Christians Alone Can Determine Election Outcomes

Vote biblical values

It’s a fact. There are 168 million registered voters in America. Of that number, over 90 million identify as Christians. As many as 40 million registered Christians, or more than one-third, typically don’t vote. Another 15 million eligible Christians are not even registered. If those 55 million Christians voted their biblical values and principles this November and in 2024, the aggressive drive toward socialism and decadence in this country could be abruptly reversed. Here is what we must do immediately.

Every Christian in America must pause to remember that they and their nation-wide Christian family have the numbers–the power–to be Christ’s ambassadors in salvaging our crumbling heritage. God has given us the ability and responsibility to lift this country out of the mire of liberalism, wokeness, debauchery, and lethargy. …We are ambassadors for Christ, since God is making His appeal through us… (2 Corinthians 5:20). We shirk that providential ability and responsibility every time we fail to vote. Therefore, I believe it is a sin to not vote if able.

The Bible teaches that Christians should hold each other accountable. If we know a brother or sister is not representing the Lord boldly, we are to gently point out that failing and encourage them to be responsible. Brothers and sisters, if someone is overtaken in any wrongdoing, you who are spiritual, restore such a person with a gentle spirit. (Galatians 6:1a). If we know other believers who are not registered or are not planning to vote, it is our duty to call it to their attention and urge them to prayerfully vote their biblical values and principles as representatives of Christ.

One way to encourage other Christians to vote is to sign up to the letter writing campaign, “Write Now,” with the My Faith Votes organization. Click here to go to their website and commit to send pre-written letters to specific Christians from a data base who have neglected to register or vote. I just completed hand-addressing 100 such letters. You can do as many or as few letters as you desire. Check it out! The deadline for signup is September 29, just a week away, so hurry.

Finally, I appeal to you to share this post with your circle of friends and loved ones. The message must get out to remind all Christians that it is their biblical responsibility to represent Christ in electing leaders who will govern according to biblical values and principles. God gave us our America that, despite our failures, has historically been the most powerful, most prosperous, yet the most benevolent nation in the world. Now, we have allowed that status to degenerate and are racing toward disaster. The only hope for America is Christ. He is calling on us to revive our country according to the plan He has for us. We can rise to the call, or we can sit back and watch the demolition. Don’t fail to vote, and don’t let your brothers and sisters fail to vote.

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