Wealth Equity is Socialism

Wealth Equity is Socialism

If you are still struggling to really believe America is diving headlong into socialism, the House move this week should finally convince you. Speaker Pelosi is launching a new Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth. This is the latest step toward a leftist socialist culture after fomenting racism, revising history, promoting gender dysphoria, enacting moral depravity, and eroding confidence in elections–all straight from the official Marxist theories. Let’s look at what this Select Committee means to you.

The name of the Committee assumes there is a wealth gap that needs to be fixed. Yes, there is a wealth gap in America, and it is part and parcel to the basic concept of capitalism. The essence of capitalism is that wealth is gained by investment risk, hard work, smart work, equity management, job creation, and income growth for others. Desire for wealth creates incentive to start and succeed in businesses and to become more competitive for employment in the scarcer positions of the job market. This incentive drives the free market capitalism economy, and America has the most robust economy in the world, because we have the most successful free market capitalism in the world.

Business owners and executives supported by highly compensated educated and skilled managers provide jobs for the nation’s blue-collar middle class. These millions in the labor force, there by choice or capacity, are compensated better than the average labor force of any other nation. A gap, sometimes a wide gap, in earnings will naturally exist in a free market capitalist society. But almost everyone in America has a better quality of life than those in other countries.

Socialism, on the other hand, is the antithesis of capitalism. The government controls the economy resulting in a disincentive to invest, work hard and efficient, grow the economy, and provide jobs. Business owners and executives are prevented from growing personal wealth by forced distribution of that wealth to others with less wealth. Thus, there is no incentive for entrepreneurs and the highly educated and skilled to succeed and no incentive for laborers to progress in their careers. Be assured the new House Committee will be studying ways to transition our economy away from capitalism and toward socialism.

America is already moving to socialism by trying to overhaul the tax system to redistribute wealth from the business owners, executives, and investors who fuel the economy to the millions in the labor force who depend on the economy for jobs. The wealthiest 25% currently pay almost 90% of all taxes. This is simply America biting the hand that feeds it. The House Committee will be looking for ways to ensure that wealth is evenly distributed among the entire population. That is the definition of socialism and would be the end of America’s economy that benefits everyone.

Those Americans who seek greater wealth should stop advocating socialism which has failed every time it has been tried and start focusing on the job market. They should pursue the best paying job for which they qualify, increase their qualifications through education and hard work, and support free market capitalism which will ensure maximum opportunity for financial advancement.

Are there limited extremes that unfairly hinder the competition for wealth? Absolutely. There are some legitimate wealth inequities. And those rare extremes should be examined by this new House Committee on a case-by-case basis. However, instead, we can expect the Committee to make an assault on institutional wealth building and recommend more government tax-payer funded programs for the poor and middle class. In other words, they will advance socialism.

The government is never the best solution to legitimate wealth inequity. Benevolent hearts of the nation’s citizens who choose to relieve financial burdens of others is the real answer–and the biblical answer. Failing to meet the needs of the less fortunate on a one-to-one or organizational contribution basis will invite the socialism craved by the leftists.

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