On a recent visit to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons National Parks, I was consumed by reminders of America’s blessings of natural riches beyond any other nation in the world. God’s breathtaking creation of majestic mountains, flowing rivers, crystal lakes, towering trees, and endless fields can’t be fully captured in words or even cameras. As one absorbs the awe of such magnificence, the thought of losing the stewardship of this treasure trove to an enemy nation or to an internal socialist transformation is unthinkable but increasingly plausible.

Similar to God’s selective choosing of a people almost 4,000 years ago to receive a beautiful and productive “Promised Land” in which to settle, I believe the land we call America was God’s gift to those He chose to settle here and to their descendants. America’s abundant natural resources, industrial development, democratic government, and stunning sight-seeing attractions from coast to coast are unique and must be preserved at all costs.

Our national treasures and very way of life came close to being lost in World War II and were frightenly threatened in the Cold War. Now, again, everything we hold dear is vulnerable. China and Russia are collaborating to become a combined superpower that could invade or at least hold sway over America. Our own government is proving itself incapable and incompentent of governing and protecting. Morality and family values are at a historical low, leaving us spiritually weak as well.

We need to look no further than the ancient nation of God’s people, Israel, to see the consequences of our own situation. In the 6th and 7th centuries BC, the chosen people who had been blessed beyond measure were defeated because of their ungodliness, overindulgences, and weaknesses. Why America has not already experienced the same eventuality as Israel can only be attributed to God’s patience and mercy.

The sad and frustrating fact is that the gloomy scenario doesn’t have to digress to this destiny. The obvioius solution is for our nation’s people to turn to God. That involves reading and living out the teachings of the Bible, praying for guidance and forgiveness, and becoming active in church which is God’s plan for serving His Kingdom. Then, we must elect godly government leaders who will follow God’s direction for America and reverse our trend toward socialism.

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