We Must Recognize the Democratic Party for What It Is

I have disagreed with the Democrat party for years, but have tried to accept it as a legitimate alternative voice in our government. However, I can no longer stomach its determined pursuit of socialism, devaluation of life, disdain for biblical truth, disruption of family, and disregard for civil order. The party has institutionalized evil. I am uncomfortable using that word, but darkness can only be overcome by light.

I first realized the Democrats’ blatant secularism during the 2012 Democratic convention when the DNC chairman proposed to reinsert the word “God” into the Democratic Platform. The chairman attempted three voice votes from the floor, and each time the vote was overwhelmingly against including “God.” The chairman finally ignored the obvious nay votes from the majority and declared the proposal as passed. The convention floor roared with shouts of anger. Now this week we learned that a key Democratic House committee has drafted new rules for the swearing in of investigation witnesses that leave out “so help me God.”

The character of a nation is largely defined by its spiritual awareness reflected in its politics. America is polarized between two philosophies of life or world views–Republican and Democratic. The Republican party is far from perfect and certainly has its share of moral lapses and wayward players. But as an institution, it generally holds to the biblical principles of freedom, peace, moderation, free market, patriotism, law and order, sanctity of life, and traditional family.

Conversely, the Democratic party has a history of promoting bondage, anarchy, extremism, socialism, rebellion, lawlessness, abortion, and LGBT activism. Although these characteristics of the party were evident as far back as the Kennedy era, they have become much more predominant in recent years. Just in the last decade, under President Obama, gay marriage became law, wealth was forcefully redistributed, our military served as the laboratory for radical social experiments, law enforcement was demonized, and thousands violently rioted in the streets over a legitimate election. Democratic obsession with so-called gender dysphoria created rampant confusion in children and young adults.

Many ungodly cultural shifts are being fostered through the liberal-leaning courts. The majority of current federal judges were appointed by Presidents Obama or Clinton, and the Senate Democrats are obstructing the confirmation of President Trump’s judicial appointments. The confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh was a shameful spectacle of demonic-like behavior and contempt for law and order by Democrats on the Judicial Committee.

Just in the last few months, the mostly Democratic news media have made a celebrity of a socialist activist elected to the House of Representatives. Other newly elected Democratic Representatives spewed obscene hostilities against the President publicly. The early announcers for the 2020 presidential campaign are the most radically liberal candidates ever, making Bernie and Hillary seem angelic in comparison.

The Democratic personification of evil is not just in Washington. Hollywood, Broadway, and Nashville stars give us a daily dose of obscene hate speech against rightfully elected government officials. Some have threatened bodily harm or death. Almost all of these miscreants proudly claim allegiance to the Democratic party.

The five highest crime-rate cities in America–Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, and Birmingham–all have a long history of Democratic mayors. America’s highest poverty levels are almost all in cities led by Democrats. Again, leadership depravity results in the darkest environments.

These examples barely scratch the surface of Democratic iniquities. However, in my opinion, the epitome of evil acts by Democrats was the New York Assembly’s late-term abortion bill enacted just last week. New York joined seven other states, all with Democratic governments, in legalizing abortions up to the moment of birth. The assembly celebrated by standing ovation, and the governor lit up the new World Trade Center in honor of the “victory.” This law means a mother can go into labor and then decide to kill the baby just before delivery. Of course, that is no more despicable than a first trimester abortion, but it would have to require more emotional and spiritual numbness on the part of the mother and the abortionist. What possible sense does it make that, if a baby were born at 4:35, willfully killing him or her at 4:36 would be capital murder, but willfully killing him or her at 4:34 would have been perfectly legal and even applauded by many? New York’s legislature is 71% Democratic.

I believe many silent Americans see the lunacy in the Democrat party, but are afraid of being labeled politically incorrect. They are mesmerized by the liberal media’s promotion of the Democratic world view and fear being rejected by their peers. The heart of America is crying out for courageous men and women to stand up and be counted among those who truly love our country and who will fight to preserve all that is right, just, and good.

In labeling the Democratic party evil, I have had a few friends respond that some Democrats are moderate and do not agree with all of the party’s philosophy and platform. My retort is, if one identifies with any organization, he or she is supporting that organization’s values and principles. I believe the Democratic party has institutionalized evil and is destroying America from within. It is becoming the nation’s worst enemy. Democrats should be loved unconditionally as precious fellow men and women, but recognized for who they are and called out accordingly. There is a cultural war in America, and the battle is at the ballot box, not in violent reaction. We need to pray that America will come together in a spirit of civility recognizing our roots and faith that made us the greatest country in history. As for my fellow citizens associated with the Democratic party, I urge you to choose this day whom you will serve.






Among America’s Best, but Least Known, Theaters: Sight and Sound

Ranked as the top faith-based live theaters in America, Sight and Sound Theatres are in two locations: Strasburg, Pennsylvania, and Branson, Missouri. With combined annual sales of over 1.3 million tickets, these entertainment jewels are still unknown to most Americans. My wife, Linda, and I have experienced every production in Branson. We highly recommend both theaters. Here is a bit more about them and their rather short but amazing history.

Glenn Eshelman (below left) grew up on a farm in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Infatuated with the beauty of creation, he began painting landscapes as a boy. This passion expanded to photography in his teen years. After marrying Shirley (right), he sold his artwork out of the trunk of his car. In 1964, he began presenting his narrated photography slide show in churches across the country. Although responses were overwhelmingly positive, the travel became a burden. The couple set up Living Waters Theatre in 1976 in Strasburg, near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for the nightly presentation of their slide show. In 1987, they transitioned to live stage production of Bible stories and opened The Entertainment Centre in 1991. These shows received rave reviews until 1997 when their theater burned to the ground. Devastated, they prayed for guidance, and God led them to rebuild, this time a 2,000 seat, state-of-the-art theater with a 300-foot wrap-around stage four stories high. By the early 2000’s, sell-out crowds convinced the Eshelmans to expand to a second location. Hot Springs, Arkansas, was among the few cities considered. Branson, Missouri was chosen.

In 2008, Branson’s new Sight and Sound Theatre opened with the initial production of Noah. Multiple levels of live and mechanical animals encircled the audience. Live animals on the main stage, very talented performers, and phenomenal stage settings made this a “must see” performance. Since then, Branson has hosted two-year stints of Joseph, Jonah, Moses, and Samson. Samson continues its second year this March. The Strasburg theater has produced these same shows plus Daniel, Ruth, Jesus, and is beginning this year with Esther. Between productions, the biennial performance of The Miracle of Christmas is presented in November and December at both theaters. I’m amazed that almost every matinee and evening show enjoys a sell-out audience for the nearly two year run. All productions use impressive special effects, live animals, and quick-change stage sets that will blow you away. The Bible stories are embellished with fictional portrayals, but the spiritual inspiration is always present. The gospel is communicated very effectively. I believe it’s as entertaining as anything you will see on Broadway.

The Eshelmans have recently passed the baton to their two sons-in-law. Matt Neff (below right) is now CEO, and Josh Enck (below left) is now president. These new leaders complement each other perfectly with Matt being more administrative and Josh being more creative. They have wasted no time in improving the company by adding personnel to ensure shorter production cycles and greater technology in special effects and sets. They both are passionate about maintaining the priority of glorifying God through their mission of bringing Bible stories to life on stage.

I encourage everyone to make a commitment to never miss a Sight and Sound production. It is a destination attraction well worth the trip. Tickets are around $50 each, and some hotels offer package deals on accommodations and tickets. Click here to learn more about show times and tickets. You’ll thank me later.

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Immigration Standoff: All Politics, No Logic from the Liberals

The government is at a showdown. Both sides claim to support increased border security. The Democrats just a few years ago advocated $25 billion to fund it including $8 billion for the wall. Somehow, now that the President wants some kind of barrier, it is immoral and ineffective. The American family household is perfectly analogous to the country when it comes to neighborly benevolence and security. Here is a brief comparison.

The character of America is a conglomeration of the character of 126 million households. Almost all of those households have a heart for others–family, friends, acquaintances, even strangers. By and large, we are all benevolent people willing to help others when they communicate a need. However, we all have doors on our houses or apartments. All of us have locks on the doors, and many have security systems to ensure safety. The more affluent have security fences or walls or live in gated communities. No sane person would live in a house without a lockable door leaving it vulnerable to the unrestricted entry of all outsiders.

If a stranger outside those doors or enhanced protective barriers communicated to us a legitimate need, almost all of us would be open to satisfying that need according to our ability to do so. If it were a dire emergency need, and we could verify the situation and integrity of the victim, most of us would even open our house for his or her immediate shelter and security.

On the other hand, if a stranger busted down our locked door, entered our living room, and demanded that we give him or her immediate protection, shelter, and resources, we would take drastic measures to get that person out of our house. If we had the capability, we would probably eliminate them as a threat to our family. They might have a legitimate need, but without time and ability to determine that, we could only assume they meant us harm. We would have every reason to expect such an intruder, if having an honest need, to receive our help through proper channels. Anyone crashing through a locked door has to be considered a personal threat.

To expand on this analogy, what if we left our door wide open? A stranger walking through the open door into our living room is still just as much a threat, but shame on us for being so naive as to leave the door open.

America is, without a doubt, the most benevolent nation in the world now and has been throughout history. We give $50 billion every year to other nations for the care of their people. About one million legal immigrants are processed and welcomed into our country each year. These recipients knock on our door and provide legitimate evidence that convinces us to share our resources with them out of sympathy and kindness.

However, about a half-million foreigners cross our borders illegally each year. Another half-million enter on legal visas, then overstay their limited time and become permanent illegal residents. Thus, a million illegal immigrants enter our country each year. Those million people bust down our locked doors, or walk through our open doors, with no invitation or documented reason to do so. Every one is a threat as if he or she showed up in our living room unannounced and unexpected.

Yet, the liberal faction of our society calls our doors immoral and ineffective. Here is the truth. They don’t really believe the wall is wrong. No one can really deny its logic. Their objective is solely to deny the President the realization of his top campaign promise to the American people. Their hope is to convince Americans that he is not strong enough to get the job done. Playing such a political game is total disregard for the safety and welfare of the American people they represent. Their obstruction is 100% politics with no logic.


President Tyler, born in 1790, has two living grandsons!

Seems impossible, but two brothers living among us today are the grandsons of President John Tyler, the 10th President, born just a year after George Washington became our first President. Even with today’s relatively long lives, three generations normally cover about 130 years from the birth of the first to the death of the third. The three Tyler generations have spanned 229 years, 14 years short of the life of our country. How can that be?

President Tyler’s first wife died in 1842 after giving him eight children. He then married a much younger woman, and they had seven more. His youngest child was Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Sr. who was born in 1853 when John Tyler was 63. Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Sr. also married a second time to a much younger woman after his first wife died in 1921. He had six children, the youngest two being Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr. (top right above), born in 1924, and  Harrison Tyler (bottom right above), born in 1928. Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Sr. was 75 when the youngest, Harrison, was born. So, President Tyler and his son both having had children very late in life coupled with the President’s grandsons living long lives, currently at 94 and 90, resulted in a phenomenal three generation life span of well over two centuries. In this particular case, the three generations have lived in four centuries– the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st. Also, each of the three lived in two centuries. Is you head beginning to hurt?

Harrison Tyler spent his career as a chemical engineer and businessman, eventually selling his company for $435 million upon retirement. He now lives on the family plantation, Sherwood Forest, in Virginia founded by President Tyler. Lyon Tyler, Jr., had a brief career as a lawyer before getting his PhD in History and teaching at the University of Richmond, Virginia Military Institute, and the Citadel. He now lives in Franklin, Tennessee.

It was common in the 19th century for older men to have second marriages to younger women, especially after a first wife’s death. In fact, our government is currently paying a Civil War pension to a daughter of a veteran of that war now living in North Carolina. Irene Triplett, age 86, collects $73.13 each month from her father’s military pension earned when he fought for the Union 153 years ago. Her father who married a woman 50 years younger begat her when he was 83 (Don’t go there, just accept it; the government does.)

(Some of this information came from Curt Mills, writer, U.S. News & World Report.)


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