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Month / January 2018

State of the Union: Time to Choose Sides

Surely every American wants some level of unity, cooperation, and compromise in Washington. Any hope of that happening any time soon was extinguished at the State of the Union address. The two Americas are each firmly rooted and steeled with a deepening line in the sand between them. You can no longer find middle ground. […]

DACA and Government Shutdown: the Real Issue

Now that it’s over, can we please get past the emotions and understand what really drove the government shutdown? Half of our senators put national security and the well-being of 325 million American citizens at risk in a political ploy. The Senate had until at least March 5th to resolve the Deferred Action for Childhood […]

Iran, America, Social Media, and God

The massive protests in Iran are of historic importance, although American news media are more interested in a book of anti-Trump lies and futile investigations. In a nation where Christianity is severely restricted, Iranian Christians are confronting the Islam theocracy with the help of social media. This phenomenon may ultimately resolve the nuclear threat by […]

A Prayer for the New Year

There is no better way to prepare for the new year than to cry out to Almighty God for Him to protect and bless America. Perhaps there is no better example for such a prayer than that of Anne Graham Lotz. I have slightly adapted a prayer of hers for the year we have just […]

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