America’s Course Is Likely Set Regardless of Who Is President

The unprecedented bizarre nature of this election is not without purpose. For months I agonized over why our choice for the leader of this great nation was between two totally unacceptable candidates. That the voters of America took us to this awful dilemma made absolutely no sense initially. Then I finally realized that this is not about the election or the candidates; it is about the destiny of this country to be shaken to its core, so we will hopefully awaken to what is happening to us.

I believe God is judging America for almost 60 million legal abortions, legalization of gay marriage, making Him illegal in public schools and other venues, murders, drugs, and a host of other atrocities that dishonor Him. God longs to make America great again. He yearns to lift us back up to again be the nation He led us to form over two centuries ago. Just like He pleaded with Israel to return to Him before He allowed a heathen king to take them captive, He pleads with us today. He offered us good, godly leaders as choices for president this year, but we rejected them. However, I am convinced that our current unconscionable choices are by design–God’s design. There is no other explanation.

Either of these candidates, during his or her time in office, will likely lead America to an even steeper dive into depravity or domestic and international chaos. Either of these conditions should bring the nation to its knees, literally, which would be God’s will and the purpose of our present leadership crisis.

This is not a doom and gloom position. Actually, I have more hope for America now than in the recent past. We may have to go through a darker valley of pain and despair, but that should cause us to become humble and repentant and to make a commitment to reverse back to the course that made us great in the first place. That has been our historical cycle.

The Civil War was probably the lowest point in American history. After that war, there was a spiritual awakening across our land followed by the industrial revolution that established us as the world’s leading nation. After that blessing gave way to a level of national arrogance, America found itself in the Great Depression and two world wars. Some would argue that this period was America’s worst. Nonetheless, the post-war years again saw spiritual awakening and exponential economic growth. In recent years, we have been in moral and spiritual decline yet again of unprecedented proportion. It may not be devastating wars this time that take us to our knees. It looks like something closer to almost complete moral and spiritual collapse with international implications. Throw the radical Muslim factor and our next president into the mix and we have the perfect storm.

But, again, the joy of hope in all of this is that Americans will once again humble themselves before our God, seek His forgiveness, and reverse course. That would bring back prosperity, high moral standards, godly leadership, international respect, and national pride. If spiritual renewal does not result from our plight, then, like Israel of 2600 years ago and many nations since, our country will cease to exist as we know it.

I hate what is happening to America. I hate that we have two highly flawed candidates for president that very few people like or trust. But, if our condition is God’s orchestration for judging us, then bring it on! It will be well worth the walk through the valley to arrive back on the mountain top.

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