America’s Population Explosion: Births vs. Immigration

According to Pew Research, America’s population will reach 438 million by 2050. That’s a 35% increase in the next 33 years. If that doesn’t give you pause, realize that our nation’s current negative birth rate does not sustain our current population. Therefore, more than the entire increase in population will be from immigration. The white race will decrease from 60% to 45% of the population as all other races increase. We would not recognize the America of our grandchildren.

Economist Magazine reports that it takes a 2.1 birth rate (average of 2.1 births per mother) to maintain a stable population in America. The birth rate of our nation has been below that for several years and now stands at 1.8. This means our population from new births is declining. Yet, virtually uncontrolled immigration, legal and illegal, is growing the population exponentially. Many experts predict that American babies born now will likely live in a country of a billion people by 2100.

Hispanic and Asian immigrants are the fastest growing contributors to America’s population, both with birth rates above 2.1. Muslims, with a birth rate of 3.1 are the fastest growing religious group in the world and an increasing complement of America population.

Unchecked immigration is leading to an unprecedented cultural shift in this country. Our history has been one of benevolence toward those foreigners who sought a better life among our free and welcoming people, but those immigrants blended into our culture. Now that immigrants are becoming a preponderance of our population, they are more inclined to impose their culture on this host country.

I believe this places America at great risk of losing the culture, traditions, and mores that have made it the greatest nation on earth. Notwithstanding the positive contributions of immigrants, it is time to become much more selective in inviting legal immigrants and to enforce illegal immigration with a vengeance. I support President Trump’s temporary immigration ban and his plan to implement extreme vetting of all applicants.

I think a good argument could be made for maintaining about 325 million in population with immigrants filling only the deficit caused by the negative birth rate. Those immigrants would have to satisfy major needs that America lacks in skills and talents. Sharing the vast resources and benefits of our country with immigrants is a noble act of kindness, but at this point, opting for the greater good, including our security, is necessary for our survival.

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