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Month / August 2016

Why Don’t Other Nations Fear Us Anymore?

America is looking like a wimpy kid on a playground of bullies. Twice in the last two months, Iranian navy speed boats have made close runs on our formidable Navy ships on the open seas of the Persian Gulf. They came within 200 yards of the USS Nitze–close enough that they could have fired guns […]

The Economics of Minimum Wage

From an economics perspective, the establishment of any government mandated minimum wage in a free market economy is indefensible. The labor market will naturally drive wages to where the employer and the employee agree on what the work is worth and how much the worker is willing to work for. As price is determined by […]

A Vote for Trump WAS a Vote for Clinton

The hue and cry of many Trump supporters is “a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for Clinton.” Why didn’t we hear more often in the primary election that “a vote FOR Trump was a vote for Clinton?” While the two parties were voting among their candidates, the RealClear Politics average of several […]

How Does the Electoral College Elect Our President?

  A couple of my earlier posts described the many intricacies of the primary election process. The primary delegate system, which Trump and Sanders described legitimately as “rigged” is much more convoluted than the general election electoral system. However, even in the general election, the voters do not elect the president directly; they elect electors […]

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