The Hurricane: What Everyone Can Do To Help

You yearn to help the thousands of Hurricane Harvey victims who feel helpless and have lost almost everything. But you can’t go to them because you have to work, and you have a family to take care of. Anyway, you couldn’t afford the gas, food, and lodging even if you could break away for a few days. However, there are two things much needed that you and everyone else can do.

First, you can pray. Everyone can take a few minutes each day to pray specifically for the relief efforts and the victims. It is impossible to estimate the power of an entire nation focused on praying for one specific need. It would bring order to the chaos, comfort to the hurting, wisdom to the decision-makers, and resources to the recovery work. Don’t depend on others; assume the responsibility yourself.

Second, you can donate money. Many victims have only the clothes they wore escaping the devastation. Those left homeless need food and personal items. The first responders need equipment and supplies. These needs are best supplied by gifts of money distributed by official agencies who know exact needs and can purchase in bulk. Avoid sending “items” such as clothing and food–money is much more efficient. Not being able to afford a large donation is not an excuse. Thousands of people giving $10.00 each provide tens of thousands of dollars.

There are many trustworthy agencies already receiving donations, mostly by internet with credit cards. Most will also take mailed checks. The Red Cross always accepts donations, especially in emergencies like this. Samaritan’s Purse, Franklin Graham’s benevolent operation, receives hurricane relief donations at The Texas Baptist State Convention,, has a hurricane donation link on their website. I am on the Executive Board of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, and we have a similar link on our website, These and many other trusted internet portals offer avenues for giving every dollar directly to the relief efforts. Just be cautious to ensure you’re giving to a legitimate agency. Sadly, disasters like this bring all kinds of scammers out of the woodwork.

The people ultimately benefiting from your donation will never be able to thank you personally. It will be an unconditional, sacrificial gift, which is what a true gift should be. You will be rewarded, but in other ways. But for the grace of God, any of us could be in the same situation as these victims. Some of us will be at some point. Please consider sharing this post, so help will be further-reaching.



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