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Will There Be a Third President Bush?

With the passing of one of America’s most loved presidents, George H. W. Bush, the question lingers: will there ever be another Bush in the White House? Since Jeb dropped out of the campaign for a potential trifecta in February, 2016, most pundits see no such Bush in the wings. However, in a recent interview, […]

Know Your Supreme Court

The next year of Supreme Court action will have a profound impact on America and every citizen. Critical issues decided will include immigration, presidential power, first and second amendment rights, states rights, human rights, voting rights, impeachment, and the list goes on. Plus, we may very well see yet another Justice appointment. Ideology of individual […]

Test Your Knowledge of Thanksgiving

Even with all the chaos and evil around us, we have so much to be thankful for in America today. We should thank the Lord every day for the goodness, beauty, and love we are blessed to experience. As we observe the national holiday of Thanksgiving, let us be grateful for what we have above […]

These Final Years of the Greatest Generation

Every Veterans Day, I am asked to speak at two local assisted living facilities. I interview a couple of veteran residents who fought in World War II, and I tell of their experiences in the public gathering of other residents and their families. This is always humbling as I remind myself that these courageous men […]

Why the Hate and Violence Should Not Be Perplexing

Never before has America been hammered by such domestic hate and violence on a daily basis. We could blame it on the liberals reacting in desperation over losing their momentum in the socialization of the nation. We could blame it on the President’s malicious rhetoric. But, the real cause is the abandonment of spiritual sensitivity […]

The Remedy for America

When God created man, He ordained three institutions, and only three, as essential foundations to sustaining mankind’s survival and ensuring mankind’s joy during life on earth. Those institutions, prominent throughout the Bible, are: the family, the church, and the government. When they are honored, nurtured, and protected, societies prosper. When they are dismissed, neglected, and […]

The Lowest Low in American Politics Just Happened

I have thought many times over the past year that our political landscape couldn’t get any worse. Every time I was wrong–it got worse. The past week has been the worst yet. I never thought I would see America’s top liberal leaders stoop so low. Now, a Republican Senator has given the Democrats another week […]

Is Gambling Innocent Recreation?

Gambling in America has reached epidemic proportions. The American Gaming Association reports Americans spent $261 billion on gambling in 2017, up $25 billion, or 9.5%, since 2014. Gambling addiction obviously increases with gambling opportunities. So what is the sense of more states legalizing casinos and the Supreme Court opening up sports gambling? Casino revenues in […]

Post-Blue-Wave America

The historical shift away from the President’s party in midterm congressional elections will happen eight weeks from now if conservatives don’t storm the voting booths in record numbers. It’s all about turnout, and the liberals are building momentum. If conservatives fail to uncharacteristically overwhelm the polls, here is what post-blue-wave America will look like: The […]

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