What a Stark Contrast in Vision for America!

The State of the Union displayed the most striking disparity between two philosophies of government and leadership that I have seen in my lifetime. President Biden once again rejected the opportunity to unify the nation choosing instead to regurgitate his socialist agenda of government overreach, unrestricted spending, false claims, blame-casting, and cultural depravity. Governor Sanders’ rebuttal, on the other hand, countered with a positive appeal for individual freedom, compassionate leadership, priority on families, government restraint, and traditional values. Let’s look further into this stark contrast.

Biden packed a lot into the brutal 73-minute speech, but integrity was hard to find. The media are conflicted on how many lies were told, but there was an abundance of whoppers. The audience erupted in combined laughter and boos when he accused Republicans of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare. Then there was the prognosis that we may need fossil fuels “for at least another decade” (more laughter). Eyes rolled when he repeated the falsehood that he inherited a bad economy and led a remarkable economic recovery. He continued his insistence that he reduced the budget deficit by $1.4 trillion. But he failed to mention that he had at the same time increased the national debt by $4.2 trillion–more than in any other two-year period in the nation’s history. Oh, and he blamed Congress for the border crisis. These are just a small sampling of the litany of fabrications he continues to foist on Americans. All this was frequently interspersed with his yelling, finger-pointing, arm-waving, slurred speech, and wrong word choices.

Regardless of party affiliation, most Americans are disappointed, disgruntled, and dejected by the actual state of our union as indicated by recent polls. Biden’s speech did much to worsen that condition. It was deceptive, divisive, and disheartening. America was looking for a reason for hope. They got a reason for hopelessness.

Enter, the refreshing, upbeat, and youthful counterpoint by Governor Sanders. She contrasted the mindset of typical Americans with that of the Administration and likened it to the difference in “normal and crazy.” She called for the return of traditional family values, less government intervention, sensible spending, and a more secure society, especially for our children. Sanders decried the liberal woke faction as being far outside of mainstream America and needing to be stopped. She touted moving toward younger leadership with fresh ideas for advancing our nation. I heard one pundit comparing the two speakers say, “She is half his age and twice as smart.”

I am pumped about Arkansas’ new governor. She is going to be an icon for conservatism. She may be America’s Esther “for such a time as this.” I hope she stays with the Natural State for the two-term, eight-year limit, then runs for president. That would mean her announcing her candidacy in 2032 at the relatively young age of 49. Let’s pray for Biden relief in 2024 with a strong two-term Republican followed by a two-term Republican woman in the White House.

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