American Voters’ Worst Mistake Ever

President Biden and an oil drilling operation

I believe many American voters made their worst mistake ever last November. During his seven months in office, President Biden has been slothful in public communication and appearances. However, he has been hyperactive in making many critical policy decisions, very few of which have been right for America. The economy: record spending and higher taxes; foreign affairs: kowtowing to China, Russia, Iran, and Europe while ignoring the crisis at our southern border; COVID: spreading like wildfire and unable to get the nation vaccinated; and energy: drastically reducing domestic production, supporting Russian production, and begging OPEC for more oil.

As president, Biden is continuing his legacy of failed policies that have defined his 40-plus years in politics. With our national debt pushing $30 trillion, which is about $86,000 owed by every man, woman, and child, Biden is bent on forcing on us a bill for record social spending of $3.5 trillion after his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. Every baby born today owes $86,000 for debt incurred from the selfish spending habits of his or her parents and grandparents. Biden wants to increase that debt like never before. And the Senate Budget Committee chairman who will ramrod the spending is none other than the self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders!

After four years of concessions from China, Russia containment, Iran forced to curb its nuclear program, and Europe beginning to pay for its own defense, Biden reversed almost all of America’s hard-fought gains within a month after inauguration. His open border policy ordered within hours of his swearing in has resulted in a 20-year high in numbers of illegal immigrants invading our southern border, thousands with COVID. Now it looks like his precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan handed the entire country over to the Taliban in a matter of days–the country for which our young troops fought and died over 20 years of war.

We are 18 months into the COVID pandemic, and the Trump administration’s record vaccine development has yet to be received by tens-of-millions of Americans. Less than 60% of those eligible have been fully vaccinated. Instead of promoting the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, the Biden administration’s strategy has been to bully those with doubts and threaten mandates. This has caused a major distrust in the government and all manner of conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, 620,000 Americans have died from the virus.

Probably the worst long-term impact of President Biden’s failures is his energy policies. The impact is not just the dollar-per-gallon increase at the pump since January. It is also the much higher prices of transporting goods that are passed on to the consumer. It is the higher cost of operating production machinery, It is the necessary cutback in military weapon systems training due to fuel shortages. It is the thousands of oil industry jobs lost. It is the catalyst for economic inflation. In seven months, Biden has shut down America’s Keystone Pipeline and severely restricted domestic oil drilling while supporting Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany and lobbying the Arab nations to increase their oil production for America’s oil needs. In other words, he has halted American oil self-sufficiency, increased Russia’s economy and influence over Germany, and ensured that we pay the Arab nations more for oil than we would pay our own oil companies.

Could a president do much more to weaken a country? The Democratic majority Congress could stop much of this insanity coming out of the executive branch, but they won’t because it fits their socialist agenda to a tee. President Biden has shown clearly that he will always cave to the radical left of his party. Remember that next year. We must elect a conservative congressional majority firewall to protect what has made America the greatest country in the history of mankind–God’s favor, freedom, democracy, and capitalism.

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