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Month / November 2016

Ralphie: Then and Now

Well, Thanksgiving is over. The house is back in reasonable order, kitchenware and dinnerware are washed (except for the bowls still containing a few unpopular left-overs), and pictures are semi-permanently in the camera rolls. Now, it’s everything Christmas! And what is Christmas without Ralphie Parker in the 1983 movie, “A Christmas Story?” Just who was […]

The Electoral College: Outdated or Outstanding?

Well, it looks like Hillary Clinton got over 1.5 million votes more than Donald Trump. Throngs of people are going nuts over that. How, they ask, can we have a country where the majority votes for one candidate, and the other candidate wins the election? Big-name Democrats across the nation are decrying what they want […]

Why Protests During the National Anthem Are Wrong

Athletes like Colin Kaepernick and other celebrities who kneel or otherwise protest during the National Anthem are wrong and should be disciplined. Their behavior is morally and ethically unacceptable on several counts, but I will concentrate on two principles here. When the first news broke on kaepernick’s actions, I was offended, but brushed it off […]

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