Rewarding Illegal Immigrants

President Biden’s Rant

An intruder breaks into you house at night bringing his small child with him. You overpower the intruder, call the police, and protect the child until the police arrest the criminal, and children’s services care for the child. Later, the father sues you for a million dollars for separating him from his child. Do you pay it?

That is tantamount to what the Biden administration is about to do for foreign parents and children who became separated after illegally entering our country–criminally intruding. Unscrupulous lawyers have convinced some of the parents that they can sue the government for child-parent separation when they should be charged with child endangerment and abandonment as well as criminal border crossing. Often, whether they were parents or traffickers could not be determined. Most of the proclaimed parents were given the opportunity to go back home with their children or be separated, and they chose separation.

The Biden administration, which wants more illegal immigrants for political purposes (future Democratic voters), has for months essentially invited the unlawful border crossers through open borders. The criminals have been provided food, health care, and transportation throughout our country. Now, the administration has created an excuse to pay many illegal families upwards of a million dollars or more ($450,000 per parent and child) under the guise of lawsuit settlements. The administration would be making foreign criminals rich from your tax money to guarantee their party loyalty.

President Biden’s immediate response to a Fox News reporter’s challenge of the ridiculous payments was to chastise the reporter calling the rumor “garbage.” Biden’s staff quickly corrected the president’s denial and confirmed the plan to pay the illegals. The next day, Biden enthusiastically supported the payments and, in an angry rant, blamed President Trump’s “inhumane” policies for necessitating the restoration payments. It is patently obvious that our president is not in charge, doesn’t know what his staff is doing, and is routinely not in the loop on major staff actions.

This is just the latest example of how President Biden, his cabinet, his staff, and the Democratic congressional majority are dragging America into an abyss of economic bankruptcy, government suppression, lawlessness, international disrespect, and moral decay. I believe impeachment or Article 25 action would already be in the works except for one problem: Kamala Harris. The only thing worse than an ineffective president with a 38% approval rating would be to elevate a vice president to the Oval Office with a 28% approval rating–the lowest for a VP in our history.

If Biden or Harris remain in the White House, and the Democrats hold the majority in Congress until 2024, I truly believe their radical agenda will lose the America we know in the next three years. It is absolutely critical that Republicans regain an overwhelming majority in both the House and Senate next November. This will require all conservatives becoming politically active like never before. It’s not too early. Start now!

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly Terry!
    Conservatives please make your voices heard. Together we CAN combat this agenda. The time for complacency has past! We need the house and senate. Please turn out and vote. Don’t assume your vote doesn’t count. It DOES. Exercise your right to vote.

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