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Month / January 2017

America’s Cultural Cancer Treatment

Having experienced the ravages of cancer within my family, I clearly see a parallel between the body’s struggle against the deadly disease and America’s struggle against our cultural cancer. The analogy explains much of the public display of resistance by leftists over the past several days. The cultural cancer that has spread for a half-century […]

He’s President, but Don’t Expect Better Behavior

“…so help me God.” And, with the oath of office repeated, we have a new President. I think I am more conflicted about the 45th presidency than I have ever been about anything. I am ecstatic about a Republican White House with a dream team Cabinet and a Republican majority in the House and Senate. […]

It’s Time for Term Limits

The Donald Trump presidency will be the most revolutionary phenomenon in our federal government in many decades. But, that needs to be accompanied now by another revolutionary move–Congressional term limits. I believe term limits would drain the swamp as effectively as anything Trump will do. The time is right, the iron is hot, Republicans have […]

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