Yes! Trump Should Drop Out

On June 16, 2015, when Donald Trump officially announced his candidacy for president, I immediately concluded that I could never vote for the man, especially with the bevy of other highly qualified and respectable candidates coming on board. Throughout the primary campaign, he became more and more despicable in his behavior. I was astounded by his increase in popularity among my fellow conservatives as his social immaturity became more and more obvious. I have yet to reconcile the infatuation of so many evangelical leaders with such a heretic. I lamented in an earlier post that I was a never-Clinton, never-Trump Republican. I got a lot of harsh push-back from several friends for such a declaration, but I have never moved from that conviction. I have honestly tried to find a way to support Trump, but every time I think I might hold my nose and vote for him, considering the Supreme Court factor, he pulls another really stupid trick. I begin this post with this backdrop to show consistency. I am not knee-jerking when I proclaim that Trump should step down–now.

The latest leaked video of Trump’s explicit, vulgar boasting about his sexual escapades with women while married is mind-numbing. Yet, it shouldn’t be a shock to any of us. Should anyone not assume this was the true Trump character? We’ve had plenty of clues as to his inner self. The person he really is was understood by two-thirds of American voters who disliked him during the primary campaign. That number hasn’t changed. But, somehow, some way, enough Republicans were mesmerized by his “non-establishment” status to make him the party’s nominee. He was doomed from the beginning. Polls proved it by wide margin. America was not going to elect a man like that for president.

This was the Republican’s election to lose. The Democrats handed us a candidate even more flawed than Trump. Almost any Republican candidate could have easily swept this election with the baggage Hillary was carrying–any candidate except Trump. Does anyone now really believe that Cruz or Rubio–even Kasich, Huckabee, or a half-dozen others would not be 20 points ahead of Clinton at this point in time?

From the time it became obvious that Trump was going to be the Republican nominee, and, therefore, we would lose the election, I began to pray that something would happen to take him out of the race. Of course, I wished him no physical harm, but I hoped that some glitch, some event, some revelation, would allow another candidate–perhaps Mike Pence–to pick up the mantle. Yes, I believe, considering two-thirds of the voters still don’t like Clinton, that a qualified, respected Republican could enter the fray with a month to go, and sweep this election. There are still millions of voters, including Democrats, who would be ecstatic to have a candidate they could really support instead of having to cast a protest vote.

Trump can’t win, certainly not after this week’s fiasco. For the sake of this nation, he should be asked to step down immediately and let the RNC select another candidate. If he refuses, the RNC chairman, Reince Priebus, accompanied by his chief executives, top donors, and key Republican Congressional leaders, should pay a visit to Trump Tower and tell the penthouse resident it’s either drop out or lose all support from the party, Congress, and key business leaders. He would have to oblige. Trump is not more important that the United States of America. He can’t stand alone.

I hesitated to include the link below in my post, because it is so vulgar. However, every voter should hear it and decide if they should allow this man, regardless of the consequences, to continue running for president of this great nation. Here is Donald Trump’s character on full display:

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