Vote Your World View

Just 19 weeks until the election. If you’re not overly enthusiastic about particular candidates, you don’t need to be. We’re not voting for people; we’re voting for our world view–for what we believe America should pursue and what we should oppose. Let’s consider our choices.

You will be voting for a president and U.S. congressmen as well as state and local leaders. They will span a broad spectrum of desirable and undesirable traits. But each will lead us toward one of two world views that will define the future of our nation. Those world views form the basis for the Republican and Democratic platforms. Particularly as a Christian, you have a critical and weighty choice this November that will impact the rest of your life and future generations. So, it is essential that you not get caught up in candidates, but rather in what those candidates believe and represent. Here are some of the more important elements of the two opposing official platforms–their world views.

  • The Economy
    • Republican: Lower taxes for everyone, wages set by free market, less government regulation, free market capitalism
    • Democrat: Higher taxes for the wealthier, minimum wages set by government, more government regulation, market protectionism
  • Social Ideals
    • Republican: Based on individual rights and justice
    • Democrat: Based on community and social responsibility
  • Military
    • Republican: Increased spending, maintain superiority
    • Democrat: Decreased spending, maintain status quo
  • Sexual Orientation
    • Republican: Oppose gay marriage, two-gender biological sexes
    • Democrat: Support gay marriage, multiple sexes by personal identity
  • Abortion
    • Republican: Should be illegal with some exceptions, oppose Roe v. Wade
    • Democrat: Should remain legal, support Roe v. Wade
  • Healthcare
    • Republican: Private company efficiency and effectiveness, oppose Obamacare,
    • Democrat: Universal government healthcare, support Obamacare
  • Immigration
    • Republican: No amnesty for undocumented immigrants, limitations on immigration, stronger border enforcement
    • Democrat: Support pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, liberal immigration laws, generally open borders
  • International Affairs
    • Republican: America first, cooperation with greater expectation from allies, strong stance against enemies
    • Democrat: World community, cooperation without confronting allies, negotiation with enemies
  • Federalism
    • Republican: States rights as cornerstone of Constitution
    • Democrat: Recognize states rights with strong involvement of federal government
  • Religious Freedom
    • Republican: Strong federal protection of religious rights
    • Democrat: Religious rights limited by civil rights
  • Financial Policy
    • Republican: Balanced budget to reduce debt, reduce government spending
    • Democrat: Reducing debt important, increase government spending
  • Energy
    • Republican: Energy independence, develop all forms of energy, EPA limits
    • Democrat: Significantly reduce fossil fuels, develop renewable energy, increased EPA regulations
  • Gun Control
    • Republican: Uphold Constitutional right to keep and bear arms
    • Democrat: Interpret Constitution to restrict right to keep and bear arms

Although this list is far from an exhaustive account of the party platforms, it should be enough to help you decide how the two parties match up with your world view. Between now and November, try to shift you perspective from candidates, although they are an important consideration, to what kind of nation you want America to be in the coming years and vote accordingly.

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