The Absurdity of Pride Month

Pride Month is the U.S. government sanctioned, protected, and supported celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex people during each month of June. Most Americans support its purpose and activities. Yet, it is the most controversial, divisive, unbiblical, irrational, and absurd custom that we recognize as a nation.

In June of 1969, a police raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City, started riots and protests throughout the country. The next June saw “gay liberation” marches and protests in most major cities. President Clinton, in 1999, declared each succeeding month of June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. President Obama proclaimed the month to include all of the LGBT community. This month, President Biden called on Americans to “celebrate the great diversity of the American people and to wave their flags of pride high.” Therefore, regardless of how much the practice of deviant sexual behavior offends millions of Americans, our government officially supports not just its recognition but also its legal priority and celebration. With that government cover, those who celebrate the actions of the LBGTQ population are emboldened to expand the limits of our cultural norm each successive year.

Compassion should always be shown toward every human being. But tolerance of immoral behavior should not be shown. Anyone who considers the Bible as the true Word of God cannot deny God’s rejection of sexual deviation from His natural design. He loves every person of every sexual preference, but He despises the “exchange of their natural function for that which is unnatural.” (Romans 1:26) It is a dangerous situation when our nation officially celebrates what God detests.

It is the height of absurdity when anyone’s lifestyle defies biology, science, natural law, and common sense. From the beginning of time, the entire animal kingdom has been given the bodily functions for male and female procreation. We also all possess the physical and spiritual ability to fulfill our natural family roles based on our biological gender. Departure from this universal norm has contributed to the downfall of societies throughout history. In a half-century, our nation has moved dramatically from disapproval to acceptance to often-radical celebration of deviant sexual lifestyles.

There are dozens of things for which America has designated a month to celebrate. Some are trivial (September is Pizza Month), most are worthy (October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month). Only one month promotes pride in controversial, divisive, unbiblical, irrational, and absurd human behavior. I have been somewhat encouraged this month by observing more than usual pushback and counter statements from those feeling pressured to celebrate behavior they oppose. If you choose to challenge the Pride Month messaging this month, please do so peacefully with compassion for the messenger.

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