America’s Cultural Cancer Treatment

Having experienced the ravages of cancer within my family, I clearly see a parallel between the body’s struggle against the deadly disease and America’s struggle against our cultural cancer. The analogy explains much of the public display of resistance by leftists over the past several days. The cultural cancer that has spread for a half-century is suddenly being aggressively treated by a revolutionary counter-attack. And the cancer is fighting back in desperation.

Cancer typically starts in a body somehow weakened in its ability to reject harmful intrusions. Growing errant cells or tumors go unnoticed, often for years, as the body becomes accepting of them. Eventually, the damage the cancer is inflicting disrupts the body’s systems. The cancer causes pain and dysfunction requiring drastic measures to eradicate it. Aggressive chemotherapy and radiation, as well as major surgery, are usually necessary.

Over several years, America has been the victim of an insidious cultural cancer eating away at our moral center. Its destructive growth has been relatively unnoticed or at least unchallenged. God was ostracized, abortion was legalized, homosexuality was normalized, illegal immigration was rationalized , drug use was patronized, obscenity was popularized, entitlement dependency was legitimized, and gay marriage was authorized. This cancer became so devastating to our nation that it finally reached a tipping point this past year. The body of America–the sleeping giant–has awakened to demand aggressive treatment, hopefully before the disease is terminal. The treatment is in the form of a newly elected conservative government bent on reversing years of this cultural cancer that has grown virtually unchecked.

A cancer that has flourished in an accepting body for a long time will not die without a ferocious fight. After metastasizing rather peacefully, it will resist sudden treatment furiously. Cancer treatment is a war between the cancer and the remedy. Likewise, America’s cultural cancer has freely damaged our society for so long it is in sheer panic over the surprise counter-attack. It is defending its occupied territory with a vengeance in sometimes bizarre ways. We are seeing this in street rioters, vulgar protesters, convulsing celebrities, and irrational news media.

If treated soon enough, cancer can more often than not be forced into remission. Let us pray that the treatment for America’s cultural cancer has not come too late. Pray that our newly elected majority government will be as aggressive as necessary in the healing of our nation. Cancer treatment always comes at a great price and with some suffering. May we be willing to pay that price and suffer as necessary. Otherwise, we will lose this great country.

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