Biden’s Most Important News Conference: Opportunity Missed.

Biden’s Second Formal Solo News Conference

President Biden just held the second formal solo news conference of his entire year in office. He had only subjected himself to nine solo news conferences of any kind. This compares to Trump’s 22 and Obama’s 27 in their first year. This one wouldn’t have happened had he not just come off the worst week of his presidency, and America was demanding answers. After a disastrous year in the White House, the president had the perfect opportunity to promise mainstream America he would start paying attention to their priorities and reset his agenda to the real and dire needs of our nation. But that didn’t happen. Let’s look at what did happen in this rare news conference.

Biden constantly touts the only two victories his administration has had in his first year: the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Bill and the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. These inflationary deficit spending bills, laden with pork, are the only significant accomplishments he has to point to which he did repeatedly with the press. Those so-called victories pale in comparison to his countless failures related to the border crisis, COVID policies, Afghanistan, the economy, Russia, China, Iran, energy policies, the crime wave, law enforcement, politicization of the military, outright lies, public schools, and on and on and on. After his $5 trillion Build Back Better Plan fell short of the votes needed, a last ditch effort to salvage at least some radical left legislation died with the attempt to kill the filibuster and pass the federalizing of the voting system.

The only hope to avoid being remembered as the worst president in history would have been to use his first anniversary as president to signal an abrupt halt to his destructive steering of the country into socialism and his radical leftist legislative agenda. He could have begun a restoration of confidence in the presidency by espousing a more moderate approach to his second year. The mainstream media would have had something positive to debate for months. Instead, they will have to continue to cover for old Joe ignoring the virtues of true journalism.

The president’s overwhelming emphasis with the journalists was the one-note tune of the “enormous progress” his administration has made in his first year. When asked repeatedly what he might change in his second year, he finally offered that he hoped to get out more among the people and communicate his accomplishments on a more personal level. He said the other new effort he would pursue in his second year would be to campaign and raise funds for Democrats in the 2022 election. That was it. No policy changes, no rethinking legislation, no plans to unify the nation, and no redirection on all of the failures of the first year. Just more of the same.

Pressed on conceding on Build Back Better and federalizing the voter system, he vowed to break both bills down into smaller chunks that might have a better chance of passage as a series of new bills. In other words, he was not giving up on bankrupting the economy and taking over the voting process from the states.

So, if anyone was holding on to hope for this news conference, it didn’t happen. This administration doesn’t even entertain the thought of pivoting on anything. We can expect more of the same. The hope we do hold on to is the red wave across America in this year’s congressional and gubernatorial elections. With expected majorities in both houses of Congress next year, conservatives can be the guardrail that keeps this great nation from going completely off the road until regaining the White House in 2024.

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