America’s Survival Is Up to Value Voters

America’s Survival Is Up to Value Voters

Today’s fatal trajectory of America as a viable nation can only be reversed by a radical change of heart in its voters. Those who vote according to a candidate’s personality, popularity, or party can be voting for the person who will continue to drag our country down in depravity and ungodliness. The Bible speaks much about light and dark societies. This generation’s America is stepping into the twilight of darkness. Only a spiritual revival that produces biblical values as the priority of voters will save our nation for the next generation. Let us consider the current state of the Union from which we must recover.

I believe the majority of present national leadership is on the wrong side in its economic policies. Higher taxes, runaway spending, increased government restrictions on businesses, and interference in the free market have never grown the economy or ultimately benefited the consumer. The American economy will suffer greatly under current policies.

I believe Washington is on the wrong side in its foreign policies. Diplomatic excesses in attempts to play nice with our enemies while pulling away from our most loyal allies, like Israel, will result in a weakened and vulnerable America on the world scene. Social experimentation in our military and infiltrating it with the “woke” culture are hamstringing its objective to fight and win. And there is the immigration policy. The illegal migrant problem was essentially solved but is back in crisis with catastrophic child trafficking.

I believe the House, Senate, and White House are on the wrong side in their domestic policies. Devastating environmental restrictions are selling out our hard-earned prosperity for a pipe dream of a futuristic utopia. They are blatantly determined to move our country from capitalism to socialism which has never, ever improved the quality of life of any society—quite the contrary.  Racism is now being fomented to stir up disunity in a diabolical twist of truth and reality.

But….all of these harmful policies pale in the overall realization of what is the worst threat to our great nation. The Washington majority is leading America’s rush to doom through its systematic rejection of our time-honored moral principles and biblical values. They are hell-bent on pursuing an immoral culture that is attacking Christian and family values at every front. This is what can destroy America.

Most Americans didn’t vote biblical values last year. Most Americans voted for politicians who support abortion, even late term abortion, on demand. Most Americans voted to send our tax money to other countries to promote abortion. Most Americans elected leaders who celebrate the unbiblical acceptance of multiple and interchangeable genders as well as all homosexual activity. Most Americans chose candidates who enacted gay marriage. Most Americans gave a pass to those who no longer honor the nuclear family. Most Americans were okay with leadership that ordered the military to accept transgender combatants and pay for their surgeries and treatments with our taxes. Most American put in office those who support laws that encourage biological young men to compete in sports with biological young women. Most Americans voted for leadership that legalized any gender to assume the opposite gender role on a whim and reside, use bathroom facilities, and shower with the opposite gender.

The majority in Washington approves, even encourages, deviate behavior unthinkable just a generation ago. This has given the green light for individuals and organizations to prey on our children in public venues. In recognition of “Gay Pride Month,” the very popular kids’ cartoon program Blues Clues has produced a “pride” video aimed at preschoolers. This video is being shown on the public TV Nickelodeon network and has a drag queen singing the praises of multiple kinds of queer “families.” The song includes explicit references to homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and transgender families who “love each other so proudly.” Government influence supported by most Americans is exploiting vulnerable four- and five-year-old children.

A recent Democratic Presidential Convention had to vote three times before narrowly agreeing to include even the word “God” in their platform. The House Judicial Committee Chairman more recently proclaimed, “What any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.” In the 2020 Democratic Convention, two separate caucuses recited the Pledge of Allegiance purposely omitting the words, “under God.” At the opening session of the current House of Representatives, the public prayer by a majority congressman appealed to all gods of every religion and ended, “amen and awoman.” These are just a few examples that demonstrate the true anti-Christian convictions of the present congressional majority. No wonder the writings of our founding fathers and the Constitution itself, with prolific references to God, get minimal respect from this Congress.

Cities and states across America where many people live in squalor, where rioting and looting are pervasive, where law and order are scoffed at, and where law enforcement is being defunded are all led by socialist-leaning politicians voted into office by the majority of their citizens.

This is a very brief compilation of why I believe we are losing our country as we know it to an out-of-control institutional enemy from within. Further points could fill a book. It is unlikely that we will ever be conquered by foreign enemies. But sadly we are being conquered by a government elected by the majority of Americans. Abraham Lincoln said, “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reaches us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” Today, we have over half of our population attempting to eliminate the long-standing core values of America—death by suicide.

The dark culture described in Romans 1:21-32 is now the American culture of the preceding paragraphs. And how did we get so far away from God’s intended blessing for this great nation? Its citizens turned from God and began voting for ungodly leaders. They started looking for the leaders who would provide the most pleasurable living, the most government subsidies, and the smoothest rhetoric with little consideration of the candidate’s moral principles and values. Proven values of the Constitution, traditional family, freedom of the individual, and the faith and vision of our founding fathers have become of little consideration.  If America is to be preserved as the greatest nation in the history of the world, it will only be through God’s mercy and grace along with value voters who vote for godly candidates with strong moral convictions and biblical principles.

Value voters must rise up and defend their country at the polls regardless of party affiliation. There can be no excuse for not voting. Please watch multiple sources of the news with an open mind. Observe all that is going on around you. Focus on the immoralities of our culture. Try to wrap your head around all the government’s deficit spending. Pay attention to the expansion of government. Study your party’s platform. Discern carefully what your children and grandchildren are being taught. Be sensitive to how you are being manipulated. Most importantly, pray for personal wisdom. I believe you will agree that our beloved country is being blindly marched off a cliff.

America can’t survive many more years of the present House, Senate, and White House. At the present rate of atrophy, our nation will be lost in just a few years. It is more critical now than at any other time in our history to become a values voter. Please, for the sake of America and all Americans, meditate on this.

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