Let’s Put Ryan Binkley on the Debate Stage

Fox News will host the first Republican Primary debate in August at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A criterion for candidates to be on the debate stage is to have 40,000 donors by July. Ryan Binkley is a long-shot presidential candidate from Dallas but is everything Christian conservatives could hope for. Continue reading to see why your donation of just a dollar to his campaign is important in assuring his presence in this essential debate.

In an earlier post, I introduced Ryan Binkley who has officially entered the race for president of the United States. If you are like me, you are very concerned about the direction of our great nation, and you don’t see a candidate you can really get excited about supporting. Although Binkley is unknown nationally at this point, I believe that, if you will take a look at him at http://www.binkley2024.com, you will be extremely impressed. He is currently campaigning aggressively in Iowa, and it is imperative that America see and hear him in the August debate.

After looking over his website, you will probably agree with me that he would meet your every desire for the presidency. But you will likely also conclude that being unknown, being short of funds, and lacking political experience make him a highly disadvantaged candidate. However, I encourage you to not discount the power of our Lord in this. If God wills that he become the solution to our decades of poor leadership, it will happen!

The 40,000 individual donor requirement has nothing to do with donation amount; it is just about numbers of donors. Technically, if all 40,000 donors just donated a dollar, he would qualify for the debate. If you agree that he deserves to at least be included in the initial debate, I urge you to hit the “Donate” button on his website and give $1, $5, or $10. Then, ask others in your household to do the same. It’s not much money to ensure that this godly man gets national exposure. Even if you are convinced that he doesn’t have a chance to be elected, isn’t it worth a couple of bucks to have his Christian voice heard? His debate comments alone could be a powerful message America needs to hear.

Please give this your prayerful consideration. God just may be doing something historic here, so don’t miss out on it. Click on http://www.binkley2024.com. Then click on “Donate.”

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  1. I agree Terry. Ryan Binkley deserves the opportunity to be heard. Donating was quick and easy. It’s worth it. Let’s get him on the stage.

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