Biden’s First 100 Destructive Days

President Biden

For many years, Americans have assessed their presidents on their initial impact during their first 100 days in office. That test period for President Biden has ended with only a 52% approval rating according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll. For the 14 presidents from Truman to Biden, the 100-day approval rating average is 66%. Here are a few specifics of Biden’s first 100 days that have been devastating for our nation.

During his first week, the president signed a record 22 executive orders which reversed most of the Trump policies that had our economy booming and unemployment at a record low before Covid. The orders decimated Trump’s freedom advances and the America First philosophy was exchanged for an America is evil mindset. By the end of 100 days, Biden had signed a total of 42 executive orders, 14 memoranda, 49 proclamations, and 10 notices–far more such decrees than any other president had made during this initial period since Roosevelt. Almost all of these were partisan kowtowing to the extreme left with no attempt to include conservative input or to consider conservative values. So much for the campaign rhetoric of unity and bipartisan cooperation.

Reversing his predecessor’s immigration policies that had essentially solved our border problem, he opened the borders and signaled to the world that asylum was easily available for everyone. The White House is now ignoring what has become the worst crises of illegal immigration this country has ever faced. Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children, many wearing Biden t-shirts, have entered the country at the hands of child trafficking cartels along with known terrorists and drug dealers. At least 10% of them came as active Covid cases.

Some of the best years of family values and religious freedom were stymied by presidential orders redefining sexual orientation, transgender pursuits, and unrestricted abortions as universal rights under the Equal Rights Amendment. This opens up serious legal challenges to churches rejecting homosexual activity, schools banning biological males participating in female sports, and military gender restrictions in living quarters, bathrooms, and showers. Previous bans on taxpayer funded abortions have been lifted. America now funds abortions in other countries. This administration is leading the nation to become a genderless society with unrestricted abortions. We have witnessed a grievous dismantling of our national moral fabric in just 100 days.

The new oval office occupant has taken us from total energy independence attained over the last four years to dependence on other countries for the power that runs the nation. The cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline project and termination of other efficient oil producing initiatives have increased gasoline prices alone an average of $.50 per gallon, or 21% during Biden’s 100 days. Experts predict $3.00 gasoline or higher everywhere by summer. Reversing the Keystone pipeline project nixed 11,000 jobs and $2 billion in wages. Analysts say transporting the Keystone oil by truck will add tremendous carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

The first 100-day spending spree will essentially bankrupt America. The $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill contained only $400 billion, or 21%, for Covid relief. Most of the rest went to bail out liberal state and local governments as well as fund liberal pet projects. Biden’s $2.3 trillion plan for infrastructure has been renamed the “American Jobs Plan” after so much push-back because it was less than 10% infrastructure. It contains mostly climate change projects. Then, on the heels of those two budget-busting bills is the “American Families Plan” with a price tag of $1.8 trillion. This plan is packed with Biden’s promises to the radical left for socialist programs to transfer resources from the wealthy to everyone else and enact a massive tax increase. It calls for child care subsistence, free preschool, paid family leave, tuition-free community college, health insurance subsidies and many other domestic giveaways. All three plans total $6 trillion. Biden says he will pay for it by heavy tax increases on the rich and corporations. This sounds good if you ‘re a socialist or don’t understand basic economics. Investors, industry leaders, and corporations are what run the economy and create jobs. They also already pay over 90% of all taxes. Despite the plan’s claims, taxing the 1% at even 100% would not pay for this level of spending. Everyone’s taxes and cost of living will increase and much of the cost will be rolled into our sky-rocketing national debt. For perspective, $6 trillion is 1 1/2 times our nation’s annual budget. It would take 264,000 semi-trailer trucks to carry $6 trillion dollar bills. Oh well, that is our children and grandchildren’s bill to pay, not ours. We’ll just enjoy the benefits.

Biden has never been on the right side of foreign policy his whole half-century political career. So, it’s not surprising that, in his first 100 days, he has ditched Trump’s successful diplomacy with China, Iran, and Russia that established America first on the world scene. Now, China’s economy is rivaling ours again as they encroach militarily into the western Pacific with impunity. Trump had Iran on the ropes with sanctions that were making their nuclear weapons plans hollow. Now, Iran is calling the shots for renewed negotiations and excelling their nuclear program. Trump and Putin had established promising common ground. Now Russia is preparing for what looks like a potential attack on Ukraine. Our enemies are again rattling their sabers that had been virtually sheathed for the last four years. Our allies are reneging on their commitment to step up to their fair share of world leadership that was agreed to over the last four years. The world, both friend and foe, are testing our president, and he is proving to be soft.

During the first 100 days, the Democratic majority Congress has been pumping out radical liberal legislation like there is no tomorrow. The Democrats are attempting to pack the Supreme Court, kill the filibuster, corrupt the voting processes, make states of D.C. and Puerto Rico, defund the police, enact gun control, and many other “woke” moves. Although the president doesn’t claim to support all of this in-your-face agenda, he has not been inclined to denounce it and will likely sign anything that gets to his desk. His support for the HR-1 bill giving Democrats a major advantage in future elections is further evidence that he has no inclination toward bipartisanship. The president has marched to the tune of the most radical of the Democrat controlled Congress for 100 days with no signs of doing anything differently.

President Trump’s gains in racial equality through economic opportunity for minorities arguably did more for blacks and Hispanics than any president since Lincoln. President Biden has negated those gains by emphasizing the racial divide on almost every social issue. His constant references to systemic racism and his blaming of every societal ill on racism has set race relations back to the pre-Trump era in just 100 days. In his address to Congress, Biden said that white supremacy was the greatest terrorism threat to America today. What an inflammatory statement. Between him and Maxine Waters, minorities have an open invitation to commit violence against whites.

I have to think long and hard to come up with anything that President Biden has done thus far to advance America and Americans. I would offer that his advocacy for vaccinations has been commendable, but much of that effort depended on the momentum of the previous administration and its unprecedented “Warp Speed” program. There is no doubt in my mind that Biden’s first 100 days have set America back economically, militarily, culturally, diplomatically, and spiritually. Maybe it’s all worth selling out the country though to not have to tolerate that offensive ego and tweet posting from the White House anymore. I see no earthly reason to hope our status as a nation, internationally and domestically, will recover in the near future. Washington has set our course away from conservatism, capitalism, patriotism, and biblical values. It has taken up a new direction toward socialism and secularism. The first 100 days have been filled with big government as the answer to everything. It isn’t. Big government is the problem. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that we elect a conservative majority in 2022 to offset further damage from our government, especially the executive branch. Then we must elect the right Republican presidential candidate who will be victorious in 2024. That, along with a patient and gracious God, is our hope for the future of this great nation. God bless America.

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