Manuscript Is Done! Now Join Me for a Special Journey

The Bible-based novel, Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command, is in publication

I have been waiting for a long time to share some exciting news. I have completed my Bible-based novel about the life of the prophet Daniel. It has been publisher-edited and is currently in the creative design phase. The release is scheduled for March, 2021. Now for the first time in over four years of blogging, I’m going to ask for a big favor from you.

The novel’s full title is, Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command. I began research and writing on this book about four years ago after being immersed for several months in teaching the Bible book of Daniel in my church. The extensive biblical and secular history research and writing took about three years (I had many other responsibilities and obligations going on during this period). Proposals to literary agents and publishers took a year until Ambassador International publishing house bravely took me on. Ambassador International is a Christian publishing company that releases about 50 books per year.

The novel is the story of the prophet’s miraculous life from innocent Hebrew boy to highest official for the king of pagan Babylonia. The gripping drama of competing loyalties and courage in adversity is intertwined with end-times prophecies impacting us today. It is also a study of leadership and endurance in troubled times like we are experiencing at present.

Several prominent authors have read the manuscript and have provided endorsements including this one:

“…A spellbinding story with many great lessons of courageous leadership. Every few years, a particular Bible-based novel commands the attention of the Christian world. This is it for this decade.
     Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor, national television personality, New York Times Best-selling author

The joys and frustrations of writing a book are endless. If you have never written and published a book, you would be amazed at what is involved–the work, the thrills, and the disappointments. I invite you to peek inside the world of writing and publishing. I will show you how Daniel came alive on the pages of the manuscript, then what it took to get published. It will be fun and informative.

For the next four months, I will be emailing a monthly short newsletter (three minutes reading time) with highlights of what is going on leading up to publication in March. Then I will supplement that with weekly blog posts or videos taking no more than three minutes of your time. These posts will relay progress and events of the home-stretch toward the book’s release. That is three minutes once each week and another three minutes once each month. I promise to keep it interesting and amusing.

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Thank you so much for your assistance and support of this book project which I believe will make a difference in many people’s lives.

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