Why Preordering a Book Is Advantageous

Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command, a novel

Preordering a book in advance of release is an advantage for the reader, the writer, and the publisher. Let’s consider the benefits of ordering my novel, Daniel, Prophet at the King’s Command now rather than waiting for its release on March 30th.

First, you, the reader, will get the book sooner. It will be shipped on the day of release rather than after you get around to ordering it. You don’t have to remember the release date. You can be among the first to provide a helpful review of the book to the seller, since you got a head start in reading it. Your price is locked in. Furthermore, if the book would happen to be in short supply initially due to higher demand than expected, you would be first in line for distribution.

Second, preorders help me reach my objective. A greater number of preorders gets more attention from book sellers online and in stores influencing them to prioritize their marketing of the book. Other literary organizations like Goodreads, BookBub, etc. pay lots of attention to preorders in deciding which books to highlight in their recommendations. Newspapers and magazines with book sections watch preorders to determine which new books to list for subscribers. My main objective in writing my novel has always been to impact the lives of its readers to better understand God’s involvement in their lives including greater awareness of prophecy. Preordering ultimately gets this book in the hands of more readers.

Finally, the publisher obviously benefits from preorders that enhance overall sales. Preorders also increase their ability to forecast production. This ensures that there is not a shortage of popular books after release. Limited availability of a new book that readers need and want would be an unfortunate situation.

Therefore, I humbly ask you to grant me the favor of preordering my novel now in consideration of all of the above advantages to your convenience and the book’s success. I would be sincerely grateful. You can order now from these direct links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-million.

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