Is God Trying to Get America’s Attention?

Life is not arbitrary. Everything has purpose. Three consecutive hurricanes, the credible threat of a nuclear attack, government in chaos, and, in the midst of it all, a rare solar eclipse. I’m not a doomsayer, but we have been instructed to watch for signs precisely like these as an indication of what is coming soon. We should not ignore possible meaning in what America has experience over the past few weeks.

No, I’m not going to stand on the street corner with a “The End is Near” sign. But, when I see blinding evidence in a concentrated period of what Jesus said to look for, it gets my attention. In Matthew 24, when asked about signs of the “end of the age,” Jesus referenced wars and rumors of wars, nation against nation, violent hate, natural disasters, and a darkened sun.

Every meteorologist I have heard has called the combined power and timing of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Jose unprecedented. My Air Force career was concentrated on the cold-war nuclear threat of the Soviet Union. However, I didn’t view that threat with nearly the concern I have for the saber rattlings of North Korea and, although less imminent, Iran. Psychopath Kim Jong Un’s missile fly-over of Japan demonstrating the range to hit Guam and ultimately America is frightening. Confidence in our government in these times is almost nil with the President’s flip-flops, incendiary comments, and irrational behavior coupled with the bickering and incompetence of Congress. Then, it’s rather poetic that this enigmatic period was punctuated by a historical solar eclipse over the center of America.

Okay, I know this eclipse was pin-pointed  by astronomers decades ago. But, isn’t it intriguing that something of such biblical significance happened simultaneously with so many other “signs?” It is also interesting to me that the next solar eclipse over America will be in just seven years as opposed to a century since the one previous to this year’s. Are we needing more frequent reminders of the final eclipse that is associated with the second coming of the Lord?

Our imaginations can run wild when aligning current phenomena with biblical prophecies. The Bible is clear that no one on earth can know when all creation as we know it will be transformed. But, the scriptures do instruct us to discern the signs of the times in anticipation of all things being made right in the establishment of Heaven on earth. I have always believed that America was established by the will of God and maintains a special place in His heart. Could He be giving us a personal heads-up for us to get our act together?  What do you think?

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