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Month / August 2017

The Hurricane: What Everyone Can Do To Help

You yearn to help the thousands of Hurricane Harvey victims who feel helpless and have lost almost everything. But you can’t go to them because you have to work, and you have a family to take care of. Anyway, you couldn’t afford the gas, food, and lodging even if you could break away for a […]

Truman & Eisenhower: Poverty to Power

The lives of Presidents Truman and Eisenhower present inspiring stories of rising above humble beginnings to become powerful, world-changing leaders. Growing up in poverty in the obscure mid-west, they had almost no hope of doing anything of significance. Yet, they led the free world to succeed in the most threatening crises of our nation’s history. […]

The Most Under-reported News Story: Israel

The dominant news stories exploding across our media today have left little room for what is perhaps the most significant conflict on the planet. While America is consumed with the White House, health care, investigations, North Korea, Russia, and Syria, there is a tinderbox of epic proportion that may be about to ignite: the nation […]

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