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Month / May 2017

How Important Is NATO to America?

At his first NATO Summit this week in Brussels, President Trump created considerable controversy as he is wont to do at most official venues. In keeping with his campaign commitment, he took the other 27 heads of state to task for their disproportionately low contributions to the collective defense of the member nations. America has […]

The Mysterious What and How of Impeachment

Unless you’re an outer space alien just landing on planet earth, you’ve been subjected to references of Trump impeachment several times over the past week. The term “impeach” is highly provocative, but refers to an act that would be futile at this point with virtually no chance of happening. Few people really understand it, but […]

Trump’s Religious Liberty Order: Substance or Symbolism?

All of President Trump’s victory claims seem to be too little for conservatives and too much for liberals. This past Thursday, the “repeal and replace” healthcare bill passed the House with many conservatives and liberals crying foul for opposing reasons. On the same day, the president’s Religious Liberty and Free Speech Executive Order didn’t go […]

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