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All election polling considered, the top issues on voters’ minds for the 2022 mid-terms are inflation/economy, future of democracy, abortion, crime, and immigration. The common issue that overlays all of these is morality. Every voter’s moral compass should be the determining factor of how he or she votes. Votes for political candidates should not be based on any characteristic other than how they view the issues. And every issue is ultimately a moral issue. The question is: what is moral?

Over the course of my baby-boomer generation, moral principles have shifted from being rooted in biblical truth to being based on popular opinion. We as a nation must return to absolute truth and abandon relative truth, or opinion. Absolute truth has one source: the Bible. When God created everything that exists in the universe, He established an absolute truth. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” We may misinterpret or misapply the scriptures God gave us, but they are always the truth. Yet, most people today make their own false truth based on convenience, pleasure, greed, and experience.

Problems with inflation and the economy are largely caused by greed and poor work ethic. Worries about a fractured democracy and election fraud are outgrowths of political posturing for advantage and power. The abortion issue amounts to sacrificing the life of one person to enhance the lifestyle of another. Crime is nothing less than extreme greed and hateful retaliation. Illegal immigration is blatant disregard for drug-smuggling and killing as well as human trafficking. In every aspect of these issues, truth is being subverted to the selfish needs and wants of immoral people in our country.

Governmental favor toward gay marriage, redefining gender, transgender rights, abortion, lawlessness, human trafficking, illicit drug use, open borders, frivolous spending, indebtedness, and much more is blatant disregard for absolute moral truth in America.

Christ followers throughout this country have a responsibility, an obligation, a biblical mandate to uphold moral truth. One of the most critical arenas for this action is the election process. The afore-mentioned moral issues are on the ballot this November. Some are actual proposals to be voted on while others are candidates’ partisan platforms that either support or deny biblical moral truth. Know each candidate’s political platform. Pay close attention to what a candidate advocates. Vote only for candidates that will support absolute moral truth consistently.

Only God can save America. If He is willing to rescue our great nation, much of His work will likely be though the efforts of His people to purify their leadership at every level. This is done mostly by voting according to absolute moral truth.

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