My Signed Book Now Available from Personal Inventory

Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command

When Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command was released last March, I purchased several personal books from the publisher for anticipated signing events and group presentations. Due to COVID, there have been few opportunities for such events. Therefore, I have decided to make signed copies of these books available for direct purchase as long as supplies last. These would be perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasions.

I will pen a personal note and sign a book for you or any of your friends or family, then ship it directly to you or them. This could solve your whole Christmas list! The unique novel will not only provide an exciting and informative reading experience, but will also deliver an influential and challenging Christian message. It combines the authentic biblical story of the prophet Daniel with thoroughly researched secular history, lessons in leadership and courage, and insights into end-times prophecies.

If you would like to have a book or books shipped to you or someone else, Please send a personal check for $24.50 ($18.99 + $5.51 taxes and shipping) to: Bounty Publishers, 102 Farr Shores Cove, Hot Springs, AR 71913. Include a note to me with the name of the person to receive the book and anything you might want me to mention in my note to them penned on the first page.

If you live in or near Hot Springs, AR, I would be happy to meet you somewhere mutually convenient and avoid the shipping cost. The cost without shipping is $20.50 ($18.99 + $1.51) in cash or check (I am not equipped for credit card or online payment). Just go to my Contact page at for contact information and email, text, or call me.

I look forward to getting my signed book into your hands or the hands of someone you care about. Don’t delay. Order it now.

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