We Are Facing an Economic Meltdown

The Shrinking Dollar

The ill-conceived agenda of President Biden and the Democratic controlled Congress is extremely harmful to America in almost every respect. Probably the worst injury from the first nine months of radically liberal government actions has been the assault on the nation’s economy. The drastic cuts in domestic oil production, excessive unemployment pay, spiraling government debt, and the proposed largest socialist spending package in history have combined to raise the inflation rate to a level not seen since 1990.

I was an associate professor of economics at the college graduate school level for 11 years. The Biden Administration’s economic advisors in Washington are surely smarter than I am at keeping our nation’s economy in balance. It doesn’t really take much understanding of the basic concepts of economics to realize you can’t constrain essential production, pay people to not work, and borrow trillions of dollars to give more entitlements to people and expect the economy to thrive. The economists advising the Democrats are obviously focused on political maneuvering rather than fundamental economic principles.

Compared to a year ago, prices of gasoline and other oil products are up over 40% at a seven-year high due to shortages, food is up 4.6%, housing costs have risen 18.6%, and used car prices have soared 45% because of new car prices and shortages. These rapidly increasing rates of inflation point to the nightmarish decade of the 70’s when inflation hit 13%. The current jammed up supply chain is the direct result of inflation and labor shortages. The only thing that stops inflation is the reversal of what caused it. In the present case, swift and aggressive easing of production constraints, removing the disincentives for work, capping the debt ceiling, and stopping the massive, socialism spending bills are absolutely necessary.

Another basic economic principle has to be understood by all Americans. “Tax the rich and corporations” is a fairy tale. Those taxes are just passed along to the consuming middle class and poor in price increases. Price increases are the same as taxes–they take money from the consumer. Inflation is always harder on the poor than the middle class and wealthy, because the poor only buy essentials. So, Biden’s mantra about taxing the rich for the socialist spending is deceptive and ludicrous.

In my opinion, the best action America can take right now to save our economy is to open the Keystone XL pipeline and take the constraints off oil drilling and production, remove disincentives and provide incentives for everyone to go back to work, cap the debt ceiling, and stop, not just reduce, the so-called “Build Back Better” reconciliation spending bill. The bi-partisan Infrastructure bill should also be reduced significantly, taking out all the pork that doesn’t include construction of roads, bridges, rails, and ports. Yes, that is a huge commitment. I guess we’ll see how much backbone our conservatives in Washington have. They know the remedy for inflation, but will they fight for it?

Never underestimate the importance of communicating with your senators and representative. It’s easy. Just google their names, go to their websites, and tell them what you want. In this case, tell them to end work disincentives, cap the national debt, and vote against the unthinkable socialist reconciliation bill–at any amount. Please do that immediately. They work for you.

My Signed Book Now Available from Personal Inventory

Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command

When Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command was released last March, I purchased several personal books from the publisher for anticipated signing events and group presentations. Due to COVID, there have been few opportunities for such events. Therefore, I have decided to make signed copies of these books available for direct purchase as long as supplies last. These would be perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasions.

I will pen a personal note and sign a book for you or any of your friends or family, then ship it directly to you or them. This could solve your whole Christmas list! The unique novel will not only provide an exciting and informative reading experience, but will also deliver an influential and challenging Christian message. It combines the authentic biblical story of the prophet Daniel with thoroughly researched secular history, lessons in leadership and courage, and insights into end-times prophecies.

If you would like to have a book or books shipped to you or someone else, Please send a personal check for $24.50 ($18.99 + $5.51 taxes and shipping) to: Bounty Publishers, 102 Farr Shores Cove, Hot Springs, AR 71913. Include a note to me with the name of the person to receive the book and anything you might want me to mention in my note to them penned on the first page.

If you live in or near Hot Springs, AR, I would be happy to meet you somewhere mutually convenient and avoid the shipping cost. The cost without shipping is $20.50 ($18.99 + $1.51) in cash or check (I am not equipped for credit card or online payment). Just go to my Contact page at http://www.terrythompson.org for contact information and email, text, or call me.

I look forward to getting my signed book into your hands or the hands of someone you care about. Don’t delay. Order it now.

Your Daughters and Granddaughters are About to be Subjected to the Draft

Women in the Army

Do you know that a few days ago, the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which included the requirement for all women to register for the military draft? It is scary what Congress can sneak in to a major bill under the radar, especially when the nation is wrestling over critical issues like COVID, Afghanistan, and multi-trillion dollar socialist spending. Here is what happened.

Although American women have not ever been subject to military draft in the history of our nation, the liberal “woke” Democrats saw this year as a rare opportunity to underhandedly slip the legislation in to the already controversial NDAA. The House voted 316-113, including 135 Republicans voting “for,” to require young women to register with the Selective Service for a potential military draft. Since Vietnam, we have successfully defended our nation with an all-volunteer force with no draft needed. However, all able-bodied men over 18 are still required by law to sign up for the draft in case it would be needed in a national emergency. If this bill passes and is signed into law, all Americans, men and women, will have to sign up even though there is absolutely no military necessity for it to apply to both sexes.

Several studies have shown that a mixed-gender force is less capable than an all-male force. The studies also show that, during a national emergency, we could double the size of our armed forces to five million servicemembers which would require only 2.5% of the male population. Women should not be required to enlist ahead of able-bodied men. Since Vietnam, both men and women have voluntarily served in our armed forces honorably. But when it comes to compulsory emergency military combat service, there is great military advantage in a male dominant frontline force.

The concept of women’s equality is not owned exclusively by liberals. Equality for women should be the goal of every individual and government organization. But equality should be assured within the framework of physiological and sociological realities. It is both biblical and practical that men were created to be their society’s primary defenders. I believe that an able-bodied man remaining safely behind the lines of battle while a woman risks her life on the front lines is an anathema to God. It certainly is to me. Yet a random draft of both sexes would mean just that. Many women would be sent to the front lines before many men. That is un-American, un-Christian, and unconscionable in my view.

The NDAA in now in the Senate having been passed by the House. The Senate will pass their own version, then the two chambers will reach a unified conclusion in a conference committee. So, both of your senators and your representative will vote on this bill in the coming days. I urge you to tell your senators and representative to take the military draft of women provision out of the NDAA. Simply go to their websites and leave your message. While you’re at it, tell them to vote against the entire $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill being fought over right now. Tell them to NOT accept a compromise for a lesser amount!

When Washington looks more like a demolition derby than the seat of government for the greatest nation in history, we must interject ourselves. They work for us!

Biden’s Trillions

4 1/2 Trillion Black Hole

This week, Congress’s main focus will be on the unprecedented infrastructure and social welfare spending bills. Together, these bills would cost over $4.5 trillion. Unless this spending plan is cut way back, it will devastate our economy and heavily impact the personal budget of every American. Let’s take a factual look at what we would be getting and how it would impact your life.

One trillion dollars alone is an amount that is very hard for the mind to comprehend. One trillion ants would weigh 3,000 tons. One trillion stacked pennies would make a tower reaching 870,000 miles high or almost four times the distance to the moon. One trillion seconds would be 31,688 years. And the Biden Administration’s plan is 4 1/2 times these examples.

Don’t take the bait that this spending would be paid for by taxing the rich and corporations. Taxes don’t take money from the rich and corporations. The rich and corporations just pass the tax expenses to the consumers through price increases and lower wages. The most affected victims of higher taxes are the poorest Americans. Ultimately, that $4.5 trillion will cost each man, women, and child about $13,600. That is $54,400 for a family of four.

And what are we getting for that? Although, there are a lot of pork and pet projects–like a study to improve the Kennedy Center–in the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, roads, bridges, and ports would be getting much needed upgrades. On the other hand, the $3.5 trillion American Families Plan is a massive social entitlements give-away scheme. It includes free pre-K; free community college; 12 weeks of family leave; lowering the age of Medicare availability and adding dental, vision, and hearing coverage; lowering drug costs; climate change fines and restrictions; increased housing subsidies; green cards for millions of migrant workers; and much more “free stuff” that is not the purpose of the federal government to fund.

“But wait!” As the cheesy TV ads shout, “There’s more!” Several studies and analyses have concluded that the real cost of these socialist spending proposals is over $5.5 trillion. There seem to be many hidden costs that are not factored into the publicized estimate.

The Democratic Senate is determined to avoid the filibuster in voting on this historical spending by using the procedural “trick” of budget reconciliation which is not designed for this kind of legislation.

This proposed additional spending is after already spending $5 trillion on the nation’s COVID relief and stimulus. It will add to the already bloated $29 trillion national debt which is placing America on the cusp of bankruptcy. Right now, what Congress should be looking at is a strategic pause on this legislation. What if COVID mutations continue? What if the current inflation trend accelerates into a serious recession? What if we have another major terrorist attack or international conflict? America is in a perilous period right now because of many challenges. This is not the time to rush into the biggest spending spree in the country’s history.

If you have not done so, contact your Congressman and Senators now urging them to vote against this fiscal insanity.

Why Gen. Milley’s Alleged China Call Is a Big Deal

CJCS General Mark Milley

This past week, America’s highest ranking military officer was accused of something many people might view as inconsequential. But, if true, it would be the worst breach of military discipline since Gen. Douglas MacArthur was fired by President Truman for defying his orders in the Korean War. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), Gen. Mark Milley, apparently twice undermined Present Trump, blatantly violating the strict military chain of command and ignoring the sacrosanct concept of civilian control of the military. Let’s unpack some details of why this alleged action is a big deal and possibly a serious crime.

According to the soon-to-be-released book, Peril, by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Gen. Milley made two phone calls to his counterpart, Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army of Communist China. The first call was said to have occurred last October assuring Gen. Li that, “We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic (active) operations against you.” Supposedly, Gen. Milley thought China was worried that, if Trump lost the election, he might launch a nuclear or conventional attack in retaliation. Then two days after the January 6th confrontation at the Capitol, Gen. Milley reportedly again called Gen. Li to allay any Chinese fears that the U.S. was in chaos with an unstable president. According to the book, Milley told Li he would warn him if the U.S. was planning to attack China. After that call, Milley supposedly asked his senior officials to swear on oath that he would be involved if Trump gave an order to launch nuclear weapons. These actions would have been tantamount to Milley’s assuming the role of president.

Before being commissioned as an Air Force officer, I learned in ROTC all about civilian control of the military–a crucial concept that goes back as far as the Roman Empire. Later in my 24-year career including three major professional military schools, I was immersed in the foundational concepts of military subordination to the civil government and the rigid chain of command. By the time Gen. Milley was nominated to be the CJCS with over 40 years of military service, believe me, he understood his limited authority and chain of command restrictions very clearly. The graphic below is a simplified depiction of how the military is constitutionally and legislatively organized to ensure oversight by the president and his civilian staff. This is how American citizens ultimately control the military through elections ensuring the military can never control the citizens.

The Military Chain of Command

The ultimate authority over the military rests with the president and is exercised through the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF). Operational control over the use of armed forces is through military unified commanders assigned regionally and functionally. There are seven regional unified commanders covering every area of the world and four functional unified commanders. These commanders control all multi-service personal and weapons systems assigned to them. They are directly responsible to the president through the SECDEF. The military service departments (actually six in number) also operate under the president and SECDEF as they man, train, and equip forces provided to the unified commands. The four-star chiefs of the services have additional roles as the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). In that role, their chairman, nominated by the president, rotates among the services. So what role does the JCS and CJCS play in the operational chain of command? None! The JCS is in an advisory role to the president and the National Security Council (NSC) as illustrated above by the dotted lines as opposed to the solid lines. As the principal military advisor to the president and NSC, the CJCS is the senior officer in the military. But the CJCS is subservient to the president and SECDEF and has no operational command or authority. No military person, not even those in the chain of command, has the authority to talk operational options with the enemy. Any such conversations are constitutionally reserved for the president and perhaps some delegated civilian cabinet members.

If Woodward and Costa’s book is correct, Gen. Milley, with no authority to do so, and circumventing President Trump, discussed with Gen. Li what the U.S. was going to do and not going to do militarily to China, this act borders on treason. Then, if he promised to warn this enemy, China, if there were ever going to be an attack, that is undoubtedly treason. Finally, asking his senior leaders to swear to tell him if Trump was planning to launch a nuclear attack, although a ludicrous request showing a neurotic paranoia, is military insubordination of the highest order necessitating a court martial.

When this was first reported, I was convinced it was such a far-fetched story, it must be something hyped up to sell the book. However, in subsequent days, there have been few denials expressed. The White House has only responded that the president still has “great confidence” in Milley. The Democrats are passing it off as not unlike any other routine communication between the CJSC and his counterparts. Milley, himself, said these phone calls were, “perfectly within the duties and responsibilities” of his job. This convinces me that the allegations are true. And it is not routine and responsible communication for any four-star general to give an enemy counterpart information that is classified by any assessment and limited to lines of communication between the president and other heads of state.

Sadly, this incident fits perfectly with the degenerate trend in the morals and ethics of our government. Both Milley and SECDEF, Lloyd Austin, have been focusing more on Critical Race Theory and “wokeness” in the military than on readiness to defend this nation. They are both like-minded in their hatred of Trump as they play liberal politics in their government realm that is supposed to be the least political.

If these accusations prove to be as recorded by Woodward and Costa, Gen. Milley must be fired by President Biden, then face the same disciplinary action that any sergeant, captain, or other general would face. Of course, only the president could convene a court-martial of the highest ranking officer. What are the odds of that?

September 11, 2001: the Tragedy and the Missed Opportunity

The World Trade Center Towers at the second aircraft attack

I was 54 years old. I had served my country in the military for 24 years. In shock, and with eyes glued to the television all day, I became very angry when learning it was a terrorist attack. The worst blow to our nation in my lifetime left me craving revenge and wondering how we had let this happen. In a few hours, with a semblance of composure, my mind began to shift from the tragic death of almost 3,000 people to what the American response would be. I began to see a potential silver lining to all the bloodshed. This could set our country on a pursuit of renewed patriotism. It could restore the national unity that had been waning. It could turn American hearts back to God.

For over 30 years, America had been in decline morally and spiritually. Family values were being set aside and divorces were becoming as common as marriages. Homosexual activity was becoming shameless and even popular with the establishment of a gay pride month of parades and celebrations. Abortions had become rampant with the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade. American colleges were trending toward cultural liberalism with some actually advocating socialism. America was in dire need of revival and restoration. It was against this backdrop that 19 foreign men commandeered four commercial airliners and carried out the unthinkable orchestrated by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

For some months following, America demonstrated a solidarity that it hadn’t experienced in decades. Almost all the socialist and liberal thinkers were quieted. Church attendance was at an all-time high. Urges for prayer were heard from public places. Patriotism was more widespread than in anyone’s memory. The latest fashions sported reds, whites, and blues. Congress was more bipartisan toward unleashing the commander-in-chief and the military to do whatever it took to ensure the security of the United States. Citizens were accepting of inconveniences and encroachments on their freedoms in order to reduce vulnerability to terrorists. There seemed to be a rebirth of what had made America great and a determination to merge back into alignment with faith in God and the values of our founding fathers. But that rebirth was short-lived.

The next 20 years saw an exponential decline in the moral and spiritual character of our nation. With sadness of heart, I watched American cultural norms plummet as family priorities gave way to pursuit of careers, wealth, and pleasures. Church involvement and spiritual development were ignored. Infatuation with sexual identity was encouraged, even in our children. Abortion became more pervasive taking on radical support. Divisiveness was stoked by the “woke” movement, cancel culture, the racist mindset, and political partisanship. Lawlessness, from theft to drug use to homicides to the anti-police movement, paralyzed major cities.

Our political and military leadership has also failed us. Not only have our leaders contributed to the moral and spiritual dearth through their actions and inactions, but they have lost much of the nation’s global power and influence. Our allies trust us less, and our enemies fear us less than they did 20 years ago. The federal government has been fiscally irresponsible spending us into the verge of bankruptcy. The most formidable military in the history of mankind has become seemingly more interested in social experimentation than in defending our freedoms and keeping us secure.

As I memorialize and meditate on this profound anniversary, I will be remembering those innocent victims of the demonic terrorists and the heroic first responders. I will recall the subsequent unification and patriotism of all Americans resolved to become stronger and more godly as a nation. But I will also be concentrating on how we missed the opportunity for that to be a lasting resolve. I will be thinking about my grandchildren’s future study of September 11, 2001, and my generation’s response to it. I’m afraid it will be seen as an opportunity missed to set a new and better direction for their America.

Will God give us another chance to repent as a nation and correct our moral, spiritual, and political failings? Will we still have the opportunity to preserve the America of yesterday for our progeny of tomorrow? I guess that depends on who we decide to be as a people. Let us start by praying for our nation and its leaders.

American Voters’ Worst Mistake Ever

President Biden and an oil drilling operation

I believe many American voters made their worst mistake ever last November. During his seven months in office, President Biden has been slothful in public communication and appearances. However, he has been hyperactive in making many critical policy decisions, very few of which have been right for America. The economy: record spending and higher taxes; foreign affairs: kowtowing to China, Russia, Iran, and Europe while ignoring the crisis at our southern border; COVID: spreading like wildfire and unable to get the nation vaccinated; and energy: drastically reducing domestic production, supporting Russian production, and begging OPEC for more oil.

As president, Biden is continuing his legacy of failed policies that have defined his 40-plus years in politics. With our national debt pushing $30 trillion, which is about $86,000 owed by every man, woman, and child, Biden is bent on forcing on us a bill for record social spending of $3.5 trillion after his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. Every baby born today owes $86,000 for debt incurred from the selfish spending habits of his or her parents and grandparents. Biden wants to increase that debt like never before. And the Senate Budget Committee chairman who will ramrod the spending is none other than the self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders!

After four years of concessions from China, Russia containment, Iran forced to curb its nuclear program, and Europe beginning to pay for its own defense, Biden reversed almost all of America’s hard-fought gains within a month after inauguration. His open border policy ordered within hours of his swearing in has resulted in a 20-year high in numbers of illegal immigrants invading our southern border, thousands with COVID. Now it looks like his precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan handed the entire country over to the Taliban in a matter of days–the country for which our young troops fought and died over 20 years of war.

We are 18 months into the COVID pandemic, and the Trump administration’s record vaccine development has yet to be received by tens-of-millions of Americans. Less than 60% of those eligible have been fully vaccinated. Instead of promoting the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, the Biden administration’s strategy has been to bully those with doubts and threaten mandates. This has caused a major distrust in the government and all manner of conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, 620,000 Americans have died from the virus.

Probably the worst long-term impact of President Biden’s failures is his energy policies. The impact is not just the dollar-per-gallon increase at the pump since January. It is also the much higher prices of transporting goods that are passed on to the consumer. It is the higher cost of operating production machinery, It is the necessary cutback in military weapon systems training due to fuel shortages. It is the thousands of oil industry jobs lost. It is the catalyst for economic inflation. In seven months, Biden has shut down America’s Keystone Pipeline and severely restricted domestic oil drilling while supporting Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany and lobbying the Arab nations to increase their oil production for America’s oil needs. In other words, he has halted American oil self-sufficiency, increased Russia’s economy and influence over Germany, and ensured that we pay the Arab nations more for oil than we would pay our own oil companies.

Could a president do much more to weaken a country? The Democratic majority Congress could stop much of this insanity coming out of the executive branch, but they won’t because it fits their socialist agenda to a tee. President Biden has shown clearly that he will always cave to the radical left of his party. Remember that next year. We must elect a conservative congressional majority firewall to protect what has made America the greatest country in the history of mankind–God’s favor, freedom, democracy, and capitalism.

If you agree, please share.

COVID Thriving on Mistrust of Bureaucracy

Biden, Harris, and Fauchi at vaccine commitment signing

It’s not misinformation; it’s mistrust. COVID is thriving in America because Americans don’t trust leadership from the White House, the Congress, the medical elite, and the mainstream media. And why should we? Generally speaking, the bureaucratic leadership of this nation has lied, flip-flopped, schemed, and failed to act to the point of having lost credibility with their people. Today, everything that comes down from the government, health organizations, and mainstream media is instantly rejected by most of the country. If you are wondering why people are not getting vaccinated, not wearing masks, and not avoiding large gatherings, look no further than our government and medical leaders as well as mainstream media who have proven themselves untrustworthy.

Following four years of false accusation of Russian collusion, a baseless impeachment, and Democratic intransigence, President Biden caved to the extreme left with over 60 executive orders in a matter of days. This was after a campaign centered on national unity and being bipartisan. He immediately opened our southern border, then declared it wasn’t open when illegal immigration became an out-of-control crisis and a portal for narcotics, human trafficking, and COVID. Biden has said he was arrested in South Africa, had a full law school scholarship and graduated with three degrees, his helicopter was forced down by Afghan extremists, he was a coal miner, he knew nothing about Hunter’s business dealings, he used to drive an 18-wheeler, and new voter integrity laws are “Jim Crow” voter suppression efforts–all lies. After four years of Trump’s almost weekly, highly transparent press briefings and news conferences, we now rarely see the president open to the press–everything is super secret.

Congress has responded to COVID with numerous laws and proclamations that they don’t obey themselves. Speaker Pelosi rejected the Republicans named to the January 6th Capitol incursion investigation committee because they supported Trump and would ask the hard questions. This now partisan committee was deemed essential to get to the bottom of the January 6th extreme right incident while last year’s many riots by leftist Antifa and Black Lives Matter get hardly any attention.

The CDC first announced that masks were unnecessary for COVID, then they were necessary, then required, then not needed for those vaccinated, then mandated for even those vaccinated. Dr. Fauchi assured America that COVID originated naturally, and the Wuhan lab source was a far-right conspiracy theory. Then, when the evidence became overwhelming, he decided the lab was the most likely source. Now it looks like his organization may have actually helped fund the lab. The CDC and the surgeon general now urge that small children wear masks in schools. But there is not an official word about the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who are arriving with COVID and being sent all over the country. News media are not allowed to visit the holding facilities for these international criminals.

The left-wing bias of the mainstream news media has little semblance of integrity and credibility and should now be classified as comedy and satire. The problem of misinformation is not social media; it is public television and internet news. Mainstream media is all over the January 6th incursion into the Capitol building where one person was tragically killed by a policeman following a Trump rally. Over 500 participants have been charged. Conversely, the mainstream media barely covered the many 2020 deadly riots by leftists in several major cities with burning buildings, bombings, looting, and take-over of government facilities. Twenty-five people were killed in those anarchist incidents, mostly by the guns of the rioters. America’s angst with left-leaning leadership is manifested in the tanking ratings of liberal CNN compared with conservative Fox News. Fox continues to hold the top position with 1.19 million total day viewers to CNN’s third-place 596,000–an almost two to one advantage in viewer confidence for Fox. Americans distrust liberal news about leftist leaders.

These are just minuscule samplings of the constant bombardment of lies, deceptions, and hypocrisies we are subjected to from our national leadership and media. Volumes could be written on the dishonesty of elected and appointed leaders who determine our fate daily. Then they tell us what to do in response to COVID and wonder why they are getting such push-back. If we had evidenced-based reason to trust our leaders, I believe we would have kicked COVID out of the country months ago. Skepticism and conspiracy theories are not born out of ignorance of the American people. They are born out of mistrust of leaders who have proven themselves untrustworthy.

I have been fully vaccinated and have done my share of mask wearing. I believe if everyone had done so, with their doctor’s approval, we would probably be victorious over COVID now. However, I honor and empathize with those who have chosen not to take the steps I did, and I completely support their right to choose their own health actions. However, I am also totally convinced that, if we had more integrity in our national leadership, most of those who have chosen not to follow their guidance and rules would have been much more inclined to trust and follow them. We Americans must stop the foolishness at the top. As we have witnessed, it can be a matter of life and death. We must think long and hard about who we allow to lead us and who we remove from office. We have the power at the voting booth. Remember all this in next year’s elections.

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