State of the Union: Time to Choose Sides

Surely every American wants some level of unity, cooperation, and compromise in Washington. Any hope of that happening any time soon was extinguished at the State of the Union address. The two Americas are each firmly rooted and steeled with a deepening line in the sand between them. You can no longer find middle ground. It’s time to choose sides for the survival of our nation.

Never have I seen a more stark division between conservative and liberal leaders as in the hallowed chamber of the Capitol during the State of the Union speech by our president. The SOTU was a 120 minute vivid display of two diametrically opposed visions for America’s future. Virtually no issue received a mutual response between the two sides. The scowl on so many faces was an embarrassment to most Americans and a sad signal to the rest of the world. It is obvious that our culture is not coming together, but is ripping apart along conservative and liberal lines.

The faces of the conservative philosophy (Trump, Pence, McConnell, Ryan, et al) represent the conservative movement toward less government, individual freedoms, personal responsibility, free market economy, strict constitutional adherence, strong defense, nationalism, sanctity of life, and traditional morals. The faces of the liberal philosophy (Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders, et al) represent the liberal movement toward government entitlements, highly regulated society, individual dependency, constitution flexibility, multinational world order, conditional view of life, and moral tolerance. Polarization of Americans around these two opposing world views is at a historical height.

Some Americans may still profess to be somewhere in the middle–trying to hold on to both philosophies. I say there is no middle. These world views are so far apart, there is only a vacuum in the middle. It is like having a foot in each of two boats separating at a fork in a river. One has to choose which boat to put both feet in. Those who have claimed to be “independents” are finding themselves to be irrelevant. It is not the popular faces that will ultimately determine the direction of this great nation. It is the millions of adults citizens who must choose sides.

I chose the conservative journey long ago, but am more committed to it today than ever. Personally, I don’t care for President Trump’s personality, and I sometimes question his character. The same holds true for a few other conservative leaders. However, as long as they are leading us forward in the cause of conservatism, I will support the president and other leaders. We don’t have a perfect government by a long shot, because all people are imperfect. But, we must get on board with the side whose values we share, or the opposing forces will take us, our children, and our grandchildren into a darkness we can’t even imagine.

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  1. I agree with everything you say here Terry. However, I personally do tend to overlook some of President Trump’s idiosyncrasies as well as his out and out crassness at times with a tad less distain for them/him than you do though. Mainly because he and his conservative agenda is what America desperately needs right now. Country first so to speak, over a particular dislike.

    I also do not ever see our country’s two sides of conservatism and liberalism ever coming together now, given all that has taken place over the last 40 years or so. I firmly believe it will only get worse as time goes on.

    One of two events will ultimately take place with our country I believe. One, eventually one side will override the other and smother the other into oblivion. Two, a revolution of sorts, armed or otherwise, but leaning more towards the armed route, will eventually ensue. If the first event occurs I firmly believe that eventually the Liberal side will prevail (overwhelm actually) over the Conservative side and the USA we all know and love will become a distant joy and privilege of the past. In essence we will become a third world country as there is absolutely no way a country can support itself when there are way more takers than givers. Look no further than the country of Venezuela as proof. Our universities along with an overwhelming majority of their very liberal professors are brainwashing America’s next generation. Couple on to this the extreme majority of the liberal American media, both in print and in the airways to further distort and out and out lie to preserve, as well as to endorse the Socialist Liberal way, and the America we once knew will just be flatulence in the wind. This is what little by little is happening today I believe. That, along with the out and out dismissal of strong Christian values, as well as the breakdown of the family unit in our country will unfortunately spell our doom eventually I fear.

    The other idea of a revolution not too far back in our history would come across as very treasonous. Today I am not too sure about that. Sometimes a little revolution is good for a country. eg: The American revolution of 1776.

    Possibly another way if at all possible, though very improbable, would be to just divide the country some how into two separate countries, autonomous only to and for themselves period. One with conservative, ethical hard work values, with regulated borders (the conservative USA), and the other with liberal freeloader, everything is free to those who want it, work only if you want, don’t if you do not want to values, along with completely open borders to anyone and everyone including terrorists who want to come join the liberal “utopia,” (the liberal USA). I pause to postulate which USA would flourish as well as prevail, and which USA would self implode and destroy itself. The answer is not all that hard to figure out. Well, that is I guess unless one belongs to the Liberal Socialist Democratic Party.

    (Of note: I many times include on to the Democratic Party name, the moniker of Socialist Democrat. I do not do this out of hatefulness or meanness, but rather because it is a self evident truth. In our last Presidential election the two choices, the Democratic Party put up as their ONLY viable candidates of choice, were one, a hateful, bitter, lying, lawbreaking, evil individual (Clinton) and the two, the other (Sanders) a self admitted SOCIALIST).

      1. Waaaay too long, but then you know me Terry when I get on a roll. I am however very worried and concerned as to the eventual path our country decides to go down as a permanent direction. For the life of me I just can’t understand why anyone would choose Socialism as a way to a better life, given it’s horrible history.

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