Is It Wrong to Oppose the President?


While honoring and being thankful for free speech and democracy, should we use our lawful rights to actively oppose the President? Is there a distinction between the freedom to express opinion and undermining the duly elected leader of the nation? As a Christian, I have always struggled with these questions. How do I exercise my God-given freedoms, yet submit to “governing authorities” that I may disagree with?

I believe we are obligated to follow God’s commands clearly presented in His Word, the Bible, whether they meet our human logic standards or not. I am instructed to “…submit to governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” It is easy for me to apply that scripture to those who are now aggressively trying to destroy the Trump presidency. However, I spoke out against most of Obama’s policies and worked against his re-election to a second term.

In my opinion, the difference is in expression and submission. We should not be reticent in speaking up against policies and actions of the President that we oppose. We certainly should vote against a President that we disagree with. But, to actively seek to undermine or interfere with actions from the White House is wrong. There is no way to be submissive to governing authorities while trying to weaken or undercut the President. I am convinced that the unceasing efforts to obstruct President Trump’s initiatives by almost any means are wrong.

Of course, there are biblical exceptions to submission to any authority. When the authority is acting in obvious opposition to God’s commands and precepts, Christians are obliged to oppose such actions by any peaceful means. German citizens rebelling against Hitler’s holocaust would be a classic example of this. Also, I believe attempts to undermine Obama’s abortion and gay marriage initiatives were biblical and moral.

Therefore, unless and until I see President Trump blatantly and consistently act in a manner obviously contrary to biblical principles, I will assume his authority has been “…established by God” for America’s benefit. I will also assume that those who are placing all sorts of obstacles in the path of his progress are “…rebelling against what God has instituted and will …bring judgment on themselves.” I invite you to read the full context of the quotation snippets of this post in Romans 13:1-6. Read it for what it is, not for what you would like it to be.

I also invite and encourage you to endorse or challenge this post in a reply. I value your thoughts.

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