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Month / April 2016

What’s All This About Superdelegates?

My posts have been focusing on the Republican primary race, since that’s where most of the delegate controversy has been residing. But, there are lots of Democrats who are also stroking their chins and going “hmmm” about the strange existence of superdelegates in their nomination process. Party frustration with some former Democratic candidates several years […]

Are Voters Relevant in the Primary Election?

The answer to the title question is….well, yes and no. Since the Republican primary election is getting all the attention this year because of the potential open (contested) convention, and because this is a rather complex topic, I will limit this post to that contest. At the risk of oversimplifying the primary delegate controversy, I […]

Open (Contested) Convention Explained

The result of the Wisconsin primary election almost assures that we will see an open Republican Convention. Hyped by the media for months now as a potential contested or brokered convention, the more appropriate and official name for it is open convention (but you will continue to hear it called contested or brokered). Primary conventions, […]

Election Delegates Explained (Somewhat)

  Choosing the chief executive of the greatest nation in history—the leader of the free world—is surely the most convoluted process in the realm of politics. But, maybe it should be that difficult to select a person to fill this highest position on earth. And, it is we Americans who get the marvelous privilege to […]

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