t enough. Eventually, we were supposed to accept sexual aberrance and gender dysphoria as normal for some and were castigated for having opposing views. Today, we are expected to celebrate such deviance and are castigated by the mainstream if we object. We are now awarding “heroes” for their abhorrent behavior. My generation let it happen with little pushback.

Our biggest failure in allowing the degeneration of sexuality was our ambivalence to the Democrat-Socialist-Leftist-led cultural change. President Clinton invited gays into the military with the “don’t ask; don’t tell” mandate. President Obama proclaimed support for openly gay members of the military, opposed the Defense of Marriage Act, elevated LGBT rights, and championed gay marriage. Remember the rainbow White House and rainbow flags atop our embassies? The liberal majority Supreme Court sanctioned same-sex marriage. President Biden and the Democrat congressional majority have been relentless in advancing LBGT rights and legislation including the codifying of same-sex marriage into law. Currently, Biden is fighting for transgender rights with a vengeance. Some of his top secretary-level “diversity” appointments like male-wife Buttigieg and transgender Levine make American politics an international laughing-stock.

My generation has elected Democrat presidents seven times. Five of those seven have elected or reelected solid Leftists with progressively radical agenda. None has been more wildly socialistic and dismissive of morality and biblical principles than our current occupant of the White House. We are in a cultural war for the moral high ground of America, and we are obviously losing. I take some comfort in the current spiritual revival movement we are seeing. Let’s pray for a phenomenal work of God that draws millions to Himself and shakes the souls of government leaders from the oval office to city councils. May my generation bring light to the dark world we have ignored before it’s too late.

“Coincidences” May Be Signaling Nationwide Revival

A host of recent events and trends points to a powerful spiritual transformation ready to sweep across our land. Viewed separately, these intimations might be considered coincidences, but collectively they appear to be orchestrated by God and a prologue to something epic in the near future.

All eyes are on the spontaneous revival at Asbury University. An almost identical phenomenon happened in 1970 on the same campus during a time of historic unrest and ungodliness in America. That event was a major catalyst to the “Jesus Movement” that spread from California across the country and lasted for over a decade. Is it a coincidence that God chose this same venue to do it again at such a low point in our culture?

Eight months ago, Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court. For 50 years, America had allowed over 50 million babies to be aborted under an essentially unrestricted highest federal court ruling. Is it a coincidence that this landmark reversal was a precursor–perhaps a prerequisite–to God’s calling our nation to repentance?

Just a few weeks ago, Damar Hamlin’s tragic injury on the football field brought all the players to their knees in public prayer for his life. Later, ESPN sports analyst, Dan Orlovsky, prayed for Damar on his national TV show. Is it a coincidence that sports teams that have disparaged public prayer for years are now praying openly and giving God glory in interviews?

Hollywood movies have declined sharply in recent months. Fewer film fans have been buying the filth and violence that passes for entertainment. Last year marked the worst year for Hollywood movies at the domestic box office since 1998. Meanwhile, wholesome, family movies, particularly faith-based, are all the buzz. Is it a coincidence that a plethora of well-produced Christian movies are now out-earning most of the big celebrity name releases?

The Chosen has become an icon in the television and box office industry. This series of Jesus’s life has received a 100% critic score and 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. It is now released in 180 countries. Is it a coincidence that one of the most popular shows to ever hit the TV and big screen is a relatively new and unique showcasing of Jesus?

While on the topic of the cinema, a highly anticipated blockbuster movie, Jesus Revolution, will launch in theaters everywhere on February 24. The storyline is the ’70s Jesus Movement. It is predicted to be one of 2023’s top movies. It has been in production for over a year. Is it a coincidence that for months this movie has been scheduled to release just days after unplanned revival broke out at Asbury?

COVID was the worst pandemic in American history. Such epochal diseases are referred to in the Bible as pestilence and were usually elements of God’s wrath on sinful, unrepentant populations. They served to both punish and get people’s attention. They often preceded a humble turning to God for forgiveness. Is it a coincidence that the devastating COVID epidemic in America came just before what may be a national movement back to the Creator?

How many more “coincidences” can you think of? I believe that, if America doesn’t recognize these as not “coincidences” at all but as orchestrated acts of God, we will not survive. Our One True God has perhaps given His chosen people of the 21st century one final opportunity to repent and return to Him. If we fail, we may very well write off this great experiment of our pursuit of happiness with liberty and justice for all.

I welcome your comments.

Is Christian Revival Coming to America Again?

Perpetual worship at Asbury University

On Wednesday, February 8, what started as a typical, regularly scheduled devotional service on the campus of Asbury University ignited into spontaneous worship, confession, repentance and testimonies. The outpouring of God’s Spirit was without expectation or preparation. Could this be the catalyst for nationwide, even worldwide, revival that faithful Christians have been praying for in recent years?

The word is out! Hundreds of curious people a day are visiting the university’s chapel to experience what is happening. Long lines of vehicles are backed up on the highway leading onto the campus. My pastor has joined numerous other pastors from all over the country spending a day or two there personally observing God at work. All are returning to their home churches with the life-changing story of this phenomenon.

Asbury University is a small Christian non-denominational university (1600 students) in Wilmore, Kentucky. One might think that, if God is beginning something new and epic, He would begin it in Washington, D.C., or at the U.N. If He wanted it to sprout from the Christian academic realm, why not at institutions like Liberty or Baylor Universities? I assume He is just being the God of the Bible who almost always chose the smaller, simpler, and weaker things to accomplish the miraculous.

And, this isn’t the first time for God to use Asbury for launching a major movement for His glory. On February 3, 1970, similar revival fires birthed on their campus began to sweep across America during a time of unrest, dissention, and rioting throughout the land. Prayer movements had been going on since the previous October and culminated in a seemingly routine chapel service similar to the current one. It exploded into a Spirit-filled, non-stop revival. Over the next few months, students sent over 2000 witnessing teams across the country to other schools, churches, and communities sharing the gospel of Christ. Many credited this happening as starting, or at least boosting, the “Jesus Movement” of the 1970s which spread like wildfire throughout North America, Europe, and Central America.

The Bible says God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He blessed His chosen people, Israel, beyond measure. When they turned from Him, they incurred His jealous wrath. When they repented, His Spirit moved powerfully in their midst bringing immeasurable blessings again. This spiritual cycle has been repeated in America’s history with the same results. Our country has been blessed more abundantly than any country in history. Yet we have turned from Him as evidenced clearly by today’s modern sinful culture. I believe the COVID pandemic was probably an element of God’s wrath on America and the rest of the world for our unfaithfulness. Could the Spirit’s work at Asbury be the seed of repentance and renewed dependence on God that will draw the hearts of America and beyond back to Him as Savior and Lord?

I honestly didn’t expect to see this in my lifetime, but I am repenting for my lack of faith and praying earnestly and often for God to cover our nation and world with the overflow of His work at Asbury. I urge you to do the same. God’s Word says His Spirit will not always strive with man. This may very well be our last chance.

What a Stark Contrast in Vision for America!

The State of the Union displayed the most striking disparity between two philosophies of government and leadership that I have seen in my lifetime. President Biden once again rejected the opportunity to unify the nation choosing instead to regurgitate his socialist agenda of government overreach, unrestricted spending, false claims, blame-casting, and cultural depravity. Governor Sanders’ rebuttal, on the other hand, countered with a positive appeal for individual freedom, compassionate leadership, priority on families, government restraint, and traditional values. Let’s look further into this stark contrast.

Biden packed a lot into the brutal 73-minute speech, but integrity was hard to find. The media are conflicted on how many lies were told, but there was an abundance of whoppers. The audience erupted in combined laughter and boos when he accused Republicans of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare. Then there was the prognosis that we may need fossil fuels “for at least another decade” (more laughter). Eyes rolled when he repeated the falsehood that he inherited a bad economy and led a remarkable economic recovery. He continued his insistence that he reduced the budget deficit by $1.4 trillion. But he failed to mention that he had at the same time increased the national debt by $4.2 trillion–more than in any other two-year period in the nation’s history. Oh, and he blamed Congress for the border crisis. These are just a small sampling of the litany of fabrications he continues to foist on Americans. All this was frequently interspersed with his yelling, finger-pointing, arm-waving, slurred speech, and wrong word choices.

Regardless of party affiliation, most Americans are disappointed, disgruntled, and dejected by the actual state of our union as indicated by recent polls. Biden’s speech did much to worsen that condition. It was deceptive, divisive, and disheartening. America was looking for a reason for hope. They got a reason for hopelessness.

Enter, the refreshing, upbeat, and youthful counterpoint by Governor Sanders. She contrasted the mindset of typical Americans with that of the Administration and likened it to the difference in “normal and crazy.” She called for the return of traditional family values, less government intervention, sensible spending, and a more secure society, especially for our children. Sanders decried the liberal woke faction as being far outside of mainstream America and needing to be stopped. She touted moving toward younger leadership with fresh ideas for advancing our nation. I heard one pundit comparing the two speakers say, “She is half his age and twice as smart.”

I am pumped about Arkansas’ new governor. She is going to be an icon for conservatism. She may be America’s Esther “for such a time as this.” I hope she stays with the Natural State for the two-term, eight-year limit, then runs for president. That would mean her announcing her candidacy in 2032 at the relatively young age of 49. Let’s pray for Biden relief in 2024 with a strong two-term Republican followed by a two-term Republican woman in the White House.

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