Why Are Almost All News Media Radically Left?

America craves factual, unbiased news reporting, yet almost all modern journalism is ultra-liberal and untrustworthy. How did we get here, and can we recover?

The Democratic Convention by any rational measure was boring, uninspiring, and lacked substance. Yet the liberal media praised every aspect of it with hardly any critical analysis.

Conversely, half-way through the Republican Convention, any unbiased observer would rate it as exciting, inspiring, and offering an abundance of substance. Yet most media coverage criticized every segment of it. The morning after a second evening of eclectic guest speakers, upbeat events, and rousing presentations, I opened my Yahoo home page containing a variety of news agency reports. I scrolled and scrolled for any positive report of the prior evening. None. But here are the headlines from the first couple of pages:

  • Suburban Women Are Rallying Against Trump, Evangelical Support of Donald Trump Spits on His Legacy, Melania’s Disparaging Remarks about President Trump and Ivanka Caught on Tape, Prominent Republicans Not Supporting Trump, Trump Isn’t Building a Case Against Biden, Trump Jr Believes Father Will Be Defeated by Biden, First Night RNC Ratings Down, RNC Naturalization Ceremony Sparks Uproar

How did we get from Art Buchwald, Walter Cronkite, and David Brinkley to this? Well, it’s all about money and mergers. Three decades ago, the news media industry was owned by over 50 companies. Did you know that six corporations now own 90 percent of the new media? Those same six corporations also own 70 percent of the cable companies. Did you know that the major stock holders of those six corporations are a handful of billionaires. Most of those billionaires are also liberal moguls in the entertainment industry. Most news programs and publications are now little more than extensions of the liberal entertainment industry. Yes, monolithic Hollywood produces most of your news.

Once that is understood, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that most of the drivers of today’s news are not principled journalists, but rather entertainment elites who spin the important events and news makers according to their own personal leftest agenda.

I didn’t write this post to promote a particular news source. However, I am personally convinced that there is one media corporation–and probably only one–that is owned by a conservative who hasn’t sold out to the Left. That is News Corp which owns Fox, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and several other outlets. News Corp’s controlling stockholder and executive chairman is Rupert Murdoch, one of the best known conservative voices in America.

I don’t deny that Fox News is somewhat biased on the conservative side. But I do believe it is about the only legitimate alternative to the rest of the ultra-biased liberal news media. Perhaps that is why its Nielsen ratings are consistently higher than any other television news provider. If just half of the news viewers and readers would opt for News Corp media for most of their news, the others would have to become balanced or go broke. This nation could then recover from the unfair influence of the radical left media.

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    1. Thanks for the question, Marck. I have not watched Newsmax much, but I understand it is a growing conservative network that has the potential of being a significant competitor of Fox News. It doesn’t presently have nearly the reach or the resources of Fox News. It is certainly worthy of checking into and viewing as a reliable additional source of news.

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