COVID Thriving on Mistrust of Bureaucracy

Biden, Harris, and Fauchi at vaccine commitment signing

It’s not misinformation; it’s mistrust. COVID is thriving in America because Americans don’t trust leadership from the White House, the Congress, the medical elite, and the mainstream media. And why should we? Generally speaking, the bureaucratic leadership of this nation has lied, flip-flopped, schemed, and failed to act to the point of having lost credibility with their people. Today, everything that comes down from the government, health organizations, and mainstream media is instantly rejected by most of the country. If you are wondering why people are not getting vaccinated, not wearing masks, and not avoiding large gatherings, look no further than our government and medical leaders as well as mainstream media who have proven themselves untrustworthy.

Following four years of false accusation of Russian collusion, a baseless impeachment, and Democratic intransigence, President Biden caved to the extreme left with over 60 executive orders in a matter of days. This was after a campaign centered on national unity and being bipartisan. He immediately opened our southern border, then declared it wasn’t open when illegal immigration became an out-of-control crisis and a portal for narcotics, human trafficking, and COVID. Biden has said he was arrested in South Africa, had a full law school scholarship and graduated with three degrees, his helicopter was forced down by Afghan extremists, he was a coal miner, he knew nothing about Hunter’s business dealings, he used to drive an 18-wheeler, and new voter integrity laws are “Jim Crow” voter suppression efforts–all lies. After four years of Trump’s almost weekly, highly transparent press briefings and news conferences, we now rarely see the president open to the press–everything is super secret.

Congress has responded to COVID with numerous laws and proclamations that they don’t obey themselves. Speaker Pelosi rejected the Republicans named to the January 6th Capitol incursion investigation committee because they supported Trump and would ask the hard questions. This now partisan committee was deemed essential to get to the bottom of the January 6th extreme right incident while last year’s many riots by leftist Antifa and Black Lives Matter get hardly any attention.

The CDC first announced that masks were unnecessary for COVID, then they were necessary, then required, then not needed for those vaccinated, then mandated for even those vaccinated. Dr. Fauchi assured America that COVID originated naturally, and the Wuhan lab source was a far-right conspiracy theory. Then, when the evidence became overwhelming, he decided the lab was the most likely source. Now it looks like his organization may have actually helped fund the lab. The CDC and the surgeon general now urge that small children wear masks in schools. But there is not an official word about the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who are arriving with COVID and being sent all over the country. News media are not allowed to visit the holding facilities for these international criminals.

The left-wing bias of the mainstream news media has little semblance of integrity and credibility and should now be classified as comedy and satire. The problem of misinformation is not social media; it is public television and internet news. Mainstream media is all over the January 6th incursion into the Capitol building where one person was tragically killed by a policeman following a Trump rally. Over 500 participants have been charged. Conversely, the mainstream media barely covered the many 2020 deadly riots by leftists in several major cities with burning buildings, bombings, looting, and take-over of government facilities. Twenty-five people were killed in those anarchist incidents, mostly by the guns of the rioters. America’s angst with left-leaning leadership is manifested in the tanking ratings of liberal CNN compared with conservative Fox News. Fox continues to hold the top position with 1.19 million total day viewers to CNN’s third-place 596,000–an almost two to one advantage in viewer confidence for Fox. Americans distrust liberal news about leftist leaders.

These are just minuscule samplings of the constant bombardment of lies, deceptions, and hypocrisies we are subjected to from our national leadership and media. Volumes could be written on the dishonesty of elected and appointed leaders who determine our fate daily. Then they tell us what to do in response to COVID and wonder why they are getting such push-back. If we had evidenced-based reason to trust our leaders, I believe we would have kicked COVID out of the country months ago. Skepticism and conspiracy theories are not born out of ignorance of the American people. They are born out of mistrust of leaders who have proven themselves untrustworthy.

I have been fully vaccinated and have done my share of mask wearing. I believe if everyone had done so, with their doctor’s approval, we would probably be victorious over COVID now. However, I honor and empathize with those who have chosen not to take the steps I did, and I completely support their right to choose their own health actions. However, I am also totally convinced that, if we had more integrity in our national leadership, most of those who have chosen not to follow their guidance and rules would have been much more inclined to trust and follow them. We Americans must stop the foolishness at the top. As we have witnessed, it can be a matter of life and death. We must think long and hard about who we allow to lead us and who we remove from office. We have the power at the voting booth. Remember all this in next year’s elections.

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  1. The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders. HOW am I to do that when I have such total disgust for their lies, deception & unwavering deception in everything??

    1. I know, Dalton, but Jesus told us to pray for our enemies, so I’m sure we need to pray for our dishonest leaders. I don’t have to agree with them or even like them to pray for them.

  2. I agree with your summary of the deplorable situation in our federal government. I have seen several statistics that Newsmax viewers are now more numerous than Fox which has leaned more to the left in recent months. It is heart breaking to see this nation disappearing before our very eyes. It’s difficult to determine truth from lies.
    The reasons for not taking the vaccine are numerous and legitimate particularly the thousands of extreme reactions from paralysis, clots, heart infections, Gillian Barre syndrome, paralysis, need for limb amputation after vaccination and more, not to mention sudden death. These are not simple local or temporary systemic reactions, but serious life threatening ones and they number in the tens of thousands. What will it look like in six months a year or two down the road? Does this not look like an effort to decrease population as many eugenicists have suggested?
    This vaccine is not a vaccine in the true meaning of the word, but rather gene therapy. Some statistics show that there are more deaths from vaccinated who become sick than those who have not had the vaccine. The Scottish Public Health reported 5522 deaths from those vaccinated within 28 days of receiving the jab which was higher than their rate of deaths from non vaccinated covid deaths during the same period. This is just one example.
    Now the government is advising additional boosters and the wearing of masks. Does this not suggest that the vaccine is not very effecttive? It certainly is not tested, especially re: long term reactions or effecltiveness.
    I see the government heading toward mandatory vaccination which goes against our Constitutional rights. We are being led by a sick man who is being used, sadly, by extreme leftist who advocate equity, socialism and even fascist and the removal of God as means to destroy America. Daily we become more controlled and led like sheep to the slaughter. Our only hope is prayer and God’s intervention!

    1. Yes, Gail. When it becomes mandatory for me is when I will probably practice civil disobedience even though I have already had the shots.

  3. Great commentary Terry. Sadly it’s all true. I believe that the CCP virus was released deliberately, is an act of war and it primarily was a way get rid of Trump. Plus I feel sure the 2020 election was riddled with fraudulent mail in ballots and Trump would still be president if it had been a fair election. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Bill. We are certainly living in times of great suspicion, of both internal and external influences. We must make corrections in 2022.

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