Biden’s Starkest Polarizing Speech

President Biden’s Soul of America Speech

Almost every time Biden has spoken publicly as president, his rhetoric has been divisive. But his so-called “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” speech on Thursday night was his most blatant attempt yet to polarize Americans. With the opportunity to lead our nation toward unity, he instead characterized half the country as extremists that threaten the foundations of democracy.

The president attempted to stir emotions by using the venue of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. However, the aura of himself against a dark red-lit background with two marines at attention was reminiscent of another leader in Berlin in the 1940s. The scene sent chills down my back. How dare the President of the United States dishonor the sacred birthplace of our freedoms in this way.

His attempt to distinguish between MAGA Republicans and other Republicans fell flat. Whether individual Republicans are Trump supporters or not, we all crave to “make America great again.” His accusation of Republicans living in the past is descriptive of his own obsession with Donald Trump since entering the White House. I am in the court of almost all Republicans yearning to return to the past before record inflation, pervasive crime, open borders, limitless sexual immorality, woke cancel culture, unchecked government overreach, frivolous government spending, weakened military, broken international relationships, and legitimate threats from the two superpowers who detect weak leadership. He wants us to look to the future, but his future is something I can’t bring myself to look at.

Basically, the speech labeled everyone who opposed him and other Democrats as enemies of the republic who do not respect the Constitution. Surely this speech will be seen as an unveiled threat to every conservative, their children, and grandchildren. I hope this gauntlet thrown down will be a wake-up call for all patriotic Americans to at least do one positive thing the president called for: vote, vote, vote this November and in 2024. Yes, President Biden, there is a battle for the soul of America, but America’s enemy is not MAGA Republicans, it is the radical socialist movement by you and other Democrats to transform our great nation.

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  1. A hate filled speech by a man full of hate. Reminded me of
    scenes with Hitler. Very frightening indeed. Proud to be a
    MAGA Republican!

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