He’s President, but Don’t Expect Better Behavior

“…so help me God.” And, with the oath of office repeated, we have a new President. I think I am more conflicted about the 45th presidency than I have ever been about anything. I am ecstatic about a Republican White House with a dream team Cabinet and a Republican majority in the House and Senate. We now have the best opportunity in recent history to reverse the dangerous course in which America is headed. The new President deserves much credit for that. But, my excitement is constrained by his immaturity and character flaws. Our nation’s progress will be accompanied daily by the rolling of our eyes in embarrassment over his juvenile behavior.

At first, his handlers said his antics were just his strategy for the primary campaign. Then when nothing changed in the general campaign, they said he will show us his presidential demeanor if elected. Nothing has changed, and I predict nothing will change. Trump will be Trump. Twitter wars will continue, bullying will abound, spontaneous official statements that have to be walked back will not cease, and his ego will not be contained (how many times can he say “I” in one sentence?).

I sincerely believe that our new President has a heart for America and truly wants to lead rightfully. His inaugural speech was genuine. He has assembled an awesome team of advisors and seems to be willing to listen to them. I expect he will get a lot of good things done with the help of Congress. Overall, I’m bullish on America after eight years of weak leadership and will pray for his success. I just wish I could respect him more as a person. I wish I didn’t feel the need to apologize for his behavior to everyone from our allies to my grandchildren.

In one of my best jobs in the Air Force, I had very little respect for my commander for a number of reasons. I succeeded in that position only through doing my job well, taking pride in the accomplishments of the organization, and being respectful to my unrespectable boss.  I think that is how I will choose to accept this presidency for the next four or eight years. I will support my government leaders in Congress and the Cabinet and just surrender to the fact that Trump is always going to be Trump. I will look for nuggets of praiseworthy actions from the White House, but will try to ignore his unsavory behavior.

I will also be ever so thankful that at least we don’t have to wake up every morning to a third Obama term with Hillary Clinton as our President.

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  1. Terry, your words are eloquent and true. I believe they reflect the hopes and concerns of millions of us. Thank you.

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